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Hypnotic Inductions: Hand to Face Method

Hypnotic Induction Techniques

Hand to Face Method

Instructions to hypnotist

Tell subject to get as comfortable as possible with their arms resting on
the arms of the chair. Show subject how you would like them to hold their
hand in front of their face. Palm of their hand facing in towards their
face, with fingers pointing upward pressed lightly together. Hand should
be about eye level. Have subject close their eyes and begin with
progressive relaxation and then proceed with the Hand To Face induction.

Spoken to subject

In just a moment, when I ask you to, I am going to have you bring one of
your hands up in front of your face, fingers extended upwards and pressed
together. I am then going to have you try to open your eyes, and pick a
spot on your hand. It may seem difficult to open the eyes, and keep them
open, which is only natural since you have been relaxing so far. I am
going to want you to try, and open your eyes, and with a little effort you
will at least be able to get them open.

Now, the one thing that you must accomplish is that I want you to remain
totally relaxed, and at ease even with your eyes open, and your hand in
this position.

Remaining relaxed, and at ease, move your hand up in front of your face
with the fingers pointed upward, and pressed together.

Now, attempt to open your eyes, and pick one spot on your hand, and begin
to concentrate on it.

As you concentrate on that one spot, and one spot only, your fingers are
going to spread apart.

You do not have to make them spread, but do not try and stop them ...
concentrate, and allow things to take place.

Feel them spreading apart now. Automatically separating now ... It is
beginning to feel as though there was a string tied to each finger pulling
them apart. Separating further, and further.

(Once the fingers have separated, proceed in the following way)

Now, please do not let it disturb you that the drowsy, heavy feeling in
your eyes is becoming stronger now that your fingers have spread apart.

It is a very normal, natural sensation. As I begin to count from 5 down to
1 that heavy, drowsy feeling will continue to grow stronger.

(Continue with deepening technique)

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