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Hypnotic Scripts: Drug Addiction Session II

Hypnotic Scripts

Drug Addiction Session II

As you go deeper and deeper relaxed, deeper and deeper with every breath
you take.

I'm now going to talk to you about the convalescent stage in treating the
problem of drug addiction. Now, as you go deeper and deeper and I give you
these suggestions, they take complete and thorough effect upon you. (Just
as your suggestions took effect upon you in the treatment of your drug
addiction problem.) Your drug problem is over, that's been straightened
out completely and furthermore you know it. You're cured and you're
completely cured. You have no desire for drugs in any way, you don't need
them, you don't want them and they're no longer a part of your life. Most
of all, you're proud. Proud because you're on top. You're really on top
now. You don't have anything you have to prove, you've proved it. You
proved yourself an adult, you've proved yourself mature. You've proved
that you can function in society. You've proved that you can earn a
living. You've proved that you can study, that you can think, that you can
read, that you can be a human being in every way, not just any human
being, but one that is effective. But even more than that, you've proved
your ability to conquer the most difficult problem on earth. A drug
problem which is something that if other people, who were not aware of
that problem, were faced with it, they might not be able to surmount this
problem at all. Yet, you have done it. You have proved yourself even more
than most people. Now, it's important, now that you have proved yourself,
now that you have obtained a cure and you are on top, to stay there. The
maintenance of the cure is important, is just as important as getting the
Cure itself. When a person has pneumonia or tuberculosis, even though they
are completely well, even though the bugs are already killed and the
disease one-hundred percent, no doctor would ever advise that patient to
take a job as a sand-hog and expose themselves to silicosis, because
there's too many other things to do, too many other ways to be effective
and to put an individual right back in the environment where the disease
processed, could start again. For this reason it's very important that
even though you're completely cured and you are completely cured
one-hundred percent, you can go anywhere, you can do anything, you can be
anything, but the very best climate for you to be effective in is not that
climate in which you would be constantly exposed to drugs. Not because
there's any danger to you, because you're already cured, but simply
because you don't put a patient who just recovered from an illness back in
the ward with all the sick people. You segregate the sick from the well.
You give the patient time to convalesce even though they are well, time
heals all wounds and makes us strong. Stronger and stronger with every day
that passes. Strong in body, strong in mind and strong in spirit. Better
able to withstand disease. Dis-ease. And that's very important to you,
extremely important because that's exactly what's going to happen. Namely,
you're going to be very happy and contented because you have licked this
problem, completely and thoroughly, one-hundred percent and because of
this, you are going to avoid drugs like the plague, and places where drugs
are, like the plague. It's important that you have a certain amount of
time to develop a complete stability in every area of your life, because
that's what you really want to be and you're going to be, and that's
stable, adequate, and effective. Your cure is permanent in every way and
it's going to stay that way. Your cure is final and you are safe. Stable,
Adequate, Final and Effective. Those four words, the initials spell
"SAFE" and you're going to remember it and never forget it. You're never going
to forget it! You're going to remember it and it's going to become a
permanent part of your mind. You're going to be safe. You're going to
safe, SAFE, SAFE. "S" stand for stable, you're going to be stable, more
stable than you ever have been in your life. "A" stands for adequate.
You're going to be adequate very adequate in every way, all the time.
Nothing can throw you. "F" stands for final, your cure is permanent and
final in every way. And "E", "E" is the most important of all because
you're going to be effective. What good is it to be stable and have a
permanent cure if you just sit there and don't do anything? You re going
to be effective, effective in your work. Effective in your play, effective
in every single area of life and you put them together and they spell
safe, SAFE, and that's what you are, SAFE. Now sleep, sleep, and let that
suggestion take complete and thorough effect upon your mind, body and
spirit, sealing itself in the deepest part of your subconscious mind,
never to be removed. You are safe, SAFE, stable, adequate, final and
effective. Safe, and every single time that you have any difficulty
whatsoever, you feel depressed in the least way or anything comes up that
bothers you, you are going to see that word right in front of your eyes,
SAFE, and that's going to tell you in every way and re-enforce those
suggestions over and over. That word SAFE is going to take the place of
all the problems you had in the past because SAFE is going to solve them.
Drugs never solved anything for you, they're gone, they're finished. It's
a final and permanent cure. (now you're going to convalesce for a few
months, or as long as you need to, and in a climate, and I'm speaking of
social and political climate, where drugs have no part, and after you have
convalesced, you'll be as strong as anyone ever was, mentally, physically,
and spiritually. You can go where you want and do what you want. But until
then, you're now permanently and completely cured and you are in a
convalescent period and you're going to do wonderfully in every way.) Now
sleep deeply and be safe in every way. I'm going to give you a few moments
of silence, during these moments of silence all these suggestions take
complete and thorough effect upon you, mind, body and spirit. This period
of silence begins now.

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