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Ross Jeffries Get Laid/Persuasion Newsletter #10 (Apr/May 1996) How To Totally Mind-F**k almost ANY Woman

                                Ross Jeffries' Get Laid
                                Persuasion NEWSLETTER!!!!
                                6245 Bristol Parkway, Suite 275
April/May                       Culver, City CA 90230
  1996                          (310) 822-5771 

        How To Totally Mind-Fuck Almost ANY Woman Into Screwing Your
        Brains Out...And Make It Seem Like You're Just Having A Normal,
        Innocent, Conversation!

Dear Friend and Wild-Eyed Fan!

        First, please accept my apologies for the lateness of this
letter. We're going to make up for it by giving you some KILLER stuff in
this issue, but just to let you know:

1. We moved. This took up massive amounts of my time, energy and focus,
   finding a place, taking care of some legal crap,etc.

2. For you folks reading this on the net, our Web master, Lew De Payne
   ALSO moved,  way up north, and had to piss his time away on
   unimportant stuff like finding a place to live, getting furniture.

  But enough chit chat. Let's get on to more important stuff like...

Conversational Structures That Make Getting Laid
As Easy As Getting Wet In A Thunderstorm!

        Listen: recently I was giving yet ANOTHER interview to a
"writer" who is doing a story on yours truly (In fact, I think actually
convinced this initially skeptical, almost nasty guy to write a POSITIVE
story... how's that for persuasion! I'll tell you how I did it in the
P.P.P.S. to this issue!).

        Anyway, this would-be Ernest Hemingway wanted me to sum up Speed
Seduction in a nutshell.  I said, "It's basically about two things.
First, knowing how to talk to women in suggestive ways that lead and
excite their imaginations, and, just as important, knowing how to do
that in a conversational framwework that makes it all seem like a
normal, natural conversation."  It's the second part that I'd like to
discuss with you in this newsletter.

    The 3-Deep Principle; Your Key To Massive Get Laid Success

        As you know by now, one of the main techniques of Speed
Seduction is to describe the state or states we want a woman in.

        Let's stop for a sec for a pop quiz, to see if you understand
this important point. Circle the right answer

Describing states to a woman is important because:

A. It distracts her attention from the fact that we are
   whacking off under the table.

B. It shows her how clever and smart we is.

C. It gives her an intellectual understanding of the subject matter.

D. There's no difference between a powerful set of directions and a
   skillful description; describing puts HER in the state or states.

	Ok. We all answered "D", right?

        Now that we are SURE you've mastered that principle, let me give
you another one; when it comes to suggestions, commands, presuppositions
or whatever else you are using, it's extremely powerful and effective to
"stack" them at least THREE levels deep.

        See, what happens is, for reasons I'm not even sure of, once the
mind accepts three examples, descriptions, suggestions, etc, all headed
in the same direction, it just can't resist. It accepts these as being
it's own, and therefore it tends to.....

				....Overpoweringly Act On Them!

        Is that fair? Is it right to overwhelmingly mind-fuck a woman
in that way?  Isn't it enough to gently nudge a woman's mind in the
right direction...the most gentle, caring little push so that she
naturally finds her way to us with a bare bones miminmum of suggestion
on our part?

        Suuuuuure it is...and, hold on a sec while I take this call from
the Easter Bunny!

        Listen; I'm all for gentleness, but ya gotta use these tools can be gentle later...when she's gobbling your
tube steak!

        So, now that I've got that set up, let me show you some of these
conversational structures.

   Variation #1: Quote An Article, Seminar, T.V. Show, etc.

        Let's say you wanted to start out with a connection pattern,
and move from there. One way to start would be by quoting something you
read, saw or heard in the media.

        This is, after all, a normal way for people to converse...
quoting something they've seen.  So, in this case, you'd start out by
saying something like;

  "You know...I was reading the most interesting article about how men
  and women fall in love differently.  And it was saying that men usually
  feel an attraction first, but that women, by contrast, usually feel a
  connection and then become more attracted.  I mean, you know that kind
  of special connection you sometimes feel...that mysterious compelling
  click that takes place right THERE..."

