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Rewrite Your Internal Programming And Create The Best Life Possible By Kelly Lute - Create hypnosis tapes of your own!

    Rewrite Your Internal Programming And Create The Best Life Possible

                               by Kelly Lute

Table of Contents

   * Introduction
   * What is this blank tape?
   * How does internal programming work?
   * A plan for action.
   * Why write your own programming.
   * What do you want to change? An inventory.
   * Detailed Goals list.
   * How to write your own programming.
   * Examples of winning programs.
   * Recording tips.
   * When and how do I use the tape?
   * Buying replacement tapes.
   * What kind of results can I expect?
   * What about this diskette?


You may notice that this book is very brief. My intention here is not to
bore you with padding. My intention is to provide you with useful
information that can change your life forever without wasting your time.

Forgive me if I assume that your life isn't perfect. If it was, you
wouldn't have ordered this course. My life certainly isn't perfect, but I
know how to make it better. In fact, I'm using the exact methods outlined
in this book to create a life for myself that's as close to perfection (my
personal definition) as can be achieved on Earth. I'm not there yet, and I
don't believe that any person can reach absolute, complete perfection. One
can come very close. If you apply these methods (as strange as they may
sound at first) with persistence for at least one month, your life will
improve for the better. Don't worry if the techniques sound strange, or
embarrassing. You are the only one who knows what you are doing, and the
techniques contained in this book will work even if you don't believe in
them at first. Belief will come later after you attain some early results.

Be patient, be persistent. You'll get there in the end!

What is this blank tape?

First off, you need to go to Radio Shack or some other electronic's supply
house and get a continuous loop cassette tape. This is frequently packaged
as an "outgoing" answering machine tape. It should be at least 20 seconds
long and not more that one minute long.

I've been told that continuous loop tapes without the metal syncro strip
made by TDK can be bought from Advanced Recording at 1-(800) 854-1061. They
are located in San Diego. The Radio Shack tapes can be rather hard on your
tape recorder's heads.

OK! You're looking at a rather unimpressive little blank cassette tape
saying to yourself, "Is this it?" Yes! That is it! The tape you hold in
your hands is potentially very powerful. The Bill of Rights is, on the
material level, just a piece of paper, but it contains an idea that has
changed the course of history. Millions of lives have been affected for the
better by the existence of that single document. In the same way, what you
put on your tape, and how you use it will cause the little tape to
transcend it's mundane form and acquire an almost mystical, and very
positive influence on your life!

This tape will be the vehicle for your self-programming experience. Through
it, you will express your fondest desires, and cause them to become real.
Note that at all times YOU WILL BE IN CONTROL. I will merely tell you how
to use the tape, and how to format the information on it most effectively.
At no time will I tell you what to put on it. That is up to you. Later, I
will assist you in exploring your own goals and desires.

How does internal programming work?

This section is for those who are unfamiliar with the concept of "internal
programming." Many of the people reading this are already acquainted with
some of the conepts I'm presenting here. Many have been searching for
answers to their problems and have already encountered some elements of my
system. The core of what I'm teaching here is not by any means original.
I've merely taken proven principles, and provided them with an easy,
automatic delivery system.

The human mind is divided into two parts. The first is the conscious mind.
The conscious mind is responsible for our voluntary waking thought
processes. Most of what you think of being your identity is made up of the
conscious mind. Your overall "awareness" is contained there. We are not
overly concerned with the workings of the conscious mind here.

The second part is the sub-conscious mind. This is a bit more difficult to
grasp. It is responsible for the automatic functions of your brain. It
contains the programming for all the things you do by habit, or without
conscious thought. It is active twenty-four hours a day, and it will do
anything you tell it to do. The sub-conscious mind is immensely powerful,
but entirely literal. Once a program has been properly entered, the
sub-conscious mind will work on it until the objective has been reached. It
will continue to work on the problem if it takes a day, or years.

