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Ross Jeffries Get Laid/Persuasion Newsletter #08 (Jan/Feb 1995) Putting a Price on Yourself

Ross Jeffries'
6245 Bristol Parkway, Suite 275					Jan/Feb.
Culver, City CA 90230						1995
(310) 670-6547

Putting A Price On Yourself

From: Culver City, CA
	Tuesday, 12:30 P.M.

Dear Friend and Subscriber,

	Many people have accused your Great and Mighty Guru of being a cynic.
"Ross," they will say. "You've got such a hard and cold view of things".

	Well, I tend to think that I'm just being realistic.  And one of the most
true and powerful realities of human nature is: IF SOMETHING COMES AT VERY
things that are difficult to possess are inherently of better quality and
that things that are easy to posses are of little value or quality.

	In other words, absent knowing what something can do for them, people will
make a judgment based on what they have to give up to get it.  They confuse
price with value.

	I certainly hope that you are smart enough to see the difference.
Personally, I judge the worth of something based on what it will do for me.

	Now, how does this tie in with getting laid? In fact, how does this tie in
with having major success in virtually every are of life(which I hope by
now you see this newsletter is really aimed at)??????

	Just this: if you really want to have massive success with women(and
everywhere else) you must learn to.....

Put A Price On Yourself!!!!!


	Listen:  I can't begin to tell you the difference this one, simple
principle has made in every area of my life.  As you know, I'm not some
ivory tower philosopher or theorist.  I apply what I teach and if it
doesn't work for me, and I damn won't teach it.

	And since I've been applying this principle I've not only bagged more
babes, but I've made more money, attracted some really wonderful friends,
and totally shit-canned some of the few remaining flakes and assholes that
had been draining my precious life-force.

	But enough about me. Let's talk about how you, my dear and valued reader,
can apply this "putting a price on yourself" principle in your life,
especially as it applies to doing the nasty, grinding the grown-up, bumping
the uglies and ......

Doing the Screwing!!!

	First, if you have my "Unstoppable Confidence Tapes" you should add in to
your daily affirmations something along the lines of "You put a price on
yourself in all your dealings with women and let women know you expect them
to pay that price!".

	But practically speaking, here are some ways to do it in your behavior in
the field:

1. At the appropriate place and time, SHOW YOUR ANGER!!  Guys who never get
mad, who never show that they will stand up for themselves and make a woman
feel a bit of unpleasantness are, in effect, giving themselves away for
free!! Let the females in your life know that if they break your rules,
cross you, or show any lack of respect that THEY ARE GOING TO PAY A PRICE!

2. Be willing to withdraw your time and attention and be unavailable!
There are actually two rules working here: one is that people value more
what they have to work for, but also the rule is: if it's rare or becoming
MORE scarce it's viewed as being more valuable.

	Now, the funny thing is, even seriously flawed rare stuff is inherently
snapped up by collectors. That's why collectors will pay $4000 for a dollar
bill with no picture of Washington or some other simliar silly flaw,
because they know they may not ever see it's like again!

	If you really care to feel cynical about human nature, consider the
following story that illustrates the becoming more scarce principle:

	A few years back, the political godfathers in Dade County, Florida decided
to pass an ordinance banning the sale and possession of laundry detergents
containing phosphates.  Now the people of Dade County reacted in two ways:

COUNTY!!!!  Neighbors and friends would organize "soap smuggling runs"
where they'd drive to nearby counties to load up on phosphate detergents! Th
is led to hoarding of phosphate detergents with many people building up
supplies equivalent to several years use!

	B.  Consumers in the county, when surveyed, began to see phosphate
products as being better than before.  When surveyed, they viewed these
products as more effective, better whiteners, etc. etc. etc.

	Does this disgust you? (Or does it just make you feel like calling up your
girlfriend and telling her to do your laundry?)

	Well, in any case,  as I've said, it's a reality, so use it in the
following ways:

A. Now and again, cancel dates.

B. Don't always return her phone calls promptly

C. On occasion, and especially in the begin, GET OFF THE PHONE FIRST!!
Don't have unlimited time or willingness to talk!!

	That should get her viewing you as scarce and therefore a lot more
valuable and therefore something...

She's Willing To Pay A Hell Of A Lot More To Get!!

