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Hooks and chords, a healing meditation


Submitted by Palyne Gaenir 73363,1075 October 1993
For CompuServe New Age Forum Library

CONTENTS:  Background and Discourse on the subject;
Description: Hooks; Chords; Instructions; Personal Notes,
Exceptions, and Related Subjects.

In any relationship there are exchanges of energy to and
from the entities involved.  The "relationship" can be
with anything: humans, non-humans, concepts, ideas,
places, objects, even past life or alternate-reality
relationships between all these things.  (The
relationships between humans are the most likely to have
physical consequences in terms of energy effects on your
physical being, as these are the most "physical" or
"dense" energies... in this particular dimension,
anyway.)  We will say "person" hereafter to mean any
"thing" with which you have a relationship.  

It is a basic groundwork understanding of this meditation
that to some degree, you have a "relationship" with
everything.  (This subject has a direct connection to
shamanic, Jungian, and other archetype meditations.) 
Things with which you have a positive relationship are
generally "integrated" within you; they are part of all
of you; you might say "you are one with them."  

Things with which you have a non-integrated relationship
are usually "taking up a specific space" within you;
existing separately, in other words, like a "thing." 
Energies which have specifically caused you harm on any
level, such as a concept that has been "in your face"
your whole life (i.e., injustice) or a person who has a
lot of "issues" to work out with you (i.e., a parent)
generally leave their "impression."  Because you are not
"integrated" with that energy, instead of processing it,
understanding and absorbing it, and transmuting any of it
which was negative into your light self (as would be done
even on a physical level, with all the input [food,
environment] you receive), you "hold" it (like a grudge,
would be a good example of one of these).

Things which are harming you are referred to as "hooks"
because sensitive persons using this meditation often
perceive them as such: a barbed, stubborn, sometimes
painful "object stuck in" part of you.  But realize that
*you* are "holding" this energy; you have chosen to allow
it to become part of what you hold.  It would be
inappropriate to look at them as "things of which you are
a victim;" the control over what is part of your being is
entirely up to you... even if you didn't *consciously*
know you were sensitive to this constant transaction of
energies between yourself and "the universe."

This meditation is specifically for looking into yourself
and "disengaging" those painful energies.  (Whether this
is psychological or spiritual is probably not relevant;
it is very effective no matter what the case. In clinical
practice, it is an effective visualization as well.)  It
focuses on *"communication channels"* mainly; there are
other meditations that work more on the "things which
take up space within you" but are less "connected to
other things/beings."  In my experience the meditation
has similar aspects to archetypal meditations, although
it is from a different approach, and the work on a
subject is most effective when they are both used in
connection with each other.  I'll add a note about the
differences at the end of this file.

The terms "hook" and "chord" are figurative, and more for
the ability to have a conversation about it than absolute
"Correctness With The Truth."  As are all "terms..."

Chords and hooks don't have to come "from" anything else,
although they usually do in this particular meditation;
most particularly when it comes to people/ animals/ and
other entities with the more overtly autonomous

Certain other, more physical, outlooks are that all which
you "are" or which you "hold in your being" is manifested
on every level, including the astral/etheric and the
physical.  So if you were "holding" a "problem concept"
in your being, it would also be manifested in your
etheric and physical beings as well.


Some channeled entities have spoken on this subject, and
the most common response from those sources I have heard
is that there is a tremendous amount of space in one's
body; in all of one's "bodies" even those which are not
completely "physical."  Such as, between the atoms of
your physical self; in higher resonances, which in terms
of "space" as we know it are "smaller."  Energy, most
especially the separate *non-integrated* energies exist
(it is said) in the space between the atomic structure of
your physical body.  (This whole paragraph is reference;
and I have no idea if it is true!)  The denser energies -
- and to the degree you have a problem with something, it
becomes more dense, because the vibration is lower,
because it is "farther away from the light/God" --
collect, sort of like debris, and can actually "block the
light" or block the connection (kind of like an internal
electromagnetic connection) of your energies.  Some
believe that this is the spiritual component of all
disease, and that too large amount of this debris can
lead to physical problems in the physical vehicle.