To enter a program, you must alter the sub-conscious mind's view of
reality. An interesting feature of the sub-conscious is that it will
believe anything you tell it, even if it seems completely untrue. Rather
than disbelieve you, it will work to alter your real world circumstances to
match it's own beliefs! Beliefs that you have supplied for it. These
alterations can take many forms. If you ask for money, you will suddenly
begin noticing opportunities all around you. You will discover new energy
and enthusiasm directed towards pursuing these new opportunities. If you
ask for a health problem solved, you will, almost like magic, read or hear
about a treatment for your problem. You won't even have to actively seek
out the information. It will come to you in the course of your normal,
everyday activities.

Don't worry that the solutions seem to come from nowhere, or that they
don't seem to make complete sense at first. There is structure and solid
thinking behind every solution. But, since you are not consciously aware of
the process involved, you may not see it immediately. Trust in the inner
workings of your own mind, and you will discover a force as powerful as any
fictional magic.

Is there some "mystical" force at work here? In my opinion, no. I'm not
asking you to believe in anything that cannot be supported by reason.
Others may disagree with what I am saying and attribute the effects of this
method to "subtle forces". You may interpret your results any way you like,
but I hold to the idea that all things in life are explainable by rational
logic. If this takes the fun out of the game for you, feel free to
attribute your results to any personal belief that you subscribe to. It
will not diminish the true powers at work, here, and, in fact, the
additional power of belief might just make the effect stronger!

A plan for action

Before we can begin, we have to have a plan. Many people fail in their
exploits simply because they do not have a plan. The plan for this
technique is very simple. It goes like this: 1. Find out what you want to
improve in your life. 2. Set realistic goals based on those desires. 3.
Develop positive programming input phrases. 4. Transfer those phrases to
the tape. 5. Employ the tape to program your subconcious. 6. Enjoy the

It's as simple as that! Now that we have a basic outline for action, let's
get down to the details for each of the above steps.

Why write your own programming?

This is a very good question when there are so many commercially prepared
self-hypnosis tapes and products available. Maybe you have purchased some
of them.

First, let's take a look at "subliminal programming" tapes. These tapes
claim to alter your subconscious programming by subjecting you to repeated
positive statements. The statements are spoken at a very low volume level.
In fact, they are spoken below the level of conscious hearing, and blended
into music. I have purchased these tapes from a number of companies, and
have found that no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to hear
the words.

Tests conducted by the U.S. Army concluded that these tapes do no good! The
only time that the tapes produced any positive effect is when the test
participants were told in advance what was on the tape. This can be
attributed to the fact that these participants began to mentally associate
the tape, or the music on the tape with the type of improvement it was
supposed to represent and in a minor way, programmed themselves while
listening. This is the only positive effect that can be attributed to these
tapes. Similar groups who listened to the tapes without prior knowledge of
their contents showed no signs of change!

Next, let's look at conventional self-hypnosis tapes. These tapes induce
changes by guiding you into a relaxed state and making repeated, positive
statements. After repeated use, you begin to accept the content of the
statements as truth, and begin to change your life for the better.

The good news is, these types of tapes often times DO WORK! The bad news is
that most people don't have the patience to stick with the program for the
required amount of time. Our busy schedules don't allow it. Also, you are
required to voluntarily allow another person to muck around with your own
deepest levels of belief and self-image. Do you trust any stranger that

With my method, you don't have to. You don't have to trust me, because I'm
not writing the content of your programming. You will note that the
cassette included with this course is factory sealed. It cannot contain any
negative subliminal messages, or any other kind of messages. It will only
contain your own words, spoken in your own voice. Tests have proven that
most individuals respond far more positively to the sound of their own
voice then they do to the voice of a stranger! You are the one recording
artist on the planet that can help you the most! No highly trained, highly
paid professional announcer can equal the effectiveness of your own voice!

With the subliminal method, and the self-hypnosis method tapes described
above, you must purchase individual tapes for each type of improvement you
wish to effect. These tapes typically run from $10.00 to $50.00 each! This
course must only be purchased once, and it will help you achieve any goal
you desire. If the cassette I sent you ever wears out, just buy another one
at any Radio Shack (or other electronic supply) store for just a few
dollars. You can get tapes that run thirty seconds, or as long as two

What do you want to change? An inventory.

