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Hypnotic Scripts: Self Confidence/Fear

Hypnotic Scripts

Self Confidence/Fear

You now become aware of the self confidence within you. You are self
reliant, self confident and filled with independence and determination.
You have opened your mind to the inner security that was laying dormant
within you. You are transformed ... you are self confident. You think
confidently, you talk confidently, and you project an image of self
confidence. You are independent and filled with inner security. You are
self confident internally and externally. You inner confidence has

You are creating a new positive reality. You now experience all the warmth
and joy in life while detaching from the negativity. From this moment on
you see the positive side of everything that happens in your life. You see
positive opportunities in everything you experience. You positive thinking
now results in a more positive life. You experience a feeling of overall
well-being and mental calm. You are at peace with yourself, the world, and
everyone in it. Each and every day you experience more and more positive
results of your positive thinking.

Your self esteem is increasing. Your self confidence is increasing. You
feel enthusiastic about your life and look forward to the challenges. You
now breathe life with new optimism ... with new enthusiasm. A happy, self
assured inner you has emerged. You are a positive individual who sees the
problems only as opportunities. You are patient, calm and harmoniously
centered at all times.

You let go of all fear-based emotions such as blame, jealousy, guilt,
anger and possessiveness. These negative emotions are now part of your
past and you use them only as building blocks for a more positive future.
You are independent and self responsible and you fully realize that you
are unlimited in you ability to create your own reality.

You keep your mind like calm water. You remain centered at all times; this
means to be physically relaxed, emotionally calm, mentally focused and
alert. You are confident and secure about everything. You maintain a calm
mind and you think only positive thoughts. You no longer worry about
things you cannot change. You are confident and secure, mentally at peace.

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