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Hypnotic Scripts: Angina Pectoris

Hypnotic Scripts

Angina Pectoris

Survey you body for any vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Angina is a
stress related illness triggered or aggravated by a deficiency in minerals
and vitamins. Tell me what comes to your mind.

Since angina is stress related, I want you to now release all tension,
stress and anxiety. Feel the relaxation throughout your entire body.

Now concentrate on the area where the angina is most predominate. Relax
every muscle and fiber in that area. Now increase the circulation and
blood flow to that area and feel the pain go. Do not just block out the
pain; correct the reason for the pain. Now release the angina. Allow your
body to heal itself. See a healing light at the top of your head and feel
it flow over your entire body.

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