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Ross Jeffries Get Laid Newsletter Jan.97

                  Ross Jeffries'
            Get Laid/PersuasionNEWSLETTER!!!!
   6245 Bristol Parkway, Suite 275              Jan/Feb
   Culver, City CA 90230                  1997
   (310) 822-5771
   World Wide Web Site:

         How To Laugh Yourself To Ultimate Seduction Success!

Dear Friend and Valued Reader,

    More and more, I am seeing the importance of generating laughter as
the start of my seductions.

    One of the problems many fledgling SS students have is, they take the
whole damn thing WAY too seriously.

      This is a BIG mistake for several reasons.

     1. You are going to go through a trial and error learning period
where it's unlikely you'll execute each required step. You're going to
trip over your dick!

      EVERY student(including me!) goes through this.

       If you can treat it as a fun game rather than a task you MUST do
well at, you'll find yourself taking a lot more action a lot more readily.

       This is why "confidence" can be the wrong thing to aim for; it
implies some task you MUST perform and at which you could fail.

          If you view it, however, as play, then the worst that can happen
is you discover some chyck doesn't want to play with you. Oh well....

   2. Laughing puts the chycks off guard, randomizes their synapses, and
readies them for a deeper rapport. It's like playing peekaboo with a baby.

       One of the approaches I've found is to adopt the laughing response
into my connection patterns. This works whether it's the first time I've
spoken to her, have spoken to her before, on the phone or in person.

    Step one: Make 'em laugh. Sometimes(in fact oftentimes) just being
direct will do this.

       I can remember walking up to a stunning brunette in a shopping
mall, and with a laugh in my voice(more on this latter) I said, "Pardon me
m'am...forgive me for interrupting you here.....but you are so
pretty.....I'm willing to make a total ass of myself, just to get a chance
to meet you. My name's Ross."

     She laughed and told me her name and when I asked why she laughed she
responded, "Because it's so uncommon.".

   Step two: Say something like, " I can tell you're a woman with great
taste...cause you laugh at what I say..Now, the more you laugh at what I
say... the more you'll recognize just how attractive you find that...and
the more you'll look forward to being with someone just like that...."

   Step three(Work it into a connection pattern) "In fact...just standing
here....talking with you...I have an intuition...that when you connect
with someone...someone you really like...someone you're really attracted
to who makes you feel that click..right know that sense of
just feeling totally you've known this person
you were meant to know them....a big part of it is that recognition that
you can RELAX and laugh with this person..can you feel maybe how
it works?)

   Step four: transition into talking about how interesting it is how
people begin the process of connecting..oftentimes there's a strong
element of fascination involved...I find when I start to listen
carefully(blah blah blah).

     I've found that women almost UNIVERSALLY respond favorably to this
beginning approach...they really do giggle like little kids when you talk
about the more they laugh...the more they recognize just how attractive
they find that.

     (You can, as a variation, add in, "And the more you'll look forward
to being with someone just like that.")

       If you're on the phone, you can also add in,

       "In fact, I don't know if you can recognize that with each little
giggle...with each breath you take...with each beat of your're
growing more intrigued, but anyway..just setting aside whatever pictures
just keep popping into your mind when I say are you doing

       ( By the way, I quite enjoy using SS over the phone. I think it
particuliarly has its advantages when dealing with women who need to have
the feeling that they are participating in the seduction; somehow, the
illusion that they are alone allows them to have MUCH stronger responses.
Plus...since your mouth is, in effect, right up to their ear, it makes
anchoring them to your voice MUCH, MUCH EASIER!)

       Now, as an added service, here are some of my favorite things to
say that get a laugh,

"I wish I were a girl like I could have a guy like me come into
my life!"

 "I know what you ideal, dream guy looks like.....I see his face every
morning, when I look in the bathroom mirror."

"If I were a woman..and I were half as attractive as you are..I'd stand in
front of the mirror all day long..until I worked up the courage to ask
myself out!"

