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Hypnotic Scripts: I Would If I Could

Hypnotic Scripts

I Would If I Could

Now as you begin to listen to my voice I would like you to close your
eyes, relax, let go and let my voice make all the effort necessary. As you
relax for the next few minutes you let it be a pleasure. Begin now to
enjoy the feeling of being able to choose to relax, to let go, and to be
able to go inside and turn the world off.

As you relax for the next few minutes you are going to learn to enjoy,
gradually, effortlessly, and settle into a feeling called hypnotic sleep.
It is an ability your mind already has inside to relax, to settle into a
neutral state.

When you came in today, you had a dream in mind; something you wanted to
make happen in your life. "I would if I could" has an ending now. The
words that will go through your mind, many times a day, comfortably, is "I
can". You believe it, You begin to feel the pride, the confidence that
makes it all happen.

You begin to feel comfortable with your past, and your past is a very
valuable piece of education. A very important piece of experience that has
use to you. So as you relax and as you let your body go, you refuse to
build your life on any form of guilt. It has no value to you. What you did
in the past was the best you could do at the time. The very best effort
you were able to make. The only reason you know that is because you are
better now. You are better now because you see yesterday through today's
eyes. You have matured and grown. You understand that there is no value in
guilt. Only education and experience has value for you.

Your childhood programming and experiences were controlled by
circumstantial accidents. You are going to keep the pieces you like and
agree with, but any feelings, any doubts or fears that might live inside
you, anything you don't like about your feelings and attitudes, those
things are not yours. They happened to you by accident. You are not going
to take them. You are going to reject them as over and done and gone.

Now you are going to make each day happen, your way. You are going to
mature into that attitude easily. New experiences are going to help you
mature into that kind of person that you want to be. You honestly believe
that you are all you need to be to succeed, that you can have all the
things you need to compliment you success. You feel this now and
increasingly everyday.

For now, relax and experience that attitude. For what you are doing right
now is choosing to turn the world off, to go inside, to relax, to feel a
sense of control better that you have ever had. That is a reality. Keep
it. Use it.

You are going to begin to believe that positive, successful experiences
from the past contain valuable emotional strength and depth that you have
earned. Those feelings, those emotions belong to you. Just like any old
familiar song, or personal photograph, positive emotions will bring back
buried emotion. Bring back feelings you think you have forgotten about.
Spontaneously, they will come back by accident throughout your day.
Realize that positive memory pictures can flash into your mind and carry
with them the same pride, the same happiness you felt with the original
experience of months or years ago.

Those feelings belong to you. Begin to enjoy feeling the best pieces of
memory as they begin to come to you. For now relax, let your body go. Feel
your body relaxing easily. A melting sensation floods your body. Relax
deeper and deeper as you listen to me and let the world fade away. As you
listen to me, some of those positive images will flow through your mind.
You are going to use the best within you. If you ever felt pride,
confidence, courage, success and a need to be something special you can
still own those feelings and attitudes. Let them come forward as an honest
active part of your life, on purpose. You must use your best, use your
best feelings or you are going to lose them. They are too valuable. Don't
let them go.

I want you to begin to practice seeing things as they really are. You are
maturing and you will find great pride in that emotion. You begin to
realize the final choice, as to how you are going to feel in any
situation, is always yours, no one can make it for you. No one does
anything to you, it is your choice as to whether you are going to allow
them to control your life in any way, shape or form. It is your choice,
not theirs. You are unique as a person. You are one of a kind. You will
find that people may do what you do but no one can do anything, no one can
ever do it the way you do things. You are and have been very special at
birth and there is no reason in the world to doubt your individual value
at any point in your life. Enjoy that feeling. It is real.

Failure does not exist. There is no such thing. Only your degree of
success ever needs to be measured by you. Even your most pitiful degree of
success is a seed for the future. It will grow with any kind of attention
at all that you give it. Fear is always a fantasy. There again so is

You alone are going to choose which one of these the world will see as
being real. Relax now. Remember "I would if I could". "I would" is a dream
and a very good dream. "If I could" is the search for a plan or a way to
make it happen for yourself. "I can" is the harmony of all the feelings
and thoughts that make your life happen, on purpose, successfully.

When you hear my voice, relax, let it feel good, believe it. Don't waste
my time or yours. Make it happen. Make your life happen on purpose. Each
and every suggestion you have heard on this tape will register deep within
your subconscious mind.

On the count of five, your eyes will open sparkling clear, your mind
feeling alert.

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