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Hypnotic Scripts: Pain or Anxiety as the Object

Hypnotic Scripts

Pain or Anxiety as the Object

And just relaxing deeper and even deeper ... drifting way down now ...
deeper and even deeper relaxed ... and recognizing and realizing how many
of us experience sensations that we regard as unpleasant ... tension,
stress, strain and discomfort ... and we have already learned one method
of dealing with these ... and that is ... just breathing deeply and
removing all parts of stress and strain ...

And using another image now ... another image that can bring us peace,
comfort, contentment and deep relaxation ... and another method that is so
powerful it can remove all the symptoms of stress and strain ... the
symptoms of stress and strain are all very subjective feelings ... we feel
them, but as we know only too well it is difficult to consciously modify
our feelings ... and it is much easier to modify object ... and so we are
now changing our unpleasant sensations into objects ...

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort or if you feel tense or anxious
... I want you to take that unwanted feeling, tension, stress or strained
muscle and give it a shape ... just imagine a shape ... allow yourself to
visualize that shape ... it can be any kind of shape ... it can be an
abstract shape or a concrete shape ... and it can be an object or a
geometric design or it can be soft and it can be a color ... whatever
shape or object first comes into your mind is the right shape or object
for you ... don't try to force the shape ... just let it happen ... as you
go deeper and even deeper relaxed ... and you are doing so very well ...
you are peaceful, calm and very relaxed...

And just relaxing and going deeper and even deeper ... give that shape a
color ... and just imagine the size of the shape ... and you can give it a
size just by knowing the size or by picturing it next to an object you
know the size of ... and you are recognizing and realizing that the shape
is the symbol of you discomfort ... and the larger the shape is ... the
more severe the discomfort is ... and the smaller the shape is ... the
less the discomfort is ...

And practicing now ... first making the shape larger ... and then making
it smaller ... and when you make the size of the shape bigger it is easier
to make the shape smaller ... and if you have difficulty making the size
of the shape smaller .. then use a few tricks ... if the shape is a
balloon you can put a needle into it, or kick it away ... throw it away
... put it on a boat or an airplane or tie it to the back of a truck and
let it drive away ...

And realizing that as this symbol is becoming smaller, the feelings
associated with it are becoming less intense and you can make it smaller
... as small and comfortable as you want to make it ... and you are making
it smaller by practicing making it larger and then smaller ... and you
realize that these are skills and as with any skill ... the more you
practice the more powerful the skill becomes ... and you are using these
skills ... and using these skills any time you desire ... the more you
practice the easier it is for you to allow these skills to be totally and
completely effective ... so very easy to use and so very powerful ...
anytime you choose to use this skill ... and practicing making the shape
smaller and the color of the shape fade ... and every time you do this it
is easier and even easier ...

I am going to let you rest for a moment but when I awaken you ... you will
find that you can give the shape as size and a color and then instantly
... effortlessly and easily make the shape smaller and the color fade ...
and every time you do this it becomes easier and even easier ... and when
I awaken you the shape is fading and becoming smaller ...

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