So you might say this is partly an exercise in cleaning
up the psychic "gunk" between yourself and other
energies. <G>  (In fact, my friends and I refer to this
as one of the "housecleaning" meds. <G>)

The main aspect of this, which I want emphasize, is that
this is simply the "removal" of *incorrect energies*
which you are holding.  It is the removal or alteration
of connections between yourself and other entities. 
(Using the term "entity" to represent the mandala
consciousness of all things, not just people.)  These
connections are not necessarily unwanted; chords are
simply "energy channels" (the spelling is because there
is more to this; chords are considered positive) between
you and some"thing" or some"one" else.  However, there
are appropriate and inappropriate places for chords,
which will be gone into a bit more later.  

Chords and hooks can actually be anywhere in you: in your
body, in your being.  As an example, you could have a
hook from a "problem concept" in your right upper arm...
a hook from an ex-lover in your heart or kundalini
chakras; a hook from your child in an unspecified, non-
physical part of your "being" that feels like it's near
your stomach -- there are no limitations.  Look and
you'll find them.


These are a type of chord with a "hook" on the part
attached to you.  It inflicts pain, wound, stress,
trauma, guilt, etc. upon you.  They can come from anyone
and anything, and keep in mind that they are generally
*still attached to that from which they came.*  It could
even be somebody who saw you once, and had a lousy
thought or reaction to you, that you didn't even notice
(but you were susceptible to that energy), so there are
lots of sources, many of which you may not be aware of.
(Sexy celebrities I have met had major hooks in their
lower, especially kundalini, chakra areas, for instance. 
Nothing like the whole world pulling on your energy. 
Certain personalities and lifestyles may tend to make you
more prone to receiving energy from others in some areas
rather than others.)

Hooks are dominantly in your chakras, but can be
anywhere.  Conceptually-induced hooks tend to be in
chakras that are related to that concept.  Person-induced
hooks tend to be in chakras related to the issues you had
problems with, or related to your areas of vulnerability
to that individual.  Nearly all persons using this
meditation find hooks from "ex-lovers" in their lower
and/or heart chakras, which is logical.  Remove them
gently.  Consider them like a physical arrow; take great
care not to injure yourself by cutting the chord or
yanking out the hook.  (...This would infer a certain
psychological response on your part which is also
inappropriate for spiritual work and would sort of
"confirm and validate" that hook's existence.)

Resembling umbilical cords, usually connecting a person
to your various chakras.  (They are more specifically
chakra-oriented, because they are "pulling energy," than
"hooks," which are simply lodged in you and so can be
anywhere.)  Although these work in both directions, the
ones we are focusing on at the moment are those pulling
energy from you.  In the case of chords, it is usually
not the intention of the person who has attached it to
you to be negative.  The persons you are closet to will
have plenty of chords attached to you, and you mutually
to them.  It is simply that the only *appropriate* place
for chords is in the heart chakra. (There are exceptions
to this.  Deliberate psychic relationships, as with a
sansei/student, often have mutual chords in the three
upper chakras; metaphysical lovers often choose to create
mutual chords linking each of their chakras.)

Through the heart chakra you can *give* out energy -- as
opposed to having it *pulled* out.  (You can give from
other chakras, but generally only when you "will" that to
happen at a given moment.)  Also, this is the chakra best
used for the purpose; having your survival energy, your
creativity etc. sucked from you, as would happen with
chords attached to the lower chakras, is not healthy;
that is *your* energy, your life force, your survival
energy.  Having love flow from you does you no harm. 
People who love you who are ill, especially relatives or
very close friends, may have serious chords into your
lower chakras, especially the Kundalini, as they try
(albeit subconsciously) to get more life-energy for their
own physical and psychic survival.  

Although it may seem altruistic to allow this "if they
need it," part of existing on this plane of reality is
the maintenance of your being.  Persons pulling energy
from you, no matter what the reason, are not finding and
using their own strength... they are sucking out yours. 
(Sorry to be so graphic. <G>)  For their own evolutionary
process, they need to live on their own energy.  (There
are, as always, certain exceptions, usually temporary
ones, often used in the healing arts.  But this is not a
file about healing, only a certain self-healing meditation.)

Chords attached to other parts of your being, especially
those in the lower chakras, should be gently removed.  If
you wish to continue a relationship with that person,
move the chord to your heart chakra.  If you do not,
simply let it go, knowing that it returns without harm to
the person from whence it came and ceases to be a
channel.  If you don't know where it came from -- if you
just do a general search of the area and see chords, and
you don't get an "impression" of who that chord is
attached to -- you can disconnect it, if you wish. 
However, moving them to your heart chakra will not hurt
you, and as far as I know, there's no limit to the
love/energy one is able to provide through that vortex. 
(This comment also has exceptions... but that would also
be in a healing file.)

