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Hypnotic Scripts: Alcohol Session II

Hypnotic Scripts

Alcohol Session II

As you go deeper and deeper relaxed all of the sounds fade away in the
distance and you pay attention only to the sound of my voice. As you
listen carefully to the sound of my voice, we are going to remove a number
of suggestions which have been in your mind. We are going to remove them
completely and as you listen carefully to them we're simply going to
dissolve them ... throw them out of your mind completely and forever ...
Nothing disturbs you and nothing bothers you and nothing can distract you
in any way from listening to the sound of my voice ... and from completely
accepting everything I tell you ... for everything I tell you is the
absolute truth to you ... and we're going to remove all suggestions from
your mind that have been detrimental to you in the past. The first
suggestion you had in your mind is that somehow or another that alcohol, a
bottle, has been of some use to you. Drinking alcohol is of no use to you
and you know it. You're through drinking alcohol for any reason. It
doesn't make you relax, it doesn't make you sleep well, it doesn't do
anything for you. As a matter of fact it ruins your efficiency ... and
consequently you're through with it. The fact that alcohol has ever been
beneficial to you in any way is completely removed from your mind. I am
going to count to five and that suggestion is completely removed from your
mind never to return. One, Two, Three, Four, Five. The next suggestion
that you may have accepted is that alcohol is a good means of punishing
yourself. In the first place, you're through punishing yourself and in the
second place you're through using alcohol as a means to do it. The only
reason anyone ever punishes himself is because somewhere deep in his mind
he feels guilty and you're through allowing yourself to feel guilty. And
so with one count we're going to remove the guilt, whatever it is and from
whatever source the punishment, the need for punishment, and that alcohol
could be used as a vehicle to achieve it. One. Two. Three. Four. Five.
Those ideas are all gone. Alcohol to you is a poison and a lousy
inefficient poison at that ... just enough poison to make you sick and
ineffective. But then you're through poisoning yourself and you're through
using alcohol and so that need is also removed from your mind. One. Two.
Three. Four. Five. Now we're going to remove any and all connection that
alcohol has in your mind. The only kind of alcohol that you care about or
know anything about anymore is rubbing alcohol. And the only use it which
you put rubbing alcohol is to rub it on you. That's wonderful for that.
It's a nice back rub. That's all it means to you. As a beverage it's out.
And so you remove all connections in your mind that have to do with
alcohol as a beverage or any beverage containing alcohol, so that you
don't even think of it, you don't ask for it, you don't desire it, you
don't want it, you don't need it, you don't desire it in any form. Even if
offered it, you'd refuse it, because you think of it as disgusting, foul
tasting and vomit producing. And so the negative suggestions are now
removed from your mind and those suggestions which i have given you now
replace them. At the count of five. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. From this
moment on you are free, free from the alcohol, free from it's entangling
octopus like tentacles, free from it's degrading self-punishing nature,
free from from its ruination, free from it's ability to wreck your life.
You're completely free because all the connections in your mind with the
alcohol beverages have been completely removed. The wires have been pulled
out and you are unable to restore them even if you should want to. Just
imagine that a big telephone switchboard exists in your head and that we
pulled out all of the wires connected to the hole marked "alcohol" so that
even if something is plugged into it nothing will happen. You don't want
it. You can't buy it. You don't drink it and if offered you'd refuse it.
It's disgusting to you. Tastes foul. Has a terrible effect and makes you
sick to your stomach to even think about it. One. Two. Three. Four. Five.
Now you are going to be completely successful in every way and surprised
and amazed at the self discipline and confidence that you have in yourself
knowing that you've licked the problem and that it will stay licked. Now
sleep. Sleep deeply. And your mind concentrates on the sound of my voice
and you go deeper and deeper and deeper. Relax.

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