The first step in our self-programming project is to figure out what we
want to change. When you purchased this course, you probably had a pretty
good idea about what you wanted to get out of it, How long should it take?"
For any category of change, you must be precise.

Also, you must have priorities. If you want the programming method to work,
you have to know exactly, with precision what you want to change. For
example, at this time, you may be interested in losing weight. That's a
perfectly good use for this course, but, for it to work you have to know
how much weight you want to lose. You may want to increase your wealth, but
by how much. Ask yourself, "How much money do I want to make? How long
should it take to get it?"

The system works best if you tackle one change at a time. You want to avoid
asking for money, and asking for love on the same tape at the same time.
Right now, I want you to write in the spaces below, the general changes you
want to make. You don't have to be precise at this point, you just have to
get them in the correct order. Put your most important priority of change
first, and the least important last. If you don't want to write in the
book, do this on a separate piece of paper, BUT DO IT. THIS IS VERY

1. ________________________________________________________

2. ________________________________________________________

3. ________________________________________________________

4. ________________________________________________________

5. ________________________________________________________

If you have more than five categories, try to shelve the lower priority
ones for now. You'll have plenty to do in getting the first five out of the
way. You will have time to tackle the smaller problems later. Most people
will probably have fewer than five general categories, or in many cases,
only one. This is perfectly fine. Don't try to wrack your brain thinking of
problems you don't really have just to fill in the blanks. Actually, most
self-improvement desires fall into three categories. These are: Health,
Love, and Money. It is possible to have goals that don't fall into these
categories, but these are by far the most common categories.

Now, if you wrote your goals down in random order, compare each one against
the others and decide which are most important. Number the goals in
descending order. Your most important goal should be #1 and the next most
important should be #1, and so on.

This next step is optional, but highly recommended. Take the simplest, and
most easily accomplished goal, and make it #1 regardless of where it stands
in relation to the others. This will allow you to make your first
programming project one where you can see results quickly. When you attack
the bigger projects later, you will have greater confidence, and the system
will tend to worked more quickly and effectively.

Next, take entry #1 listed above. We will next turn it into a specific
request. This step may require some time, thought, and careful reflection
on your part. There is no need to rush here. Remember that whatever you ask
for, you will receive, so make sure that what you ask for is what you
really want, exactly.

If you are asking for money, flesh out the request by stating how much, and
in how long. If your above entry states, "I want to be rich.", you might
expand on the theme by saying, "I want to make $100,000.00 a year, starting
next year."

In setting your goals for yourself, try to be realistic. If there is
absolutely no way you're going to make $1,000,000,00 this year, don't wish
that high. Go for $100,000.00 instead. This system works best when you set
goals for things that force you to modify your belief system without
completely going against it. Also, it would be best for you to start out
with one of your more easily attainable goals. After you experience a
modest success with the system, you will come to believe in it more
completely, and it will be that much more effective when you try to use it
on a difficult item.

Just remember to be precise. Be sure that your goals include quantities,
detailed descriptions, and amounts of time it would reasonably take to
attain them. You may record your results on the next page, or write them
down on a separate piece of paper.

Once you have the first item fleshed out, go on and do the same thing for
the others.

Detailed Goals List:


How to write your own programming

Now that you have clear and detailed goals, we will explore the correct way
to write programming phrases that will make your goals come to life.

The "lines" of your program take the form of simple sentences called
affirmations. These affirmations are nothing more than very positive
messages that convey details about your goals. They have some unique and
very necessary characteristics. They are:

Always expressed in the present tense.

Always positive. They never contain negative words such as "no" or "not".

Alway descriptive of details.

An example of an affirmation for losing weight might be, "I weigh 145
pounds." Examples of improper affirmations might be, "I am not fat.", or I
will lose 30 pounds." The first example contains the negative word "not"
and the second example is phrased in the future tense.