        You then go on to do the connection pattern for a while, and
say, "So... this article was saying, that when it's really special...
that's when you can just STOP..and IMAGINE a time in future...say years
from now... blah blah blah".

        Ok... that's stacked it one level. And it seems like a normal
conversation. You then listen for her feedback, if she gives you any,
and then proceed to go to...

   Step Two: Quote What A "Friend" Had To Say To You About It!

        Ok. Now, you can quite agreeably move on to tell her what your
friend had to say about it. You can either hit on the same theme, or
add in something else your friend said,

You: You know, I was telling my friend about this, and she was saying,
  when she really starts to FEEL THAT CONNECTION.....and GROW even more
  attracted..she begins to pay attention in a special way. First, becomes
  aware...of the rhythm of her breathing...the beating of her heart...and
  that sense of growing fascination...such that as she continues to be
  aware oll particuliar feature of the guys face begins to
  rivet her as she just continue to keep's like
  the rest of the enviroment disappears...and the entire world becomes
  this face...this voice that just start to wrap itself around her like
  a pair of powerful but gentle arms...pulling her in...deeper....just
  allowing that warmth..etc..etc

        (Of course, if you're sharp, you'll recognize this as an
adaptation of my "stacking realities" pattern from my original classic
book, "How To Get The Women You Desire Into Bed". If you've got the
book, go back and re-read Chapter 18.. if not.. call Yates and BUY a
copy NOW! 703-791-6421!)

        Well... so now you've got her really sizzling, right? What
could we do to stack one more level? Well, Buckwheat.. how's about...

    Step 3: Giving Her YOUR Opinion On the Subject!!

        Now, what could be more natural after all this then throwing in
YOUR opinion on the subject? And..of could take it anywhere

You: Now...what really fascinates me about all this is not just how
  people connect so powerfully with someone...but how people connect
  with their own needs and wants and about the
  difference between compulsions and anticipation....

        Here of course, you launch into my famous "Blow Job Pattern"
which I won't go into in full here,  since it is contained in it's
entirety, word for friggin' brilliant word,  in my Advanced Speed
Seduction Home Study Course.... (703) 791-6421... NOW!

        As an interesting side note to this "three level stacking"...
my top student, Mark Cunningham, as pointed out that this pattern
really helps to "normalize" the responses she has.

        In other words... by quoting something you've seen or heard
or read in the're keeping it several steps removed from
her.  It's not like SHE is the one having the response.

        You then move closer to her with each step... by describing
a female friend's opinion or response, that moves it a step closer
to being her... it's saying another woman has these responses.

        To move it even closer, when you give you're opinion, throw in
an "I-You" shift, by saying something like, "I find when I HAVE THOSE
RESPONSES... it's like you just LET YOURSELF GO COMPLETELY... and GO
WILD WITH IT... NOW... That's how I see it so clearly.."

        Now... are there OTHER ways to use this structure?  Sure...
you could for example, start off by quoting the friend and THEN moving
on to quoting something you saw, read, or heard in the media, and then
finish with your opinion.  That will work just as well.

        I do NOT however, recommend you start out with your opinion
first... as that might make you seem like a self-focused, arrogant,
selfish bastard.  You want to HIDE that fact; not expose it!

The Mail Bag


        How you doin' bud.  I wish I could have stayed longer at your
last seminar.  The stuff I heard in the short time I was there was
killer, so I'm sure I missed some other killer stuff.

        The one pattern I did hear was the one where you start off
quoting a "public" authority ("I saw something interesting on TV..."),
then quoting a friend ("My friend Kim says that when that happens to
her...") then quoting yourself ("And I think that when that happens..").

        Do you realize how brilliant this pattern is?  Even when this
pattern is used without weasle phrases and embedded commands, it still
works great because it takes full advantage of several of Cialdini's
"weapons of automatic influence."

