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Hypnotic Scripts: Childbirth - Disassociation

Hypnotic Scripts

Childbirth: Disassociation

See yourself completely relaxed, breathing easily. You are about to give
birth to your child.

You feel no pain what-so-ever because the pain in childbirth comes from
fear, tension and anxiety. You do not now nor will you ever experience any
fear, tension or anxiety about childbirth, therefore you will not
experience any pain during, before or after the birth of your child.

As the baby enters the birth canal you enter a beautiful state of
consciousness completely disassociated with the pain of childbirth. In the
beautiful "I am" stage you remove your consciousness from the body and
look back on your body as it gives birth, thoroughly enjoying the
experience. If you prefer, you can enter the "I am" stage and go anywhere
and anytime you would like to be.

You leave enough awareness within you body so it responds to the demands
and commands of the doctor during the labor and birthing.

As soon as the baby is born you then re-associate with the body and enjoy
your child not having experienced any pain or discomfort.

You can enjoy every moment of the birth seeing the beauty and perfection
of the birth experience and of your child. You experience total and
complete love untainted by fear or pain. You have only positive thoughts
and emotions concerning you child. If you choose to re-associate with the
body during the birth process, you will feel no pain, just joy.

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