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Hypnotic Inductions: Magic Shape Method (for children ages 5 to 10)

Hypnotic Induction Techniques

Magic Shape Method

(For Children Ages 5 to 10)

Spoken to the subject

I want you to listen closely to what I'm saying to you now without moving
your head. Just lean back in the chair and get real comfortable, and then
I want you to look up toward the ceiling, and look for a tiny spot. That
spot will have special meaning to you. It will help relax you, and you may
notice as you watch that spot it may begin to change its shape. Tell me
when you notice that spot magically changing its shape ... (Pause for

Now keep watching that spot and you may soon notice it begin to magically
change its color. Tell me when you notice that spot begin to change its
color ... (Pause for response)

As you watch that spot, you are continuing to relax even more and you will
soon notice your eyelids relaxing, and your eyes will feel like they want
to close ...

Without moving your head, just move your eyes now and find another magic
spot on the ceiling, and notice how your eyelids keep closing more and
more as soon as you notice the other magic spot, and notice also how you
can still see the spot after your eyes have closed ...

As you keep your eyes closed notice that you can see that spot beginning
to change its shape, it is very pretty. It may even sparkle or shine, and
it keeps changing its shape as you keep your eyes closed and continue to
watch it ...

The more you watch that spot with your eyes closed, the more you continue
to relax ... and you will soon notice the magic spot becoming smaller and
smaller ... tell me when you notice it getting smaller ... (Pause for

Now notice that it is disappearing completely, and you are becoming
drowsier as the spot disappears ...

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