               More Kewl Phone Tricks!

   Here's one to use on a woman you've already seduced, or who is already
given you some strong doggie dinner bowl looks. It's NOT for a
firstimer/new girl with whom you are having first contact:

1. Leave a fairly straight message on her machine on whatever topic. "Hey
Cindy...can you please call me back with your cousin's address so I can
send him those Batman condoms? Ok?  Bye(allow a pause of three
beats!) you realize I'm still leaving a message...a message you can
hear INSIDE YOUR MINE..whenever you really wanna feel can just find this message replaying itself in
ways that suprise and DEEE-LIGHT you..and that's a great thing..isn't it?)

  How To Put Laughter In Your Voice.

        As I keep saying over and over again, the first and most important
step in Speed Seduction is to generate and design your OWN custom state of
mind for seducing chycks.

        When it comes to beautiful chycks, too many guys only have one
state: Arousal and Speechless Panic!

    Why not custom design your own state? In fact..let's stop a minute and
do a little exercise.

          Exercise: Imagine that you have to design the ultimate chyck
seducing android. Forget about what it looks like; let's say it has to
look like you!

          What attitudes and states of mind would you design in for this
android to insure his seduction successs with the highest quality chycks?

       List 5 of the qualities/attributes that would make up this
android's state of mind around beautiful chycks:


    Now..imagine you have, in front of you, an equalizer, like what is
found in a stereo sound system, with five channels, one for EACH attribute
you listed in part one of this exercise.(The illustration below contains
MY attributes..use your own!)

10   -             10  -         10-           10-             10-
 9   -             9  -            9-             9-               9-
 8   -             8  -            8-             8-
 7   -             7  -            7-             7-               7-
 6   -             6  -            6-             6-               6-
 5   -             5  -            5-             5-               5-
 4   -             4  -            4-             4-               4-
 3   -             3  -            3-             3-               3-
 2   -             2  -            2-             2                2
 1-                     1-              1              1                 1
 0___              0_____  0____    0____      0_____
ferocious        clear-      playful     aroused       thorough

        Ok? Got that? Now, experiment with different combinations of
settings until you've designed in the state of consciousness you want for
your chyck seducing android.  Experiment with sliding the controls to
various levels of intensity..only as fast as you can feel those attributes
in your body...mind...hear the voice of that attribute internally and
externally,. etc.

   This is a great exercise! And...if you want to have me guide you
through it, in an altered state, as I induce a powerful trance that locks
these changes in, you need to order my Equalizer audio tape! Call Yates at
703-791-6421 and get 'em while they last!

           Now, about putting laughter in your voice! You'll find this is
a function of turning up the juice on the playful/fun setting in your
mind! The cool thing is, once this is locked in, that voice becomes the
anchor for the entire state you've customed designed!  It's a really great
tool all around!

          Book Recommendations For 1997

   Invariably, around New Year's, someone who doesn't know me well enough
to know better asks, "Hey, Ross. Have you got any New Year's

   Now, anyone who knows me knows I believe in living with resolve all
year round. If the only time you can reach a state of being resolute is
one day out of the year, you're in big trouble.

   In any case, one of the things I am resolved to do 365 days a year is
continuing to improve myself and the my knowledge of what counts in the
world. If YOU are interested in that sort of thing(and why else would you
be reading this newsletter if you weren't) I think a very good place to
start is what you choose to read.

   Therefore, I thought I'd start this issue out(don't worry...we'll be
getting to some great get laid stuff too!) by recommending some VERY
excellent books that you MUST read if you truly want to live your dreams
and kick some ass in the world.

   "What are these sacred texts, oh Great and Flawless Guru?" I can hear
you asking.

   Well, here's my list, dear friends(these are in NO particuliar order;
they are all important for you to read, absorb and apply!).

