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TUCoPS :: Wetware Hacking :: Others :: hypscr55.txt

Hypnotic Scripts: Procrastinating II

Hypnotic Scripts

Procrastination II

Do things now in top priority.

You use to put off unpleasant or undesirable tasks until the past possible

Because you use to do that, you might start to fall back into the old
patterns and if you do, you will remember that top priority for you now is
to get the unpleasant or undesirable tasks out of the way first and you
will be amused at the fact that you use to put them off and you will be
pleased because you no longer do that.

Now that you no longer procrastinate the less desirable chores and you get
them done quickly, you really enjoy your leisure, spare time because it is
in fact spare time. You no longer rob the time from undone chores.

All guilt is completely gone because you no longer steal time that is not

See yourself surrounded with finished chores and you have a lot of time to
spare to do the things you really enjoy and the time is really yours.

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