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Social Engineering Sears

Social Engineering Sears
by mstrmind 
of The Phone Rangers
Ahoy ye phreaks and hackers!  This was my first succesful social
engineer.  We had a phoneranger meet that night and i wanted to have
some fun so, i decided i might as well get the screensaver password to
the computers there.  Here we go:<BR><BR>I called 411 and got the number for sears.
Here is where i start.  We were over Agentex's house at the time too.

Dial...ring ring ring
Sears voice box- Hello and welcome to sears our hours are from 11-9:30pm
tonight.  Please say the name of the department you would like to betransferred to.
Me- Compuers
Ladie- hello welcome to sears debrah speaking, how may i help you?
Me-  Yes i jus purchased a computer from sears and i booted it up it
prompted me for a password, do you know what this is?
Debrah- Hmm im not shure, hold on a sec ill transfer you.
Me- Ok
::music in the backround::
Sears ladie- welcome to sears how may i help you.
Me- Uhh yes, you see my dad got this computer for me, i he told me to
get it working, so i booted it up and it asks me for a password.  Do you
know what this means?
Sears ladie- What kind of computer is it?  (i thought real quick and i
knew sears sells packard bells)
Me- umm i think its a packard bell or sumthing like that.
Sears ladie- did u like get it one clearence or something?
Me- umm yea i guess, my dad got it and he is on a business trip and i he
said get it working, hes doesnt know anything bout computers.
Sears Ladie - well ok try out Brother.
(CHA CHING! my first sucess)
Me- ok let me try it out.  (i shut down the computer, agent slaps me
head for doing that, hehe.  it boots up and i pretend im typing )  Yes!!
it worked thank you very much ma'am.
Sears Ladie- you gotta try to get that out of there.
Me- ok i will thank you very much gbye.

well there it is, it jus demonstrates what a little phone skills and
some computer knowledge.
till next time, mstrmind signing out.

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