        First, it uses the weapon of authority.  Three people are saying
the same thing so it must be true.  Second, it uses the weapon of social
acceptance. Three people believe this to be true, so I shold believe it

        Finally, it uses the magic of the number three.  Like you told
us that three presuppositions heading in the same direction will cause
a person to presume that it is true, it is also true with three
authorities or three socially acceptable persons.  I've found that any
information, be it evidence in a lawsuit,emotional states for seduction
or persuasion,or even examples of proof, presented three times in three
unique ways has an almost magical effect on people. They tend to accept
it automatically without even thinking about it.

        I have been using a personal version of this pattern for a while
without knowing I was doing it.  Since the seminar, I have modified it
and used in in business situations, in social situations (including
sport wenching), and with my wife and our daughter, (The kid is 17, and
needs some serious re-programming and de-programming. What can I say,
she's a teenager. She knows everything and she's always right).  It is
extremely effective the vast majority of the time.

        Also, if you want some cool info on mind control and behavior
modification, check out an article on the web called "Spiritual
Responsibility" by Steven Hassan and Lama Surya Das.  It discusses
behavior control, thought control, and emotional control, plus gives
you "The Three Steps of Gaining Control of the Mind."  The article is
about religious cults, but we can modify it for wenching.

                                                   Mark C.,
                                                   Santa Ana, Ca

Dear Mark,

 	Eeenie, meanie, Cialdini, Ross has got a giant weenie!

        Hey...if there's one thing I can't stand, it's a pandering
letter, agreeing with me, supply yet more evidence that everything I
have to say is true, and making me look like even more of a genius.
        Seriously, thank you for your very kind and intelligent letter.
While I realize the brilliance of the pattern I did NOT, I confess, see
the Cialdini angle. I think the social acceptance angle is of greater
import on that score; I don't know that people would necessarily accept
a T.V. show or an anonymous friend of someone they just met as any kind
of "authority" on any subject. If they do, then they are malleable
little sheep who deserve the ass-ramming life gives them!
        Speaking of many times have I told you guys to STOP
applying these tools in other areas of your life, besides sex. Mark...
I must insist that you use these skills ONLY for seduction and not to
improve every other area of your make your entire existence a fun-filled
party! So knock it off...ok.

        And... how about a picture of your 17 year old? I've got a
Catholic school girl outfit I can loan her.


(received via internet e-mail)
Date: Thu, 29 Feb 1996 12:04:40
Subject: Ok, here it is.

        I have heard over and over again from women how their ideal date
involves the man cooking them dinner. You have pointed out that the best
places to pick up women are those where they go to eat. Women are truly
slaves to the sensuality of food. If you make a dinner, you are pro-
viding them with sensua l pleasure that they will associate with you.

        Moreover, there is an air of competence and self-assurance that
this automatically gives a man in their eyes. Women LOVE feeling taken
care of and provided for (for obvious evolutionary  reasons), and you
making them dinner brings all of that. Last, but very  much not least,
this turns your date, instead of an encounter in a public place, into
a private rendezvous in a place where you can go right to bed when you
decide to make your move.

        It is very disappointing to have the occasional problem where
during the date the woman is quite ready to go and in the right frame of
mind, but during the drive back, in spite of all thought-binding
strategies, she slips out of the mood, either due to internal
considerations, or due to something that happens (believe me, anything
close to an accident, or getting pulled over, or even passing by
something bad like a bust or an accident can pull a woman out of that
warm glow that she is in when she is ready and willing)

        On a final note, food  gives a GREAT lead in for sexual
metaphor. For all these reasons, whatever  strategy or pattern you were
going to run on her, doing it in the context of a date at her apartment
when you've just finished a dinne that you prepared is going to make it
ten times more likely to succeed.

        As I've already said, this is good for just getting laid, but if
you want to do the serious relationship thing, this will sure start it
off with a bang (so to speak). If you want to just get laid, then keep
lightly in touch with her afterwards anyway. When she describes the
evening to her friends, believe me all the ones who are single (and some
who aren't) are going to wish they got that treatment, and then you can
scam on them as  well.

	Well, Ross, what do you think?


Dear Greg,

        What's that... SCAM on the friends of someone you are already
banging?  How dare you sir... have you no decency?

