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Ross Jeffries Get Laid Newsletter (Nov/Dec 1994) Persuasion Power for Pounding Pussy!

Ross Jeffries'
6245 Bristol Parkway, Suite 275					Nov/Dec.
Culver, City CA 90230						1994
(310) 670-6547

Persuasion Power For Pounding Pussy!

From: Culver City, CA
	 Wednesday, 12:30 P.M.

Dear Friend and Subscriber,

	What I'm about to tell you today is so profoundly important that it could
not only dramatically change your life with women but every other area as

	Listen: as I've said before there are basically just 4 types of power in
the world. These are:

1. Money. Let's face it; if you're Bill Gates, with 8 billion bucks in your
checking account, you've got some major clout. I don't just mean with women
either; that kinda cash buys you lots of attention and co-operation.

2. Physical beauty. Uh-huh. No question about it; especially if you are a
beautiful young woman, your power in our society is enormous. A 19 year old
babe with a Penthouse body has the same power as a guy who's worked most of
his adult life to build up his fortune.

3. Violence/force.  Sad to say, the ability/willingness to use force to
achieve your goals is very much in evidence in our world, and more and more
members of society seem to be turning to this.

4. Persuasion.  Ah-hah. Although there are plenty of examples of folks in
the first 3 categories, how many people do you know who have mastered this
art? The cool thing is, if you do master persuasion you can...


	That's right, Cedric. If you know how to persuade, you can talk that
wealthy person out of their money, get that beautiful person to share their
body with you, can command those violent folks to either turn their guns on
each other or go after whoever you want out of the way.

	Now, I'm NOT suggesting you do any of these things. I'm simply pointing
out the possibilities.

	So, having gotten you all hot on the idea, let's go to a very exciting
persuasion skill, that I call...


	(By the way, those of you who are students of my Speed Seduction methods
will recognize some of this. Those of you who attended my 3-day seminar
this October heard me spend an afternoon on this.  Those of you who haven't
yet purchased your Speed Seduction Home Study Course or who previously
weren't planning to attend our next seminar in January might begin to
recognize now just how much you are missing!)

	The first key to understanding Thought Binding is to recognize that people
are basically hypnosis machines. If you tell their minds in what direction
to move will absolutely DO IT EVERYTIME because people are not use to
hearing these kinds of instructions.  People are used to hearing babbling
about content, in other words, reasons, data and facts, and that kind of
stuff they can, do and WILL resist. But binding the direction of their
thoughts?  NEVER!

    Let me give you an example. Suppose their is some very nice young bimbo
you want to impress. You could tell her lots of stuff about you. Ya know,
say something dumb like:

"Well lots of women like me because I'm smart and funny and make good
money, but other's find it's my honesty and looks that they are attracted

  Yeah. Right. Well, problem is, you are tossing those facts, reasons and
info at her, and like as not, she's heard this a zillion times before and
isn't gonna buy it. If you must use an approach like this, why not bind the
direction of her thoughts first?  You'd do it like this:

"Hey, did you ever meet someone, and just instantly know that you had to
get to know this person better?(Point to yourself) Maybe as went inside and
really got all excited about how much fun it'd be to get to know them and
how curious and intrigued you were feeling?

	"As you REMEMBER THOSE FEELINGS AS WE'RE TALKING, I'm just curious, do you
first imagine how much fun they'd be to hang out with, and then get
intrigued, or do you get intrigued first and then imagine how much fun this
person would be?(Pointing to yourself!).

   Now, what are you doing here? You're setting up a mood and state of mind that's going to make her alot more receptive by:

1. Having her recall what it's like to be in the mood you want her
in.(Setting up the thought direction)

2. Giving her a command to STAY IN THAT MOOD WHILE SHE TALKS WITH YOU by
using the phrase "as you remember those feelings as we're talking".(Binding
the thought direction)

  You've now set her up to be MUCH MORE RECEPTIVE to any "facts" about
yourself you want to throw because you've set up and BOUND the direction of
her thinking and emotional processes. From here on out, unless you are very
stupid, she's dead meat.

  And the beauty is THEY NEVER CATCH IT, cause they aren't used to hearing
it or looking for it.  They just know they find you mesmerizing,
hypnotically fascinating and irresistibly attractive.