	Now the final, and perhaps the most important rule I can give you is:

Let Women(and people in general) Know What Your Rules Are And What You
Expect Of Them!!!


	Look:  it's an axiom in selling cars that the most luxurious, high-price
cars are the ones where you negotiate the price the least!  If you want a
Rolls, you gotta PAY for a Rolls.  (Can you imagine the response if someone
offered you a new Rolls Royce for $10,000. Wouldn't you expect something
was fishy about the whole deal?)

	You bargain(a little) when you're trying to sell a Volvo or a Ford; you
don't ever bargain when you're selling a Lambhorgini or Ferrari Testarosa.
If they can't pay, let 'em keep their noses pressed against the glass
outside the showroom with the rest of the "wannabes" and

	Just so, if you think of yourself as a Rolls Or Ferrari, then you must
name your price. I'm not talking dollars here, but what you expect in terms
of your rules for being respected, loved, etc. etc.

	Now, I didn't say whine or demand. I just said let them know with the
attitude of: Hey, these are the rules. If you care to obey them, great.
You'll receive GREAT value in return.  If not, please get out of the way
because plenty of people are lined up who WILL pay, and gladly so.

	Finally on this topic, you should take steps to totally eliminate from
your life anyone in any capacity who will not pay your price, after you
have clearly informed them what that price may be, and most especially if
they have explicitly agreed to pay it. As I have long said, confidence
works two ways: both in going for what you do want and moving away from
what you don't.  If you don't eliminate those who won't pay the price, then
you will be undercutting your confidence when you want to move towards what
you want, because your behavior is not 100% congruent with your belief that
you are a person of value who is deserving of the best.

Technology Update Department

	Hey, hey, hey all you techno-weenies. In case you didn't know it, your old
pal and Guru Ross is causing havoc on the world-wide Internet computer
network! We've got our own discussion group going on Usenet, called!  We need your support, and most importantly you should

I Created This Usenet Group For You, The Fans!

	That's right! Here's your chance to exchange stories, questions,
ideas,etc. with fellow Ross Jeffries fans, 24 hours a day, all around the
world. Got a new pick-up line?

  	How about a special situation you need IMMEDIATE advice with?  A
question or challenge with the material? Want the latest Ross Jeffries
current events, including seminar updates, and these newsletters, posted
electronically and available for downloads?

  Then get the hell on the Net and start reading and posting in this
newsgroup! If you aren't on the net, there are plenty of service providers
all over the place.  You can even access the Net through commercial
providers like Compu-Serve, Delphi, and, yecch, even the odious and awful
America On-Line, which kicked me off for being too controversial! This can
be especially useful if you are new to all of this and want some free time,
as most of these servicesgive you a free 10 hour trial!!

	(If you are a real-hardcore Net-o-phile we will shortly be setting up an
FTP and World Wide Web Page! Call for more details or E-mail me at!)

Ross vs. Men's Health Magazine

	Many of you called, wrote or E-mailed me about the horrific hit piece that
appeared in the Jan.95 issue of "Men's Health" magazine.

	The "reporter" Ted Rand, did a total smear job on your Grand and Wonderful
Guru, taking quotes out of context and telling outright lies.

	Fortunately, many of you wrote in to "Men's Health" and let them have a
piece of your mind. Check out the next couple of issues to see if they have
the balls to print your letters.

The Mail Bag


	I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your Secrets Of Speed
Seduction seminar tapes.  Your innovative approach gives me a power and
impact that the "experts" say is impossible! Hot damn!

	I am not in the best of shape physically or mentally, a pretty typical 41
year old guy, so I thought I'd have to go through a period of conditioning.
Man, was I wrong! Here are some examples:

*Dr. Amanda--I went for my eye exam and met this young woman with a great
voice. So I started talking about tonality and how you can feel an
incredible connection with someone you just met.  Later, riding me until
she collapsed, she kept saying "I can't believe I'm doing this!".  Kind of
surprised me too, so I went out to try again and this time I found...

*Carol-a real space case; she believes in crystals,astrology, etc.  But
she's also 26, blonde and an aerobics instructor, so what the hey?  I got
her out for coffee and hit her with the blammo pattern.  What a cosmic
connection! Now she can't keep me out of her mouth and loves to gobble my
male energy!