INSTRUCTIONS. (Both Hooks and Chords.)

The procedure for dealing with both chords and hooks is
the same, and is one of the simpler meditations.

You don't need to be in any specific state of mind, as
long as you are comfortable and able to access your
intuition.  Your environment is completely irrelevant as
long as you're able to concentrate a little.  Once you
have this meditation down, you can do "upkeep" with a
quick scan of yourself -- while you're holding a
conversation if you  want... it doesn't require great
focus (this is why I say it's one of the easier
meditations); just attention.

**Much of the "instructions" are part of the "Notes."
So read all of this before you do it.  It is
difficult for me to cover every detail and exception
linearly without the document becoming hard to read.**

Visualize a chakra, or any part of yourself.  Tell your
mind you are "looking for chords/hooks (c/h) related to
{choose your topic/being/etc}" which are in that place. 
You will see them, or know they are there, if they are.
(I will comment near the end about "not" seeing

OR you can visualize a chakra or part of yourself and
tell your mind you are "looking for ANY c/h which are
there" (no matter what).  

OR you can go systematically through chakras or let areas
of your body pop into your mind as containing c/h.

1) You often get a very spatial feeling about it: if you
imagine your chakra as a ball of colored energy, you may
feel there is a small chord coming out to the right and
a thick chord coming out the top, etc. You may also feel
a texture; some of the hooks are like rubber or hard
steel; some of the chords feel warm and colorful.  Accept
any and all information of this type; I believe it will
be accurate in a representational way.  

2) You may also find that there are many layers to a
chakra (or any part of you); in fact, I get the best
results with this, though it's a longer med.  Release
or move all the chords that you feel are there in
the chakra, and then tell yourself you are moving to the
next higher/inner dimension (I picture it as the ball,
and although I was able to access "inside it," I suddenly
see that I've "moved inward" to the next reality of it).

You may find there are different chords attached to
different layers; some chords or hooks you will not see
until you are many layers in, and you will have to
uncover many more layers before you get to where it is
rooted to release it.  Some layers may have no hooks, and
others may look like a pincushion.

I'm not sure why this is, but I suspect it has something
to do with different levels of reality or time and your
relationships in each.  I have noticed that when I first
began this meditation, some of the most serious hooks,
(you "know!" they're serious) were very large, and hooked
into a deep, inner layer.  You may even feel a "hole"
when you remove one of these.  This *is* spatial,
dimensionally, so this is logical.  If you feel an
"emptiness or hole," fill it with energy and healing.  If
you have a certain entity you like who's responsible for
that chakra or working as your sansei you can ask them to
help you fill it in with whatever is best.  (See #6.)

3) I've found that if you do a physical connection to the
place you are studying, for instance if you sit so that
you can actually put your hand (palm) on your throat
chakra as you work on it, it aids both your concentration
and the flow of energy.

4) If you go in enough layers -- and there are lots,
maybe 50? -- you eventually get to the "middle." It's
powerful, clear (usually clear/white instead of the color
normally associated with the chakra), and is a powerful
version of the "being with it" or "transcendent" kinds of
meditations.  You often find yourself expanding as part
of the chakra you're "being with," and can even
physically feel the effects in that chakra as you do so.

5) For hooks, I conceptualize the link as like a
measuring tape, the bobbin-wound kind in the container
that you pull out and lock in place.  When I disconnect
it, it automatically pulls back into itself quickly (my
mind almost hears "whooooosh-snap! bounce-bounce-bounce"
<G>).  If the entity has negative energy invested in this
hook (which they do, or it would not still be in me),
they will receive this back.  It's not an uncommon
experience to work on hooks and find some major ones from
persons you haven't seen in years but used to be very
close to; releasing them often brings on an almost
immediate contact from them... they just "suddenly
thought of you..."  This is not (or should not be)
"wishing it on them."  Simply "not accepting this
intrusion into your being." You are not "pushing it back
at them," it automatically retracts the moment you 
disconnect it.  Seems quite amusing, and is an
effective conceptualization.  Everyone I've meditated
with delights in it, so it must work.

