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Hypnotic Scripts: Public Speaking

Hypnotic Scripts

Public Speaking

You realize that you are a constantly maturing and growing personality.

You are becoming aware of the strength and abilities that are within you.

You are sensing a feeling of confidence in your abilities to achieve the
goals you have chosen for yourself.

You are learning to believe in yourself, you appreciate yourself and you
do good and kind things for yourself.

You meet each situation as it comes with calm and quite assurance.

You are making contact with the center of wisdom and power within you
which knows what to do and how to do it.

Whatever you say, whatever you do , is said and done with complete
confidence and self assurance.

You walk with a spring in your step, your head is held high.

You see the beauty of life around you.

People respect you because you respect them and you respect yourself.

You have confidence in your own judgment and you are honest and

You can and you do move forward from one positive achievement to another.
People are aware that you like them, they sense your good will.

You are cheerful and enthusiastic.

You attract friends because you are friendly.

You are sincere and honest.

Your personal integrity is felt by everyone you meet.

Each day you meet new friends and interesting people.

As you approach people for the first time, you feel a warmth and
friendship for them. Your smile and your friendly greetings express your
sincere feelings towards them.

You enjoy people and you want to do things for them.

You know that people seek you out because you are unique and you revel in
their acceptance of you.

People respond to your personal integrity, your special personality and
your warm friendliness draws people close to you, just as a magnet
attracts iron filings.

You are a happy person full of imaginative thoughts which you pour forth

Each and every day, you feel more lovable, more interesting and you become
more interested in others.

You recognize and accept the friendship that people offer you, for you
truly deserve it.

You have a deep and sincere respect for yourself and for your personal
worth to others.

You like people - you enjoy being with people.

You are poised and confident when talking to new acquaintances or good

You're secure and relaxed when you are with people.

You especially enjoy speaking to people.

People are aware that you like them and they return the feeling to you.

People like you.

People like to listen to you when you speak.

People enjoy your company.

You are at ease when you are with people.

When you stand up before a group of people, you are filled with feelings
of friendliness for them. You want to do things for them. You feel their
friendliness to you.

You experience a feeling of warmth and friendship flowing from the members
of the audience to you.

You have the feeling that they are on your side. You are interested in
them, you want to do things for them.

You are so interested in them, that you have sense of personal friendship
with every single one in your audience. (With every member of your

As you speak you are perfectly poised, self possessed and completely free
in your expression.

You feel at ease, you present your ideas in a clear brief and direct way.

Your ideas are quickly understood and accepted by others.

You mind is clear, your wit is quick.

Your lips are flexible, your mouth is moist.

Your breathing is deep and from the diaphragm.

Your hands are poised and calm.

Your gestures flow spontaneously and freely.

You speak easily, always giving a clear word picture of the thought you
wish to convey.

You are poised and in control of the situation.

Your legs are strong beneath you.

You are comforted and peaceful.

You are secure and confident as you speak.

You speak spontaneously, sincerely and freely. Clearly expressing your
meaning and your feelings at any time when you speak whether to a large
audience or a small group.

As you begin, you feel this warmth and friendliness for your listeners.

As you begin, your feel their friendliness directed towards you.

You are totally confident, you are perfectly at ease.

As you begin to talk, you have the undivided attention of the audience,
and it makes you feel good.

You speak freely, fluidly with a full release of your skill and your

You thoroughly enjoy speaking to an audience..

Whenever you feel you can add a new view point or an interesting fact to a
discussion, you speak openly and confidently.

You communicate effectively and powerfully at all times.

People seek your opinions on a variety of subjects and you deliver
information in an interesting and witty way (manner).

You have a special talent for expressing your thoughts and ideas vividly,
with an enthusiasm that favorably impresses everyone that hears you.

When others speak you listen and you learn from them. You see their point
of view.

You express your ideas in a positive way whenever possible.

When you speak your voice, it is strong, calm and vibrant.

Your mind flows with concise and yet powerful messages whenever you will
it to do so.

Your voice is pleasant to hear.

People are eager to hear what you have to say, because you are so alive
and so vibrant.

The friendship within you radiates outward to touch each person with whom
you come in contact.

You ask questions when you don't fully understand and you state your
opinions whenever they are asked or whenever it is appropriate for you to
express them.

People accept your opinions because they recognize that they are honest
and well thought out. You speak spontaneously, sincerely and freely,
clearly verbalizing your feelings.

When there is nothing for you to say, you simply glow with an inner
radiance, showing honesty, sympathy and concern. You are so interested in
people that you stimulate them to fully express their views - before you

When words are inadequate you act out the emotions you feel, you
demonstrate a level of maturity and perception which is unique.

When you are called upon to conduct a meeting, you are relaxed and in
complete control of the situation.

Your face reflects an inner calmness, a sense of well being of self

Your conversation is bright and sparkling as well as informative.

Your talent for expressing your thoughts vividly with enthusiasm favorably
impresses everyone.

Your large vocabulary, your fluency in speech and your clearness of
thought causes a quiet authority that flows from you.

Your powerful memory serves you well.

Your manner of speaking inspires confidence in others and causes them to
have a good opinion of you.

Each of the ideas is now making a deep and permanent impression on your
subconscious mind and each day of your daily life, you become more and
more aware of the powerful expression of these true concepts.

Now I'm going to count from three down to one, then I'll say the words
"personal success". This is the time to program your imagination with
scenes that represent your personal success. This is the time when you can
see yourself, thinking, feeling acting in that special way that means
personal success. Get ready now: 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... "personal success".

From this time forward with each passing day, you become more and more
aware of a wonderful feeling of personal confidence. Confidence in the
realization that each day brings you closer to your personal goals. Each
day is a vital step in your problem solving, in developing the motivation
to change your behavior to move yourself towards your highest potential,
so that you now begin to enjoy a fuller and richer and more expressive

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