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Hypnotic Scripts: Prosperity II

Hypnotic Scripts

Prosperity II

The secret of success is in the sequence, for each step sets the stage in
consciousness for the one that follows.

You tune into the presence within and take on the spiritual vibration. You
choose that which is your heart desires, knowing that the reason you have
this desire is because the presence is wanting it through you. So you are
choosing that which your higher self has already chosen for you. Then you
expect the gift. The things you expect, mentally and emotionally, you
have. Then the mental equivalent is formed in consciousness. By seeing it
in invisible form and experiencing it through creative visualization, you
are clearing the channels of any opposing view. By loving what you see,
you are focusing the flow of divine energy through your consciousness. By
speaking the Word "It is done" you are taking an act of faith that
acknowledges the act of Spirit. At this point the energies are working
through you. You now turn everything over to the master consciousness
within. The very energy of God flows through a consciousness of a like
vibration. With deep feeling you express your gratitude and you move
forward with a tremendous sense of poise and confidence as you take the
appropriate action in your world.

Through this spiritual treatment you are duplicating the automatic
activity of Super Being consciousness in a step-by-step process. As you
learn to manifest the fulfillment of your desires and become more
proficient with the treatment, you will find that your consciousness
expands until the entire process is accomplished independently of your
thinking, and this is what it means to "Take no thought".

Now, if you will join me, we will experience together, Spiritual
Treatment. Find a comfortable chair and sit up very straight. We are going
to relax completely. Take several deep breaths to clear your mind. Breath
in and hold to the count of 4 and then let go with an open mouth. Now
repeat the breathing 4 times. A deep breath and as you do you feel
yourself relaxing totally. You let go of all pressing thoughts and
concerns. your breathing in peace and breathing out all negative energy.
Now with your mind and emotional nature, begin to sense and to feel the
presence of God that is all around you and within you. Contemplate this
body of light, this all knowing mind, this heart of Infinite Love that
occupies the same space that you do. Let this joyful spirit fill your
consciousness with itself. Feel the dynamic power as your mental and
emotional natures begin to pulsate to that spiritual vibration. You are
now aware of your God-self, the spirit of God within you, and now the
Presence speaks: "I will never leave you nor forsake you. I am with you
always for you are my expression; the light of my light. I have fulfilled
myself as you and have given myself to you. All that I am you are. You are
my expression. I am all that you can conceive of me to be. Your supply,
your health, your work, your relationships, your protection. I am your
all. I ask only that you abide in me and look to me for your all
sufficiency, knowing that I withhold nothing. Now choose that which you
desire in my name, the name I am. '

Say to yourself silently, "I am God in expression. God is as me now. And
the true self of me has assumed its rightful position on the throne of my
heart, for the feeling of love tells me so. I now have the power of
dominion. I am now a co-creator with God. I now have divine authority to
manifest the fulfillment of my desires. I use this power rightly and

And as you relax in the presence, in your mind see a white screen. On this
screen see the words I choose with lines following after the word choose
on a ruled tablet. Now fill in the blank spaces after the word choose. Do
this mentally in your own handwriting. Simply imagine that you are writing
on the inner tablet of mind, your choices, for this particular time in
your life. After you have mentally written in your desire, go back and
focus on each word with great clarity. See each word very clearly. Let the
words become deeply impressed in your mind. Now say to yourself silently,
I accept the fulfillment of this desire now. With all of your mind, heart
and soul accept this fulfillment now. Feel the spiritual idea representing
this fulfillment entering your consciousness. It is the idea of
completion. It has moved into your feeling nature's vibration where it is
warm and pleasant with the feeling of love.

Accept the good that God has for you now. Because you have accepted the
fulfillment of your desire you now have it. You now have the object of
your desire. You no longer need what you formerly desired for now you have
it. You love the feeling of having. It feels so good. Through this
knowledge of having, you know that you are that which you desire.

You are abundance. You are radiant perception. You are the ideal
relationship. You are the all sufficiency. You are the true fulfillment of
every desire.