  Notice also that we end by asking them about the order in which they did
the process. That's to further mask the fact that we are giving commands by
making it seem like the only reason we brought it up in the first place is
we we're genuinely interested in learning about them! Ha! Are we sneaks, or

  Can this work for sales? Can it work for any form of persuasion? YOU BET!

  By the way, the phrase "AS YOU REMEMBER" what we call a
pre-supposition.  A pre-supposition is just anything that HAS to be ASSUMED
to be true in order for the sentence to make sense and be understood.

  Thus,with "AS YOU REMEMBER",the presupposition is that they WILL remember.

  Slick, isn't it?

  Are their plenty of other ways to use presuppositions to get what you
want from the beaver brigade by binding the direction of their thoughts?
But of course, loyal reader, but of course. Would good old Ross disappoint
you? But before I get on to that, let me give you the second basic
principle which is:

2. Every decision people make is based in and dependent on their state of
mind. If you don't like their decision, change their state of mind before
you try to change the decision.	
	Now, kids instinctively know this. If a kid wants a toy, does he ask when
Mom or Dad are in a sour, bitter, rejecting mood? Nope, he watches his
folks like a hawk for the moment they are in a "up" mood and then he
pounces, gets their agreement and then makes 'em get up and execute the
agreement right away!

	We as adults, however, are not quite as bright. We just go for what we
want regardless of the state the other person is in, and if what we do
doesn't work, do we try to change their state or wait till another time
when their state is different? Nope, usually we just do the same thing
again, but we do it....


	So the key here, is to set up the right state using some of the thought
binding techniques we've discussed, but also to recognize, that if you're
getting resistance from a woman in the form of broken dates, calls promised
but not made, etc., you need to back up and ask yourself the following

1. Hmmm. What state of mind is she in right now with regard to me?

2. What's the final state I want her in?

3. How can I have fun transitioning her to the state I want her to be in
when I pounce?

    You can think of this as building a chain of states, with the state
she's currently in as the first link, and the final state you want her in
as the dog collar that's gonna go 'round her neck!


	So let's say she, for whatever reason, is in a state of INDIFFERENCE about
going out with you.  And let's say the final state you want her in is

	Bit of a gap, huh?

	So what you need to do here is come up with a state in between as a nice
transition, like say, curiosity or intrigue, using some of our thought
binding/pre-supposition techniques.

	You could try something like this:

"You know, when we go out, I don't know whether it will be an incredibly
exciting adventure or just a wonderfully fun time, but it sure is going to
feel good to laugh alot, isn't it? When you think about it like that, are
you aware of how much more it makes you really look forward to doing it?"

   Now, that's LOADED with presuppositions. They are:

1. That we are GOING to go out.

2. That it's either going to be incredibly exciting or wonderfully fun.

3. That we are going to laugh alot.

4. That she's thinking about it like that.

5. That it DOES make her look forward to doing it(The only question is how
aware of it she is and how much more it does it........This is a whole
sub-class of "awareness" presuppositions, using words like "aware"
"recognize" "know" "realize" etc.)

 	Now, does this sort thing work? YES! deliver it with a smile and
a laugh and say it like you MEAN it and expect that it's going to work!
See, you need to make your tonality and delivery convey that YOU presuppose
a POSITIVE outcome for your entire communication!!!

  	So, the rule is to ALWAYS presuppose a positive outcome in your
communication and ALWAYS present a communication that forces her to
presuppose accepting AND(and this is a VERY important "and") ENJOYING IT!
If you don't link fun and pleasure she's going to reject the entire
If you DO link pleasure and communication she won't resist cause she WON'T

	As I'd say in my seminars, "Does that make sense?".

	Now, another very simple and powerful way to thought bind is to use a
pattern my good friend and teacher Kenrick Cleveland calls "the more the
more pattern".

	A simple way to use this, in a pickup, is to get a woman laughing. Once
she laughs, call attention to it by saying something like, "'re
laughing. It feels good to laugh. And the more you laugh, the more you'll
discover that you really want to go out with me!".

	Now, it sounds too simple, but it works!  The more..the more basically is
saying that doing one thing causes you or makes you do something else.
Here's some other possible uses:

"The more you try to think of reasons why you can't, the more you realize
just how much you can!"

