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Hypnotic Scripts: Alcohol

Hypnotic Scripts


You are relaxed now, and because you are so relaxed you begin to feel free
from all tensions, anxiety and fear. You now realize that you are more
confident and sure of yourself because you have taken the enormous first
step toward helping yourself.

You begin to feel this strength from within, motivating you to overcome
any and every obstacle that may stand in the way of your happiness, social
life and home life.

You will find that from this moment on you are developing more self
control. You will now face every situation in a calm, relaxed state of
mind. Your thinking is very clear and sharp at all times.

You begin to feel that your self respect and confidence are expanding more
and more each and every day in every way. You now realize that in the past
drinking was an escape and weakness that you are replacing with
confidence, strength and self control. You are becoming a happy person
now, with a positive attitude toward life. You are succeeding now, and you
have all the abilities for success.

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