Now in your minds eye, look at the white screen again and on the blank
screen begin to play your mental movie. See yourself doing, being, having
and enjoying your good in overflowing measure. See yourself being joyous,
happy, loving and free. Then add color, sound and dimension to your
picture. Etch deeply as we detail in consciousness knowing that what you
are seeing is now, the present time and not a point in the future. See the
best that you can conceive. Lift up your vision and imagine the highest
and most fulfilling scenes that you can produce in your mind.

Feel the excitement of seeing your desire already fulfilled. It is so
wonderful. See it. Feel it. Know it. With your mind focused on those
beautiful images, begin now to let all the love that you can feel in your
heart pour out. Love those images of fulfillment and say to yourself
silently "Oh, how I love what I see. " Love the joyous expressions and the
happy scenes. Love doing what you love to do. Love being what you want to
be. Love having what you want to have. Love the pictures of total
fulfillment that you are now seeing within your mind and feeling within
your heart. Now after several times of visioning your fulfillment, close
'he curtain on the screen of your mind and turn within yourself. Let the
feeling of that presence enter into your heart. This is the God within,
the Christ Presence working within you. Nothing is too good for you to
have or to experience. In the name and through the Power of your master
self, the Christ within, you speak the Word. Let there be total
fulfillment now. Let all the good that God has for you come forth and into
manifestation now. Let the Spirit of God work in and through you to meet
every need to solve every problem and appear as the fulfillment of every
desire. Your faith in the loving, givingness of God is mighty. Your good
does now come forth into visible form and experience and your good does
now come forth by the Power of your word. It is done and so it is.

You now totally and completely surrender to the activity of God which is
the only power at work in your life. Let go and let God be God. Let go and
let God do His perfect work in and through you. Surrender completely now
to your Father within, to His goodwill. Know that even in your highest
vision you cannot fully know the glory and the grandeur that He has
planned for you from the very beginning. So now release your needs and
desires. Now willingly accept your highest and greatest good. Know that by
releasing everything to you, the whole creative system in the universe is
in action in your life and in your affairs. Know that only that which is
perfect, plentiful, good, beautiful, loving, peaceful, and joyful is now
flourishing forth into manifestation in your world.

Thank your Father for this new life of love and light. Thank your Father
for total fulfillment now. Your heart overflows with gratitude and joy.
Your cup runneth over and you are so very thankful. Thank God with praise
and love. You now move into action in your world as a co-creator with God.
You always listen to your inner guide and do that which is in front of you
to do, to the very best of your ability.

Now, as you have made your agreement with the God energy that is you, and
with the Christ energy that is within you, feel the beautiful white light
of the presence. Feel it pulsating through you and around you. Now
acknowledge the energy field in which you function, the auric element of
you, the elliptic form of energy that extends 2 feet above your head and 4
feet under your feet into the ground. For in this mighty force field is
your own personal expression of your God. Acknowledge this 50 billion
watts of energy that is your expression. Be grateful for it. Visualize now
the beautiful sapphire blue of the Christ energy completely filling your
auric field. Feel the peace and the joy that comes to you with it. Now
around your head bring in a dazzling ball of iridescent white light. Set
it gently over your head. Feel it sit softly on your shoulders. Allow it
to nestle down into your chest and heart area. This is the pure God
energy. You carry it with you at every moment but you must recognize that
it is there. You must feel it, visualize it and seal yourself within it.
This is the you that is made manifest. Your prosperity is known unto you.
For the Father has said "all that I have is thine". Now bring in the gold
and silver cord through the top of your head. Run it through your body and
ground it deeply within the center of the earth. Know that your connection
with the source of all life has been acknowledged and a blessing given
each time the acknowledgement is made.

Feel yourself sitting within a beautiful rainbow of color. The colors
represent every energy form and every element of supply. Feel the rainbow
colors swirling around your body now, surrounding each and every cell,
atom, and molecule. Your body now absorbs the color it needs for perfect
healing, balance and divine expression. Rest comfortably in the peace and
joy with blessings and with love. So it is.

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