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How to Hypnotize

                             HOW TO HYPNOTiZE!

----------------------------------by jON!-----------------------------------

  Take a deep breath through your nose and hold it in for 8 seconds. Now,
  through your mouth, exhale completely and slowly. Continue breathing long,
  deep, breaths through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.  Tense up
  all your muscles very tight, now, counting from ten to one, release them
  slowly, you will find them very relaxed.  Now, look at my eyes, as
  you look at them, with every breath and passing momement, you are feeling
  increasingly more and more peaceful and relaxed.  
  As you look at it i will count from 100 down, as a count, your eyes will
  become more and more relaxed, getting more and more tired with each
  passing moment."
  Count from 100 down to 0 and every so often say "your eyes are very tired, 
  they are very relaxed, every number i say makes them more relaxed and more 
  when you reach 70 say "you may close your eyes at any time"
  when ya reach 0 pause for a bit and then say.
  As you lie (or sit) here with
  your eyes comfortably close you find yourself relaxing more and
  more with each moment and breath.
  The relaxation feels pleasant and blissful so, you happily give way to
  this wonderful feeling. Imaginge your lying in bed at night, resting 
  peacefully, with a soft pillow under your head.  A tingling sensasion begins
  to work its way, within and without your toes, it slowly moves up your
  feet, making them warm, heavy and relaxed. The cloud is soft and supports
  your body with its soft texture, the scene is peaceful and absorbing,
  the peacefulness absorbs you completely... 
  The tingling gently and slowly moves up your legs, relaxing them.
  Making them warm and heavy.  The relaxation feels very good, it feels so
  good to relax and let go. As the tingling continues its journey up into
  your solar plexus, you feel your inner stomach become very relaxed.  Now,
  it moves slowly into your chest, making your breathing relaxed as well.
  The feeling begins to move up your arms to your shoulders, making your arms
  heavy and relaxed as well.  You are aware of the total relaxation you are
  now experiencing, and you give way to it.  It is good and peaceful, the
  tingling now moveves into your face and head, relaxing your jaws, neck, and
  facial muscles, making your cares and worries float away. Away into the
  blue sky as you rest blisfully in your bed....
  You now find yourself in a hallway, the hallway is
  peaceful and nice. As i count from 10 to 1 you will imagine yourself
  walking further and further down the hall. When i reach one you will find
  yourself where you want to be, in another, higher state of concious and
  Now, count down from 10 to 1 slowly
  you feel a strange sensation in your right arm, the
  feeling begins at your fingers and slowly moves up your arm, as it moves
  through your arm your arm becomes lighter and lighter, it will soon be so
  light it will lift up into the air.. 
  Becoming lighter and lighter which each breath and moment...
  Now it is time to have some fun, say the following..

  When i say the command "awake" you will open your eyes and act as if you were 
  wide awake, talking, responding etc. When i give the command "sleep" you will 
  instantly close your eyes and drift off to sleep.
  Now you can give command for when they awake.. Such as

  when i next waken you, you will believe you are flying, when you walk, you
  will think you are flying through the air, you will enjoy this experience
  but you will not actually try to fly, and you will not harm yourself in 
  any way, you will avoid obstacles instead of trying to fly over them
  when i give the command "return" you will return to where you were sitting
  and when i give the command "sleep" you will drift off, back into a totally
  relaxed state of sleep.
  Do not omit any of the commands written above as the subject may harm 
  themsleves if you neglect to follow this warning..

  As i count from 1 to 5 you will
  find yourself becomming more and more awake, more and more lively.  When
  you wake up you will find yourself completely alive, awake, and refreshed.
  Mentally and physically, remembering the pleasant sensation that hypnosis
  brings...  Waking up feeling like a new born baby, reborn with life and
  vigor, feeling excellent. Remembering that next time you enter hypnosis it
  will become an ever increasing deeper and deeper state than before.
  1- You feel energy course throughout your limbs.
  2- You begin to breathe deeply, stirring.
  3- Begining to move more and more your eyes open, bringing you up to
     full concious.
  4- You are up,up, up and awakening more and more.
  5- You are awake and feeling great."

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