"The more you laugh the more you recognize how much fun it would be to
spend time together, NOW. Do you want to have coffee, or would lunch work

"The more you try to think of your boyfriend, the more you find yourself
thinking of me."

	Whew! Aren't those great? We'll be covering more on this in future issues
if you want.

Pick-Up Line Of The Month

	Hey all you turds! You aren't contributing at all, so once again, I have
to come up with the best one. Actually, this is to be used when she's with
a group of women and talking to her would be difficult or awkward. Simply
get a card with your name and number on it. On the other side of the card,
write this messages.

"Hi. I'm writing a book on angels, and have to interview one for my final
chapter. Are you available for coffee or would lunch be better?"

( you see the presupposition/false choice we're giving her????)

  Now come up with your own lines, using presupposition, damn it!

The Mail Bag

Dear Ross,

	I attended your seminar last weekend, the first time I was exposed to your
materials and techniques. You'll be glad to know I've worked diligently at
absorbing, understanding and intergrating your methods. Has it paid off so

	You said we were obligated to share our success stories, so I am taking
this break to reflect on the progress of JUST ONE WEEK. I honestly had more
real connections with women during this week than I had in several months
before.  I'm reporting that every technique can be applied and becomes more
and more effortless to utilize. This week, I made "incredible" connections
(and more) with women ranging in ages from 23 to 42, in height from 5'2" to
6' and from looks from average to exotic.
	Some highlights:

The Teacher(married)-Just luck, I suppose, that the husband was out of town
for the weekend. Within 15 minutes of being in her house she literally
threw herself into my lap before she turned and asked me to unzip her
dress.(Real improvement during the week, wouldn't you say?) You can picture
how the rest of the afternoon was spent.

The Art Director-Young, very sexy, outgoing-like a smaller, younger Claudia
Schiffer. It was easy enough to get under her skin(I can tell you the color
of her panties), but I decided I wasn't going to snag her from her
boyfriend due to a mutual friend.

The Medical Student-Secured a date with a single phone call. She "can't
believe" the incredible connection between us either etc. etc. Date secure
two days from now.

The Artist-Ah, now this is what I've been leading up to,the culmination of
the first week. I've just got home from spending the night with this very
tall(6')exotic, highly-intelligent artist/beauty. I went to that party
knowing I would discover or create what I wanted. I laid out my
foundations, sized up the competition, and made my choice. We let the party
together and within 20 minutes of being in her apartment, I was safely
hand-cuffed and tied to the bed.(Yes, it's true.) Hours of please and tease
followed way past dawn. We, naturally, reversed roles later, and well, you
can imagine the rest.  She had a hard time letting me go this morning-kept
grabbing me and throwing me back into bed.

	A week ago, I would not have been able to deal with obstacles or
resistance with such persuasive confidence. A week ago, I would not have
found myself in a bathroom at a party being mercilessly stroked by a
beautiful woman who couldn't keep her hands off me. The success caught me
off-guard as the world is a different place for me now.

							Jason S., Los Angeles, CA

Dear Jason,

	Wow! Preach on, bro! I told all you guys at my seminar that I wasn't
kidding around with this "Speed Seduction" stuff. But what's this bullshit
about letting that art director slide "because of a mutual friend"? Ten
demerits unless you go back and fuck her, dude.

Ross' Plug Corner

	Well, after a testimonial like that, whattya think I'd be plugging? MY

	Look, if after reading a testimonial like that, plus seeing the stuff I've
revealed in this issue, you need any more persuading to ORDER YOUR HOME
STUDY COURSE RIGHT NOW, then you are truly hopeless. So I'm not gonna say
anymore, except that:

1. Come January 1st, I'm upping the price of the Delux and Basic Home Study
Courses 20%. With the results people like Jason are reporting, I feel I'm
getting underpaid. I shit you not: this is your last chance to buy at these

2. There's a green order coupon enclosed with this issue. Order NOW! Don't
be a dumb shit! 1995 is just a few weeks away and with these tools it can
be the best year of your life or more of the same. It's truly up to you.



P.S. My new e-mail address is: E-mail always gets
read and answered immediately. Plus we are working on our own Usenet
discussion group and an FTP site.

P.P.S. We will be doing another 3 day Speed Seduction Seminar at the end of
January. Call Yates for more info and expect a letter inviting you soon!


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