   1. Awaken The Genius: Mind Technology For The 21st Century by Patrick
Porter, Ph.D.  Available by calling (606)-271-1791.   This is an
absolutely brilliant book about the power of building altered states of
consciousness to reach your goals and beyond.  His self-help dialogue and
exercises are excellent; I don't buy everything he says about diet and
such, but hey...who says everyone has to agree with me 100% of the time?
Highest possible recommendation.

   2. How To Make Millions With Your Ideas by Dan S. Kennedy.   Available
at your bookstore or by calling Dan's office at (800)  223-7180
.  Kennedy is to marketing what Guru Ross is to NLP and getting laid.

   You simply cannot afford to be without this man's advice if you are
serious about financial success; he not only publishes this book, but
about a dozen other titles, plus he has a killer newsletter. Reading this
book caused me to seriously reevaluate and upgrade several aspects of my
business. Do yourself a favor and get it!

   3. Virus Of The Mind by Richard Brodie.  Available at any bookstore.
Brodie is the guy who wrote the original Micro-Soft Word program  and
retired a millionaire in his 20's! But this book on the new science of
Memetics is  really about the insidious programming mechanisms that the
powers that be (government, media, church, big business) use to try to
restrict your thinking and turn you into an obedient little robot.  Read
this book and learn to protect your self and generate your own societal
programming mechanisms!(According to Richard, who is now a buddy of mine,
I'm actually an unwitting expert at this "meme" stuff and have used it
quite well to promote myself and Speed Seduction! Wow! You really do learn
something new every day!)

   4. Your Mind, The Magician by Allen M. Rosenthal. Available at most
bookstores.  This book is a brilliant little second look at
Psycho-Cybernetics(which, if you don't know, is a classic written in the
60's by Maxwell Maltz) with some great metaphysical insights thrown in for
good measure.  This book really helped me get some great practical
insights on how to visualize end results and get into the flow of things
and take some attention off of my obsessive planning. If you want to learn
how to engage your Creative Mechanism, read this suprisingly useful and
very good book. Hell, I may even invite Allen to speak at my next week
long, Speed Life training.

   5. Secrets Of Sex Magick by Frater U.D.  Available in the occult
sections of larger bookstores or my calling the Llewellyn Company at
1-800-THEMOON.  This book is NOT about using magic to get sex, but is
about using the energy and altered state of sexual arousal to do magic in
general. This is the single most intelligent and sensible expose of magick
I have ever read, and the author basically breaks magick down into three
components: will, imagination and altered state.  Cuts through the crap
and gets to what works. Highest possible recommendation.

   6.  Vultures In Eagle's Clothing by Lynne Meredith. Available ONLY by
calling (714) 375-6631. Is our tax system really voluntary as the author
claims? Is it really legal, based on valid constitutional law, to not file
Federal income tax returns?

   Don't ask me to offer any opinion in writing, damn it! But the book is
one of the most stimulating reads I've ever experienced and I can only
invite you to  draw your own conclusions. Whatever you may conclude,
you'll wind up agreeing that this is a vitally important book if for no
other reason than it discusses the foundations this country was built on
and just how far most American's have been brainwashed to forget them! Get
it! Very highly recommended!

   7. Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson.  Available from New Falcon
Publications, (602) 246-3546. A brilliant expose of how folks are
programmed by the powers that be to live inside their reality tunnels and
never even consider the possibility of breaking free and living of a life
of their own design and creation. GET THIS ONE!

   8. Monsters And Magical Sticks: There's No Such Thing As Hypnosis by
Steven Heller.  One of the most stimulating, thought-provoking books on
hypnosis I've ever read; it explodes the Hollywood myths and shows you how
trance is part of everyday experience.

    Perhaps the best book on hypnosis you will ever read and you can order
your copy from the MAPS catalog at 800-233-6277.  (Incidentally, MAPS has
the most extensive NLP book and tape collection I've ever encountered and
you really should get their catalog; it's free!)

The Mail Bag

Subject: Statistical evidence


   Have you ever considered submitting Speed Seduction for scientific
study? Do you have any statistical analysis or data as to it's
effectiveness? Statistics would be far better when it comes to convincing
people that it works? There are too many useless products that claim to
work miracles that are not even moderately successful.