        Actually... I like your style, in terms of having them in a
place where you can "close the deal" right away. I do think that if you
can create the requisite rapport to get a strange woman to come over to
your place, then you probably could move right on to a sexual arousal
strategy.  If she's at all adventurous, she'll jump you then and there,
no matter where you are.

        I know this is true from my own experience and those students
who have told me time and again that they've banged women on the hoods
of cars, underneath swing sets in parks, parking lots, etc.  If they are
hot and bothered enough, they'll come at you no matter where you are!

        But...congratulations on finding a variation that works for you,
and I am VERY proud to see my students dovetailing what I teach with
sociological and other factors that all move to get the same
results... getting their weenies wet!

(received via internet e-mail)
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 1996 20:51:11 -0500
From: <>
Subject: Is there a happy customer in Boston?

Hey Ross,

I bought your first book "How To Get The Women You Want Into Bed."

I never tried out your practices, which probably explains why I go
through more Vaseline than rubbers. I'm thinking about buying a book or
two more (not sure yet which ones) and making a serious effort towards
trying your methods.

I'd like to communicate with someone who has made it work. Is there a
satisified customer in the Boston area who would be willing to talk to
me either by phone or by e-mail about how it's worked for him?

Thanks, M. (

P.S. Have you stopped putting Get Laid Newsletters on the Web?

Dear M,

        I am printing your letter here in the newsletter and direct
any takers to please contact you via your e-mail address cited above.

        I don't know why you haven't tried out my stuff; it certainly
does NO good to just read it and then not DO, don't you think
so as well?

        And, no. We haven't stopped putting the newsletters on the web.
I've just been too buried in bullshit to be bringing on brilliance.
I'm back in the swing of things now!

Ross's Plug Corner

        Hey..this time I'm gonna plug an absolutely brilliant book that
I'm not even selling and don't even make so much as a penny off of!
        It's an incredible book by my favorite marekting guru, Dan
Kennedy, called "How To Make Millions With Your Ideas". Dan's ideas have
been responsible for me making about 5 times as much money with a third
of the effort and expense.

        He is a master marketer, not just on the small chunk levelslike
how to write brilliant sales copy, but also on the bigger chunk levels,
like which marketing models you should use; single step ads that sell
right away, multiple step models that get your prospect to jump through
hoops to pre-qualify themselves, etc.

        To give you an idea of how good I think Dan is, I currently
subscribe to about 6 marketing newsletters, and his is the ONLY
subscription I'm gonna renew! You can reach Dan's office at
800-223-7180. Tell 'em you read about him in the Get Laid Newsletter
and that Ross Jeffries says "hi"!

					Piece and Peace,

P.S. We are doing another killer Advanced Speed Seduction Seminar in Los
Angeles,  May 17th, 18th and 19th. As a newsletter subscriber, you get
$100 off the admission price, plus, if you call 703-791-6421 by April
15, we'll give you an additional $100 early sign-up discount...a total
of $200 off! This one's gonna be the best we've done in a while because
BOTH of my top students, Mark Cunninghman AND Glen Hughes, have
committed to be there, and teach together with me. Three different
styles... three different masters to learn from! Getcha ass out here
to L.A!

P.P.S.  The newsletter discount is ONLY good for those who receive the
newsletter, hard-copy. Sorry gotta be a SUBSCIRBER.
You web-heads can STILL however, get the early sign-up discount...and we
WILL extend the $100 subscriber discount to you as well if you purchase
something from us of any value(no mimimum just gotta buy
SOMETHING) by April 15th. That's like our PAYING for the first $100 of
stuff you buy from us by then! So whattya waiting for? Call Yates

P.P.P.S. How did I handle that snotty writer? Simple..first... I knew
he was a mismatcher or polarity responder. So I got rapport by saying,
"Look...I know the way you learn is to find counter-examples. And that's
very useful.. a powerful way to guard yourself against error and
untruths.  But what if what you are learning about is SO new... so
revoluntionary... that you've got nothing to compare it to? Then you
just have to shut up.... open your mind... and listen!" Which he
actually proceeded to exactly do!  Ha... that's handling the media!

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