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TUCoPS :: Wetware Hacking :: Others :: hypscr18.txt

Hypnotic Scripts: Circulation

Hypnotic Scripts


You can very easily control you heart beat and the rate with which you
blood flows through your veins.

Visualize your blood flowing unrestricted to all parts of your body.

Visualize the healing light starting at the top of your head. It is now
moving down through your entire body clearing all veins and arteries of
any restrictions or constrictions.

As the healing light moves down, it is setting up rapid and instantaneous
healing throughout your entire body. Allow the healing light to settle on
any area that needs additional help and leave it there until complete
healing has been accomplished.

See your hands and feet ware and full of color.

Now feeling refreshed and full of energy because your blood is flowing
easily and unrestricted.

With your improved circulation, your body is now returning to its natural
state of perfect health.

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