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Hypnotic Scripts: Procrastinating I

Hypnotic Scripts

Procrastinating I

Each time you listen to this tape, you are going to be more receptive
subconsciously to the suggestions that I will share with you. They will
begin to build like a fortress, block by block, stone by stone, as you
build your life now to be the greatest success, to earn the most money
that you are possibly able to earn

You are going to find that beginning now you are success oriented and
there is nothing and no one who can keep you from becoming the success
that you desire to be. You expect to succeed now and you feel a sense of
enthusiasm and confidence in living your new attitudes every day.

First of all you are going to overcome procrastinating because you want
to. You are going to take a great deal of pride in the fact that you have
matured and you are taking control of your life and beginning to do the
things that you put off in the past. There will be no more nervousness or
struggles as you leave behind the old habits. You are getting yourself
more organized and it becomes easy and natural for you. And you feel a new
healthier sense of accomplishment as you cross the responsibilities and
chores off your list.

You procrastinated sometimes when you faced something that you didn't want
to do. Until now you put those jobs off, but no more. You feel a sense of
urgency to complete and succeed at the things that need to be done. You
realize that to become the person that you want to be and know that you
can be, you have got to take care of some of those unpleasant things and
you have got to tackle them like the adult that you really are. You won't
let jobs or tasks nag you or pile up on you anymore.

You feel a sense of satisfaction as you accomplish more and more every
day. You go for it! And you will have no more immature resistance to
yourself. You are an honest adult and a responsible person and you want to
get your life progressing on the rode to success. You are going to leave
procrastination behind and enjoy a sense of maturing stronger emotionally
and mentally every day.

Every day your work gets easier and easier to accomplish. You feel better
every day. You are going to start by getting those little things out of
the way, the kind of things that use to sidetrack you or divert your
attention. Get the little things out of the way. You will bring yourself
up to date on busy work, whether they be errands or paperwork or just
simply doing or writing down those things for you to do today. None of
that will be there to bother you anymore.

You complete your tasks easily and comfortably and you will have
confidence in yourself and your abilities as you approach your new tasks.
You will know that you can get the job done well, efficiently,and
properly. A lack of confidence, a thought that maybe you can't do what you
set out to do, it won't be there to bother you anymore as you feel as
though you have grown out of that feeling. You will know because you will
have the right attitude. You are bound to succeed. You apply yourself to
everything that you set out to do and the work and the success will come
easily and effortlessly. You will enjoy the mature feelings that come with
solid accomplishment day after day and you will realize that you are doing
more than you ever thought you could. And that realization will please you
and give you the confidence to accomplish the next task that needs to be

You are going to stop worrying when jobs come up and you are going to
sense the kind of person that is within you that enjoys the chance to
produce. You will delight in taking action right now doing it now! Your
motto becomes "do it now". There will be no more procrastinating, trying
to think of the best way or the perfect way to do the job before you. You
are going to become a doer rather than a worrier. You will know that the
only way to solve problems is to get moving and that's what you will do.

Unpleasant tasks are not going to slow you down any more. You will know
that the faster you get them started, the faster they will be done. And
with each task that you finish you will have a feeling of honest
satisfaction and accomplishment that you look forward to.

You will feel very pleased with yourself and you will be proud that you
have become a more mature positive person. You will feel better about
yourself, your life will be simpler, more carefree, and you will be
rewarded knowing you have done your tasks without waiting. Beginning to
realize now and feeling your accomplishments as your new attitudes become
your new feelings.

New tasks are not going to phase you or scare you. That you haven't done
something before doesn't stop you now. You won't waste time worrying that
you can't do the job exactly right or the way you do the job may not be
the best in the world. You will do the best you can, enjoying it, knowing
that your best will get even better. You will know that no one else will
be able to give the task more thought or more effort than you will. And so
you start right with the doing of it, not with thinking.

You will feel comfortable with yourself, knowing that you are as good as
the next person, perhaps even better. Tackling new jobs will become a
positive challenge for you and you will respond with enthusiasm and
interest and an honest sense of effort. You will learn and grow and be
surprised at how well you do. Good things really begin to happen now and
you leave procrastination behind.

You are going to find that you have more time to do the things that you
enjoy; your family. your friends, and your work. You feel more organized,
honestly in control of your life; and you in fact will be. The things that
you have done will become a pleasure to remember. You feel a sense of
reward with each task that you set out to do. You will come to have a new
sense of importance about yourself, knowing you are no longer a person who
puts things off any more because you have matured. You take your
responsibilities seriously as an adult and you begin to have a new sense
of pride, knowing that you are in control, organized and up to date.

You will enjoy a feeling of success in each and every task that you take
on and finish. You will accept compliments about your personal
organization and how well put together you have become, because it will be

Relax, let it be a pleasure that you honestly do have a choice. You enjoy
a sense of enthusiasm, the excitement, and the pleasure of succeeding in
all areas of your life better than ever before. And as your confidence
grows, as your abilities grow, as you accomplish more and more every day,
so it is that you bring in the sales, the revenues,and earn a living such
as you deserve because you feel, you know, you believe, you deserve to be
rich and now you are going to make it happen.

I am going to bring you back now to your normal awareness ...

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