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Hypnotic Scripts: Library Scene (a multipurpose script)

Hypnotic Scripts

Library Scene

I would like for you to use your imagination. I would like for you to
imagine yourself standing in front of a door. This may be a door you have
seen in the past or a door you see in your imagination. You try to open
the door and discover it is locked. There is a table standing next to the
door with a key on it. You pick up the key, insert it in the lock. The
door unlocks easily and effortlessly as you walk into a library. You take
notice at the books lining the walls of the library. This is a special
library because all of the books in this library are about you. The books
on the left side of the library are all of the good things that have ever
happened to you. The books on the right are all of the not-so-good things.
The books closest to you are embossed with the year 19xx (current year)
and as you move further back into the room, the books go back in
chronological order all the way back to the beginning of your time.

I would like you to find a book for me. This book will try to hide. It
will think it can outsmart you. But you know that you can outsmart it. The
title of the book is (loosing weight/smoking and excuses to continue) (or
any book title which you can think of which expresses the conflict your
client is working through.) Take your time and find this book. When you
find the book, take it off of the shelf and let me know you have it by
raising the first finger of your right hand. Good. Find a trash can in
your library and toss the book into the trash. Pick up the trash can and
find a door in your library which leads down into the basement. There are
ten steps which go down to the basement and as I count from ten to one I
would like for you to allow yourself to become twice as relaxed as you
were on the count before, or if you prefer you can allow yourself to
become ten times as relaxed. 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2...
on the next count you will be at the bottom of the staircase and once
again I will ask you to use your imagination ... 1. Good. I would like for
you to find yourself walking over to a furnace. There is a fire blazing
inside the furnace. The intensity of the heat is such that the black of
the furnace is turning red. You pick up a poker not far from where you are
standing, open up the door of the furnace and toss the book inside and
watch. Watch as the binding begins to blacken and char and the pages begin
to burn and curl. But just before the book is about to go up in smoke,
using the poker, you remove the book from the furnace and let it fall to
the floor.

This book is trying to kill you. It is trying to control your life. You
open the book to find an entry of each and every time you (have taken a
cigarette, tried to loose weight, etc.). You read about the very first
time. (You remember who was there with you. Who lit it for you and how it
burned the back of your throat. You probably gagged and coughed until you
finally got into the habit. Naturally, you will be modifying these
portions of the visualization which best fits your particular situation.)
In anger you pick up the book and rip it in two and throw it back into the
fire and watch as it finishes burning. When you are convinced that the
only thing that's left is a pile of blackened ash, you come back up the
steps into the library.

There is a chair in the library next to a throne, which sits in the middle
of the room. There is a box of unwrapped books lying at your feet. You
lift up the first book and unwrap it. The title of this book is, My Health
And Happiness. You replace this book on the shelf where the book you
burned once was. Go through the library now as silent as you can for the
next minute and remove any and all of the books you wish to destroy for
once and for all. When you come back up from the basement, let me know by
raising the first finger of your left hand. Silent for one minute) Good.
Allow yourself now to feel a great sense of relief as you leave the
library. Remember to lock the door behind you. You walk out into the
sunshine taking deep breaths of air. Allow the sun on your face to act as
a wonderful natural tranquilizer on your system.

I am going to count now from one to ten. On the count of ten I would like
for you to open your eyes, return to your normal awareness, feeling
refreshed, relaxed as if you have just taken a wonderful nap. 1 ... 2 ...
3 ... all of the suggestions I have given you today increase tenfold as
you leave my office today ... 4 ... 5 coming back now ... 6 ... 7...
becoming aware of your arms and legs ... 8 ... on the count of ten open
your eyes wide awake ... 9 ... and ... 10 ... wide awake.

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