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Hypnotic Inductions: Non-Verbal Method II

Hypnotic Induction Techniques

Non-verbal Method II

Instructions to hypnotist

A non verbal induction may be accomplished with any individual that is
ready to experience hypnosis. One of the keys to the induction of hypnosis
is correct use of pre-hypnotic suggestions. The following is an example of
pre-induction suggestions.

Hypnotist: Would you like to experience hypnosis?

Subject: Yes

Hypnotist: I would like you to simply allow things to take place. Do not try
to make anything happen, but do not try to stop things from taking place. Is
this agreeable to you?

Subject: That would be fine..

Take the subject's hand as if you were going to be shaking hands. Have the
subject's arm stretched straight out.

With the subject looking directly in your eyes, begin slowly raising, and
lowering the arm about three to four inches each way. Keep your eyes fixed
on the clients eyes.

As the subject begins to blink their eyes, interrupt your up, and down
movement of the arm, and begin pushing the arm down slightly.

Return to the up, and down movements of the arm until the client blinks
again. Once again, when the subject blinks their eyes push the arm down

You will discover that with in a few movements the eyes will close
completely. Drop their arm to their side.

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