Dear Statistics Lover,

   Since I'm not publishing in scientific journals, the protocols and
standars of scientific journals are no more binding on me that the archaic
format of documents used in court proceedings and pleadings.

   I merely invite people to examine the principles I'm teaching, see if
they make sense, and then apply them in the real world.

   And I'm not offering miracles or magic. I'm offerring MECHANICS. TOOLS
that need practice and a set of conditions to make them work. These TOOLS
require you to pick them up and use them.

Received anonymously from the SS mailing list
12/27/96, 11:56 AM


      I love your web site but I think you are giving the store away.

   How about charging extra for seeing Sargy? After all, I bet Sargy can
pull more babes that most people can imagine.

                     Anonymous Sargy Fan

Dear Sargy Fan,

   If only I could get the little fucker to walk on a leash, he'd be the
ultimate chick magnet, but he starts to sharpening his claws and glaring
at me whenever I bring up the subject!

Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1996 10:45:52 GMT
Subject: Email via Form -- Seduction Web Site

   Hey Ross:

   I live in Mexico, so the techniques you teach are based in English, I
know that the basics are the same, but do you have something developed in
Spanish? Or how do you get laid with latin girls?

   Dear Ghosting,

   The  best way to get laid with Latin girls is to become a Catholic priest.

   Just kidding; the important thing to understand, when translating SS to
another language, is that while the individual quirks and tricks may

change, the basic principles of capturing and leading the imagination and
emotions are the same!

   If there are any Spanish speakers out there in Seduction land working
on SS translations into Espanol I invite you to contact Ghosting at the
e-mail address above.

  Oh Mighty Guru Ross,

   Here's a pattern I've worked out for helping a girl to have "dreams"
about you! What do you think?

   "Have you ever had dreams about someone you really really like?  Me,
for instance, I find that when you meet somebody who you're very attracted
to <point to yourself>, and you start to THINK ABOUT THAT PERSON all the
time, that's when you can really begin to NOTICE THAT PERSON IN YOUR

   I mean you know how you REMEMBER some dreams <point to yourself>, and
others you FORGET? <point away>  It's like when you constantly THINK ABOUT
THIS PERSON <point to yourself>, you conscious mind GOES DOWN REAL DEEP
<point DOWN> into your subconscious and BRINGS BACK all these wonderful
dreams about them.  If you were to DO THAT at night, how long would it
take you to REALIZE that you're dreaming about this person?  Me, I've had
that happen before many times..."

   The key, for people seeing such a pattern for the first time, is to be
visually perceivable, but not consciously noticable.  If you point down
frantically at your crotch and say real loud "GOES DOWN REAL DEEP" at the
dinner table, yer gonna get slapped, okay?

   What do y'all think about that?  As Johnny Five would say "Input!
Moooooooore innnnnnput!"
Marc Breaux
New Orleans, LA

Dear Marc,

   Geez. I think I know how Dr. Frankenstein felt.

   But I DO like the pattern.  Notice it works like all good patterns do;
by describing a naturally occuring process and then using your language
and gestures to link it to yourself. Good job!

   And who the hell is Johnny Five?

1997 Seminar Schedule!

   Ok. Listen up! For those of you who have been complaining that you
haven't been getting adequate notice of our seminar schedule, here it
is(dates are subject to change, so call to confirm!)

   April 25, 26 , 27 Boston,  Mass for all you East Coast horn-dogs!
   July 25, 26, 27 Chicago, IL for you Mid-Western folks!
   Sept(we're not sure of the exact date) Palo Alto, California
   October 19-25, Hawai Speed Life Week Long Training

   Hope to see you at one or more of these events!

                  Peace and piece,



Though some folks don't understand
I'm friend to the single man
I teach 'em the patter          ( )
To get the poontatter
I'm Jeffries the Guru Man

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