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Hypnotic Scripts: Hypnotherapist - Being a Professional

Hypnotic Scripts

Hypnotherapist: Being a Professional

Hypnosis brings to you emotional, intellectual, social and financial
eminence among your peers.

You are rapidly moving towards the satisfaction of your deepest needs, and
the realization of your highest goals. And so be it.

Now each of these ideas continue making a permanent, deep, vivid
impression on your subconscious mind. Each day in you daily life, you will
become more and more aware of the full, powerful, positive creative
expression of these ideas.

From this time forward, with each passing day, you become more and more
aware of a personal feeling of well-being and confidence. Confidence that
each day brings you one step closer to each of your goals.

Your clients respond strongly to you. You are an exceptional hypnotist.
Your past experiences and your present studies serve you well.

You are fully alert to your client's responses. With rapid and sharp
perception, you observe changes in their posture, their voice quality,
their breathing, and emotional tone. You listen and carefully observe your
client's verbal responses and body language.

During an induction, you speak fluently and melodiously, creating an
atmosphere of safety and comfort. You trust yourself as you confidently
allow your own unique style to surface and flourish. Because you are
relaxed and poised, you speak clearly and easily.

Life is good and the present moment commands your focused attention. You
are relaxed and interested as you begin the therapeutic interview. You ask
about previous experiences with hypnosis. You search out your clients
attitudes, beliefs and questions about hypnosis.

You readily enter into the world of your client. You listen openly and
with focused attention to what your client has to present. Because you are
competent, skilled and knowledgeable, you speak easily and with authority.

Your clients are eager to be hypnotized by you. They appreciate your
poise, your skill and your caring. Your clients expectations make you feel

You plan and arrange your daily schedule with care. You allow yourself
time for personal recreation and relaxation. It is easy for you to keep to
your schedule because you plan it so well.

Each time you hypnotize a client you feel an exhilarating surge of
confidence and enthusiasm. You easily remember your many successful and
rewarding experiences in helping other clients. You are highly skilled at
understanding and guiding others, and you easily accept the praise and
approval that others give to you.

From deep within your own center, your confident voice calmly resonates.
Your eyes radiate strength, courage, and compassion. Your appearance, your
voice, and your methods of communication all express confidence in
yourself, in your skills and in your ability to help others. Your manner
is relaxed and assured. You easily express the right word, the right
phrase, the right gesture, and the appropriate feeling when communicating
with your client.

Your clients are relaxed and trusting of you for they sense your deep
interest in them. You are positive, persuasive and a force for good. Your
highest desire is to bring joy and happiness into the lives of others. You
stimulate wonderful, positive and exciting thoughts and feelings in the
people you counsel. You now realize that you are an exceptionally talented
and highly creative person. You use what you have chosen from all that you
have learned.

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