6) Don't be too intangible about this stuff.  I've
encountered a lot of people who wander around in this
vague "I'm protected by my love!" and "well I just *know*
that all the energy becomes positive!" sort of
wonderland, but the fact seems to be (although the
foregoing sounds so nice and all) that you are
responsible for the creation of these things, especially
in the midst of a meditation for that very thing.  If you
want that hole in your chakra filled in, visualize it,
and/or ask for assistance.  Assuming that it will happen
because that's what you "sort of want of course" doesn't
do it; you have to want it pointedly or your aimlessness
and lack of focus will make your desires ineffective.
(Same as in life, I guess.)

7) A person can, if they wish, move or remove chords and
hooks from another person or entity.  It's no different
than removing your own, except that unless you are
remarkably sensitive you may not get much impression of
who a hook or chord belongs to.  (This is one of the many
aspects of healing.)  I'm not particularly psychic in
most areas, so I was surprised that it was so easy for me
to "see and sense" these in other people.  Merely talking
to them about their lives will make it pretty clear
"where in them" to start looking.

8) In the case of intimate partners, one can deliberately
instigate mutual chords between partners, linking
chakras: i.e., your crown connected to their crown, your
heart connected to their heart, etc.  You should not mix
the chakras that the chords are between, as you don't
really want grosser (denser/heavier) energies mixing in
with higher vibrational chakras.

9) With hooks, I visualize that when I touch them the
barb inside immediately melts and becomes straight, so
that when I pull it out, it slides out smoothly and
doesn't injure me.  Despite this, there are occasionally
some serious ones (like with parents, children, or ex-
lovers, ex-bosses, ex-friends) that you may feel really
injure you as you pull them out.  Visualize the complete
healing of the injured area *before* you move on.  There
are also likely to be hooks from any and all conceptual
things you are not clear with, issues you need to deal
with.  However, any issues which you feel you may be "in
denial" about are probably better reached through one of
the shamanic, astrologic or other archetypal meds.

10) It's more effective to be less ambitious about
getting yourself *all* clean and more detail oriented
about getting *one place* clean.  Many people's chakras,
especially if they are "sensitives," are literally pin-
cushions of hooks, on each of dozens of layers down. 
This can become a very serious meditation.  It works
better to just do one chakra at a time (I usually ask for
ALL hooks in one area unless there's some issue I'm
having trouble on and want to work out) and go firmly and
thoroughly through every hook, every layer until I get to
the middle.  

When I finish a layer I think a "cleansing/balancing"
energy at it before I go to the next one.  This includes
the idea of "filling in any holes left by the things I've
removed."  As you can see, if one has lots of hooks,
this can make the process, if done right, a somewhat
lengthy one.  When you get to the center, if you do, work
seriously on expanding with it, and demand assistance
from whatever deity you choose and really take advantage
of the moment, because it's rare that you get to that
level by will alone without the prior process.  I suspect
the mere presence of hooks etc. in the layers of your
chakra makes your accessing the inner core of it that
much more difficult, so this new clarity is a special
event worth taking the time for.

11) You may find that as you touch and release hooks or
even chords, you will flash (either visually or just
knowingly) upon a person or event or a memory; obviously,
it means they are attached to or responsible for that
hook.  You may be surprised who or what has hooks in you
or beautiful chords between you. Then again, you may not!

12) Hooks are not all the same.  On some occasions,
people I've meditated with found "hooks" in chakras that
were not even really hooks, although they may have been
barbed, I don't know; they were said to be large, fleshy,
just lying there inert.  They said it felt kind of wet...
(Yiiich!  I dislike presenting the dark side of things,
but people have had them, so I thought I'd mention it.) 
If you see something when you are "looking for hooks" --
I don't care if it looks like a frog or something -- get
rid of it!  Don't assume that if it's not what you
"expect," that if it does not fit my description, that it
must "be your imagination."  This is a very personalized
and imaginative experience.  If you *ask* for hooks, you
will see them.  Don't assume the answer is wrong.

13) I suppose it would be arrogant and unrealistic to
assume that we have never put a hook (or even an improperly
placed chord) into somebody else.

I suspect that archetype meditations infringe upon
these hooks and chords, and when you merge with your
archetype you have released hooks as well as just
"merged" in that one reality; that may be part of why the
behavior of a person that you've just done a great arch
med or a thorough "hook & chord" med on changes so
immediately and sometimes so dramatically; they are no
longer in active (if unconscious) pain because of you,
and striking back or trying to defend themselves.  

