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Hypnotic Scripts: Creating

Hypnotic Scripts


I am in the process of creating a new individual. No matter what my age,
no matter what my talents I can create the exact person I want to become.

If I want to become more successful, I will mentally create a more
successful person. If I want to become more calm, more relaxed, I will
mentally create a relaxed person. I will write down all the
characteristics I want to develop such as self confidence, good self
image, ambition, active body, good health, loving attitude, thinness,
happiness, friendliness, etc. I'll list them all. I will write them down
as continuous reminders that I can become the person I choose to become
because within me are all the traits that make it possible to know and
believe that I will become what I think about.

Once I decide what I want to be I will become that individual. I now
realize that what I think about is what my subconscious accepts, and I
will recognize those traits within my own inner being. My subconscious
accepts everything I put into it. I tell my subconscious exactly what I
want and it will do exactly as I suggest. I realize that I am continuously
developing, growing and becoming and that every thought and every
suggestion given to my subconscious is acted upon.

I recognize I am a creature of habit and the more often I tell my
subconscious of the habits I want to develop, those are the habits I
possess. It has been proven that if you begin telling a child how smart
they are, how intelligent, they will accept that belief and express
intelligence. If I tell that same child how dumb they are they will
express that belief also. They will become what I expect them to become. I
am the same way. I become what I expect to become so it is very important
that I feed myself good positive expectations and desires so that I may
have in my life exactly what I desire.

I will eliminate all self defeating thoughts. I will never tell myself
that there is something I cannot do. I must be valid, but never tell
myself I am not good enough, I am not smart enough, nor talented enough or
that there is some goal I cannot accomplish.

If I believe it is realistic I can accomplish it. I will remember to write
my desires down and then refer to them often so can allow my subconscious
to learn exactly what I want, for if I want it my subconscious will accept
it if I think on it and feel about it long enough, often enough.

I will wear a rubberband around my wrist every day for 30 days until I can
develop a new habit. If I am eating incorrectly or thinking in a negative
way I will give the rubberband a sharp snap to remind myself that I am
driving out the old habit. I am everyday in every way becoming more and
more positive.

I am creating a whole new positive individual. An individual who loves
life, who feels good, who is mentally and emotionally on an up beat. I
refused to be negative, discouraged or depressed. With every snap of that
rubberband I am driving out the old traits and habits. With every snap I
am reminded that I am creating a whole new person who has all the traits I
want them to have.

Few people in life realize that the creation process never stops. I will
not be the same tomorrow as I am today. I will not be the same today as I
was yesterday. Nowhere is it written that I cannot change. I can change
anything about my make-up any time I choose to. I will make it a point to
read the book by James Allen. "As A Man Thinketh".

Man holds the key to every situation for within himself is the creative
power to make himself what he wills. I am as a stalk of corn growing in a
garden and I keep the weeds out. Positive thoughts equal positive results.
The crop I choose to plant is positive thoughts. I how reap the harvest.

I am the exact reproduction, thus far, of all the thoughts I have had all
my life. I can change my whole being anytime I decide to dictate the exact
type of being I wish to create for all time and eternity. Once I have
decided what I want, I find a way of receiving it. I am to becoming the
most outstanding person I have ever met. I mentally see and feel excited
about creating that being and then the physical being will come forth.

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