Affirmations MUST be phrased in the present tense because we are attempting
to change our self image. We want to modify our own deep rooted beliefs
about ourselves. If the deepest levels of your mind believe you weigh only
145 pounds right now they will move Heaven and Earth to make the physical
reality match the belief. This is the basis of this program, and all other
subliminal self-improvement programs. Change your belief about yourself
first, and the mind will make the beliefs real. You don't have to
consciously do anything to make your reality change, it's automatic. You
don't even have to believe in the process, because the process is
fundamental to human nature!

As stated above, make certain that your affirmations don't contain words
such as "no", "not, "don't", "won't", etc. Your subconscious will filter
these words out when processing the affirmations. The resulting sentence
will have the opposite effect of what you are shooting for. For example, if
you write, "I am not overweight." Your subconscious will only hear, "I am
overweight." Your subconscious mind is in some ways very simplistic, and
can only comprehend things that are. For that reason, you must always state
your affirmations in the positive. Say: "I am wealthy." Don't say: "I am
not poor." (Better yet, be specific and say, "I have an annual income of
$250,000 a year.")

Always reinforce your affirmations with more affirmations that restate the
same thing in a different way, or attack a different aspect or detail of
the same subject. Do not simply put one affirmation on the tape. Put at
least five different affirmations on for each subject. On weight loss: I am
slender and fit. I weigh 145 pounds. I enjoy my daily excercise routine. I
am happy and full of energy. I enjoy excellent health at all times.

Your tape should contain four or five affirmations, and you should limit
yourself to one subject at a time. Don't attempt to solve all your life's
problems all at one whack.

A sign of a well written affirmation is that it makes you feel good when
you read it. Another sign of a good affirmation is that some part of your
mind screams to you, "WHAT A CROCK!" This is a sign that the affirmation
does not match your self-image. As time goes on, and as you hear these
affirmations over and over, your self-image will change to match the
affirmations, and, with time, they will begin to sound completely
reasonable. Shortly after this point, you will begin to notice real changes
in your life as you draw in effective and efficient solutions to your

I suggest that you vary the content of your tape about on a weekly basis.
Even if you are working on the same subject from week to week, change the
actual affirmations every week. Have the intent of the affirmations remain
unchanged, but change the actual words. Try to put a new spin on the same
subject. Saying the same thing many times in different ways reinforces your
messages much more strongly than if you say the same phrase over and over

Examples of winning programs

Here are some examples of affirmations on several different subjects. You
may use them, or make up your own. I have put them here mainly to give you
an idea of how your own affirmations should be constructed.


I make $150,000.00 a year. I am creative in my business approach. I
overcome business obstacles easily. I am efficient, and well organized.


I am fit and attractive. I enjoy perfect health at all times. I enjoy my
daily exercise routine. I am full of energy and optimism.


I am ready for all challenges. I am eager to face new experiences. I have a
positive, winning attitude. I face each new day as a new adventure.


I am confident and alert while flying. I am aware of my airspeed at all
times. I launch with strength and authority. I clear my flight path before

That last category probably doesn't seem very relevant to you. I included
it to illustrate the idea that this method can be infinitely customizable.
I fly hang gliders, and I used the above affirmations during my flight
training to overcome particular weaknesses in my technique. You may have
some very special activity in your life that could benefit from this kind
of programming.

Recording tips

Some tips for recording your programs on tape: 1. Relax. Remember, nobody
will hear this recording but you. A relaxed voice is more persuasive than a
voice that is tense. 2. Speak briskly, but don't force yourself to hurry.
You want to be able to fit several repetitions of each statement on the
tape. Talk a little bit faster than you would normally, but don't rush. 3.
Try to inject a sound of energy and confidence into your voice as you
speak. Before recording, get pumped up about your message. Work up a little
enthusiasm, and let it show through as you speak. 4. Keep track of the time
as you record. If you speak for too long, you will record over the tape
spice that holds the continuous loop tape together. There will be a gap in
your speech if this happens. Start the recording right after the metal
splicing tape. 5. Don't get frustrated if you don't get it right on the
first take. You may have to try several times before it's done to your
satisfaction. I often have to rerecord a tape up to ten or more times
before I'm really satisfied that the tape is free of verbal blunders, not
enough energy, speed, or running over the tape splice. Keep trying! You'll
get it!

When and how do I use the tape?