Seems like it's a good idea to seek out the reverse as well
once in a while; look for chords that leave you and go
into other things/people; you'll know if they're positive
or negative the moment you locate them.

14) It should be mentioned that this is not a static
subject.  You cannot assume that because you removed all
the hooks you saw in your heart chakra on Monday that
there won't be any there on Wednesday.  There are two
reasons for this.  The main one is that every moment,
every action and reaction and relationship you uphold or
disintegrate, every interaction between yourself and even
thoughts, concepts, issues, ideas, can create hooks
and/or chords within you. 

The second (and I don't know if this is true, I just
suspect it of being so) is that we may have limited
vision about the hooks and chords existing within us
depending upon what we're willing to see.  As one
constantly evolves, one may see things they weren't ready
to accept at an earlier time.  

So as you see, this is really a maintenance and
preventive-maintenance kind of meditation: it should be
done monthly if not more.  Once you've done serious work
on all the hooks/chords on all your chakras/etc., you can
usually fall into a "scan" of yourself to point out new

15) As always, a note about "It's just my imagination!" 
Your imagination is what creates some of your dreams;
your ability to take "inner realities" and project them
into something you can "see or sense" is a fabulous tool. 
Whether it is imagination or psychic ability or hypnosis,
the point is, no matter the source, the information is
probably valid on at least one level.  Even if this were
"all in your mind," the psychological practice of this
meditation would be extremely beneficial.  

16) Archetypal meditations appear to work with your full
"concept" (the wholistic, many-dimensional perspective of
something) of the concept/person/thing you choose to
meditate on.  Hook/Chord meds may -- but they are more
oriented toward your active give/ take relationship with
people/ places/ events/ etc.  Both are valid for any
experience, but I find that they have slightly different

If you have an issue you *know* is a major problem
for you, try this med first, and be complete,
looking for hooks related to that specific issue.  *Then*
do the archetype med.  This can greatly reduce the
(um...) "intensity" of your archetype's... less
attractive points. <G>  If you are working with less
tangible conceptual issues, or concepts you do not know
much about (ie astrology or tarot archetype meds when you
don't really understand the field) it usually works
better to do the archetype meds.

17) Some people who have trouble with the acceptance
necessary to "meet" their guides & archetypes do much
better with the hook/chord meds; they begin closer to the
physical reality, and they gradually move inward, as
opposed to archetypes, where one quick cave and you're
supposed to be "there" and ready.  Also, the suspension
of disbelief required appears to be a bit less in this
meditation, possibly because it seems more "physical" and
less "intangible," so that also helps persons who have
problems "seeing anything" in their meditations.

18) Children who are sick nearly always have strong
chords into the solar plexus chakras of their mothers, in
my experience.  This is often so strong as to be seen
clearly by sensitives and healers when the issue hasn't
even been brought up.  If you have a child or someone
close who is ill, make a point of checking for chords to
your lower chakras, and if you find them, move them to
your heart.  Otherwise it's possible that you may find
yourself lacking in energy and immunity; you're giving
your physical/survival energies away.  (Again, this can
be part of healing, but that's a temporary, deliberate,
focused issue.)

19) This isn't a med that one would need to do morning
and night.  Do a few serious, complete ones if you've
never done this before.  When you feel you've "cleaned
yourself out," once a week or even once a month is
probably plenty.

20) Last but not least... because this is a cleansing
meditation, the Violet Ray is particularly suited to it. 
Asking for and visualizing the bright violet fire
permeating your chakras, filling all empty spots and
"transmuting" anything "which is not of God" to light is
perfect as both a cleansing/sealing for each chakraic
layer and as a final touch to the meditation.  Saint
Germaine is responsible for this Ray, but I would guess
that any official entity you choose would be able to
assist you in summoning it.  If this is too intense for
you -- the Violet is rather immediate and extreme -- 
I always find myself typing "violent" by accident and I
figure that's some kind of subconscious slip! <G> and
you're feeling you'd like something warmer, quieter,
softer for healing, try the Gold Ray.  Jesus is a good
one to ask for this, but there are other well known
entities which also specialize in this Ray.

It is not required that you call on anybody to do this.
I used this meditation as part of my very medical model
(Atheist) hypnotic sessions; the clients did very well
with it regardless of the fact that they weren't aware
they were "meditating" or that I was "healing" them at
the same time.  I recommend the spiritual aspects only
for those who have an interest in such things.

Palyne (PJ) Gaenir

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