*Tammy-a 23 year old newlywed with buyers remorse.  Same
thing-instantaneous connection, time distortion, bringing out feelings of
incredible pleasure and satisfaction.  I discovered she was multi-orgasmic
and loves to suck!

*Laura-a big, busty, leggy gal; sort of a Midwest Elle Mc Pherson, she told
me I wasn't her "type" and she had a boyfriend. No problem, I said and just
kept talking-got her laughing, built that incredible connection, anchored
peak experiences, zoomed her around in space and time and this time I left
her in that peak state while I ushered her back to my place.

	Not to brag, Ross, but this shit is going on all the time now! It doesn't
matter how old she is, if she has a boyfriend or husband or if I'm her
"type"....NOTHING MATTERS! You're a fucking genius!

							Mark Cunningham
							Maumee, Ohio


	Maumee? Where the fuck is Maumee? In any case congrats on the great work,
buddy! It's my pleasure to bring power principles to those will go out and
use them! That's what it's all about!

A New Resistance Buster

	Speaking of Speed Seduction, let me share a new resistance breaking
pattern I just came up with. Actually, their are two of them. You should
use this on a woman who's put up some resistance to going out, put you off,
made excuses, etc.


	First step is, get 'em laughing! I'll say something like,"You know, I wish
I were a girl like you, so I could have a guy like me come into my life!".

	Once they laugh, use scope ambiguity, which I briefly discussed in the
last newsletter(I think I did; too much sex effects your memory!).  Scope
ambiguity puts the person's mind on hold because they become confused and
don't know who you are referring to; them or you.

	So, as soon as they finish laughing you say, "Speaking to you as a person
who loves to laugh..."

	Now, their are two possible options for step three.

	Option one:  "Won't it be great AFTER we've gone out and laughed and felt
really comfortable together? Then you can just look back at it all, smile
that smile of satisfaction, and think to yourself: that was one of the best
times, I've ever had!".

	This is, of course, TIME DISTORTION. You are taking her in to her future
where she's ALREADY gone out with you and enjoyed it tremendously, so it
makes it seem like it's unavoidable, inevitable and desirable!

	Sneaky, huh?

	Option two: " I don't know, when we go out, whether it will be a
wonderfully fun adventure or just an incredibly enjoyable good time, but it
sure will feel great to laugh that much, won't it?".

	Here, you are giving her only two possible outcomes; she'll either LOVE
going out with you or LOVE going out with you are directing the process of
her thoughts to link pleasure with your proposal.  Now, normally, she'd
catch this be scope ambiguity puts her mind on hold! Hah! Double sneak,

	And you say old Ross isn't a genius?

Ross's Plug Corner

	Well, whattya think I'd be plugging? Speed Seduction, of course!  And as
you consider the incredible letter from Mark, and begging to imagine what
it would be like for you to have all those incredible women begging to
fulfill your every lustful wish, dream and desire, won't you feel great
AFTER you've ordered you Deluxe or Basic Home Study Course? Then you can
smile, look back on it all and think: "God, I can't wait to score like a
rock star!	

	By the way, a green order form is included with this newsletter. You
should also know we are working on a complete set of transcripts for these
tapes which we will make available for an extra $95. (It's over 300 pages,
damn it!)

	We are also in the process of producing two videos:

1. How To Get Your Girlfriend, Wife Or Date To Blow You!

2. How To Get Strippers And Other Erotic Professionals In Bed!

	You can be sure I'll let you know when either or both are ready!

Seminar Schedules!

	Hey all you East Coasters who have been bitching to Yates about having a
seminar out there! He's finally talked me into doing one in the beginning
of May in the Newark area.  This might well be the ONLY East Coast seminar
I ever do, unless plenty of you horny guys sign up and make it work my
time!  Price is $695 for three days and NO DISCOUNTS to anyone who doesn't
sign up by March 1. Call Yates for details.

	See ya in Cyber-Space!


P.S.  Next issue I'll tell you about a great little gimmick for hitting on
sales girls and waitresses that works so well, they PUT THEMSELVES INTO
TRANCE AND FANTASIZE ABOUT YOU!  God, sometimes I'm so sleazy, I even
embarrass myself!

P.P.S  Why aren't you filling out that green order form right now, Cedric?




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