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Hypnotic Inductions: Rapid Method (for children)

Hypnotic Induction Techniques

Rapid Method

(for Children)

Instructions to hypnotist

Most children will enter hypnosis very quickly and easily; while an eye
closure technique is suitable for most children, some smaller children
will object to it. It is always wise to enquire from the child whether it
will be O.K. for him to close his eyes.

Spoken to the subject

Do you like to pretend games, (child's name)? I would like you to pretend
something for me, will you? Good. All right, now close your eyes please
and while you have them closed, I want you to pretend that they just won't
open no matter how hard you try and, so long as you keep pretending, they
won't open at all. That's good. Keep pretending until I ask you to stop.
Do you have a television at home? O.K., will you switch in on please?
What's on? ... Can you turn it up a little? Good. What's happening now?


The exact wording is not important here and should be adapted to the
circumstances. The objective is to invoke the child's imagination, which
normally he/she is using continually in his/her games of pretence, to gain
eye closure. When futile attempts to open the eyes are observed, hypnosis
has already begun. It is important to secure the child's agreement to
maintain the pretence until you direct him/her to stop pretending. With an
easy extension of his/her pretence, the child transports himself/herself
to his/her home and regresses to a favorite TV programme. He/she can be
asked to describe in detail all that he/she sees and hears going on.
Hypnosis is established. The body relaxation normally associated with
adult hypnosis is often less in evidence with children who remain
physically active through hypnosis.

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