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Hypnotic Scripts: Memory - Recall At Will

Hypnotic Scripts

Memory: Recall at Will

(See Protective Shield Script) You have a
protective shield that neutralized the "I cant's". You now have total recall
at will. Reach in now and remove any block to your memory. Anytime you feel
the block coming back, take a deep breath and the block melts away.

Remembering is now a priority for you. It is no longer a battle to
remember: it is easy and natural for you to remember. It doesn't have to
be difficult to be worthwhile. What you need to remember is easy to

As you receive new information you have total recall of this information
at will. All information that you have ever seen, heard or felt is now
totally available to you.

All information is recorded in your subconscious mind and you now have the
ability to retrieve that information at will. It is and has always been
and will always be there for your easy access.

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