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Hypnotic Inductions: Mountain Trip Method

Hypnotic Induction Techniques

Mountain Trip Method

Spoken to the subject

Before you go into a hypnotic state, be sure that you have your clothes
loosened in any areas where they may be tight, and then get yourself into
a very comfortable position, close your eyes and begin inhaling deeply and
exhaling slowly ...

Continue inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly about five or six times ...
each time you exhale your whole body keeps relaxing more, you continue
feeling more calm, more peaceful and more at ease ...

As you continue relaxing, I want you to use your imagination. Imagine
yourself lying on the grass in a soft, green meadow, the sun is shining
gently, and there is an easy breeze blowing over your body ... you
continue feeling more comfortable and at ease ...

Beautiful flowers are blooming all around you ... you can see the flowers
moving gently in the breeze ... notice the wonderful fragrance of the
flowers ...

Now, in your mind I want you to stand up ... look to the north and see the
beautiful mountain at the end of this meadow ... let's take a trip up that
mountain ... you look around and notice an easy flowing stream to the
right of you ... you are walking over to the stream, and you bend over and
put your hand in the water. You notice the water is pure, clean, cool and
refreshing. Listen to the gentle flow of the rapids ...

Since the stream seems to come from the mountains, let's follow the stream
up into the mountains ... as we walk along, following the stream, we come
to a pond at the head of the stream ... you bend over and put your hand
into the water and you notice it is nice and warm ... since at this level
of your mind you are an excellent swimmer, we decide to get in the water
and swim for a brief time ... you can feel the warm water surrounding your
body as you quietly move through the water ... it feels so refreshing and
so enjoyable, but it's time to get out now and continue moving up the
mountain ... as we climb, you can hear the birds chirping ... you smell
the pine trees ... once in awhile you can still see the meadow in small
openings between the trees ... we're halfway up the mountain now ... we
notice a fallen tree over on the left and we decide to stop and rest ...
the meadow below is in full view from here ... the scene is really
beautiful ... now it's time to continue on up the mountain ... you can
imagine how beautiful it will be to be at the top to be able to look down
into the meadow below ...

The breeze is blowing gently, and you can notice the smell of small cedar
trees as we are nearing the top of the mountain ... just a few more steps
and we will be at the top ... we finally made it ... you can see the deep
canyon on the other side ... and from this side you can see the meadow
below ...

Just ahead, you notice a sign there on top of the mountain ... you walk
over to it and you notice that it says, "Speak the questions you want
answered most into the canyon below, and you will see the answer written
in the sky above" ...

You are deciding the most important question that you want to speak into
the canyon below ... as soon as you make that decision, you ask the
question and then look to the sky above for your answer ... (Pause for a
minute or two for subject to receive answer)

Now it's time to go back down the mountain and return to the meadow ...
you can notice the sun beginning to set on the hills on the left ... we
still have plenty of time to get down before it gets dark, but we need to
be on our way down ...

As we're going down, we notice a few deer off in the forest ... we're
halfway down now ... we pause for a few minutes and sit on the fallen tree
again ... we can see the beautiful sunset as it is forming ... now we
continue moving on down ... you can hear the birds chirping ... now we
come to the pond, and we can see the reflection of the sunset on the
surface of the water ... we continue on, following the beautiful,
refreshing stream ... now we're back in the meadow, and you lie down in
the comfortable grass again ... you can smell the fragrance of the flowers
... and now you are ready to receive some additional suggestions I will be
giving you before you awaken from the hypnotic state.

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