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Hypnotic Scripts: Body Temperature Control

Hypnotic Scripts

Body Temperature Control

Your body is constantly in the process of cooling. The rate at which your
body cools determines how comfortable you are. Most of your body heat
escapes from the top or crown of your head. You may now control the amount
of heat that escapes from your head.

Too Cold

Visualize a cover or pyramid over the top of your head that reflects the
heat back into your body. If you are becoming cold, allow this pyramid to
capture your body heat. Let this preserved heat go back into your body
now. You may relax and remain warm. Many people you know have been able to
control their body heat for a long time. Now you can accomplish this too.
See yourself enjoying the cool weather with comfort.

Too Hot

Visualize the heat escaping from the top of your head very rapidly, now
allowing any excess heat to remain in your body.

If you are getting too hot at any time, allow your body heat to escape in
this manner. Your body's cooling system now operates more effectively. You
now enjoy all weather in comfort.

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