The tape can be used just about anytime around the house when you are
alone. It should be played during a time when the affirmations on the tape
won't be heard by others. This is very important. If other people know your
specific goals, you will feel pressure to make them happen quickly, or risk
embarrassment in the eyes of others. YOU MUST KEEP YOUR AFFIRMATIONS
PRIVATE. Strange as it may seem, the people who are closest to you are the
ones you want to keep them from the most. The opinions of your spouse,
parents, or children are the ones that you value the most, so they have the
potential of doing the most damage. If your life is such that you have
absolutely no private time at all, consider using a personal stereo to
listen to your affirmations.

In less severe situations, it is best to keep your cassette in your
household stereo cassette player most of the time. When you are home alone,
just press the play key, and let the tape run for as long as you like. On
average, I probably play my tape about two or three hours a day, though it
go as long as ten to twelve hours sometimes.

If you live alone, it would be ideal for you to play the tape while
sleeping. You should set the volume down low so that it can barely be heard
in a quiet room. Discontinue using the tape at night if it disturbs your
sleep. Some people find the sound of their own voice so engaging that they
can't sleep with the tape running. If it doesn't bother you, by all means,
go ahead and use it. I can't personally say whether this type of sleep
learning is effective, but if it doesn't bother your sleep, it can't hurt!

When you play the tape, set the volume down low so that your words register
as background noise. If you cannot distinguish the individual words, the
volume is set too low. If you find the sound of the tape distracting, it is
too high. Don't try to make the tape "subliminally" low in volume. Be sure
that you can hear the tape. It's ok if other sounds around the house or
from outside drown out the tape sometimes. You will be able to hear it
enough of the time for it to do it's job.

You may play the tape while watching television. Simply set the volume down
low so that the tape doesn't interfere with the show you are watching. You
will hear snatches of affirmations in between dialog, and a part of your
mind will continue to be devoted to your goals.

If you move around the house a lot, you might consider using a portable
unit that you can move from room to room.

Also, avoid playing the tape in machines with "auto-reverse". Continuous
loop tapes can be damaged when played backwards. If your tape deck has a
switch to disable this function, use it. If you can disable the "auto-stop"
mechanism, do this also. Continuous loop tapes sometimes set off the
automatic stop mechanisms in some tape decks.

Inexpensive tape recorder/players often times work just as well, or better
than the expensive models for this application.

Buying replacement tapes

A tape will generally last a couple of months with daily use. They do tend
to wear out faster than regular tapes due to the fact that only a small
length of tape is going around every twenty seconds. Also, most tapes don't
get played two to twelve hours a day, everyday.

You can get replacement tapes at any electronic supply store, or most
retail stores that sell answering machines. Radio Shack is a good example
of such a store (not a plug!) Look for "outgoing message" tapes. I suggest
using the short twenty second tapes since they tend to work better in
regular tape decks. Longer continuous loop tapes tend to bind at the
capstan in some machines, and you really don't need more than twenty
seconds, anyway, if you are recording four or five short sentences.

The playback heads on some machines will tend to wear rather heavily using
the Radio Shack heads. You might try contacting Advanced Recording at
1-(800) 854-1061 in San Diego. They reportedly carry loop tapes with the
metal syncro strip removed for use in regular tape recorders.

What kind of results can I expect?

This depends on your priorities, and the difficulty of the task you are
tackling. I recommend that you start out with simple goals first, and
progress to more difficult problems later. This allows you to gain
confidence in yourself, and in the system. Later, when you take on life's
really big problems, you will be successful in a much shorter period of

You can begin to experience progress on simple problems in as little as two
or three weeks. Give major projects at least a month, or more realistically
two months. Keep in mind that these figures are, at best, rules of thumb,
and that different individuals working on different problems will get
results in widely variable lengths of time.

Try not to worry about how long it will take. Concentrate of following the
procedures, relax, and know that your mind will work out how your goals
will be accomplished in it's own time.


I hope you have found this short piece helpful and useful. If you have any
comments on this positive or negative, feel free to email me at If you like, you can use the feedback form on the front
page. Thanks again!

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