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Ross Jeffries Get Laid/Persuasion Newsletter #15 (Jul/Aug 1998)



Ross Jeffries'
Get Laid/Persuasion NEWSLETTER!!!!

6245 Bristol Parkway, Suite 275
Culver, City CA 90230



A Structured Lesson In Pattern Construction!

Dear Friend and Valued Student,

One of the questions I am so often asked by students, novice and more
advanced, is, "Ross, once I run my first pattern, say "Incredible
Connection", where do I go from there? So often I just get stuck!"

Well, never let it be said that I don't do my best to help my fellow
Sargers. (Sargy, for those of you who don't yet know and who haven't read
the article in Rolling Stone, is my Russian Blue Kitty, recently joined in
my home by his even cuter and much brighter sister, Tabbatha J. Tigress, a
cracker-jack mouser and terror of rodents in general! )

Therefore, in this issue, I'm going to give a  structured lesson in pattern
construction and flow! I'm going to show you two different ways  to think
through what sequence of patterns you'd like to use.

How's that for being a top-of-the-line Guru of Clam-Claiming?

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little-Muff, Can I Have Some Tight Pink Stuff?

You see, sometimes it helps to  think of a good sequence of patterns like a
musical composition.It has it's own rhythm, harmony, counter-point etc. A
good sequence feels a lot more balanced than a bad one.

Do you remember the movie, Amadaeus? Remember the scene where Solari, the
court musician, is playing a piece for Mozart?'s not that it's just doesn't quite "work". And with a simple variation, Mozart
transforms it from something pedestrian and mundane and a bit "clonky" into
something that just fucking flows.

It's that way with a good pattern sequence. No particuliar idea is dwelt on
to the point where it is cumbersome, yet at the same time, enough
variations are offered and introduced to insure that SOMETHING inside of
her experience resonates with your words and allows her to be lead.

So, the THEME of a pattern or pattern sequence is like the overall melodic
or bass line in a piece of music The different patterns are woven across
this theme/themes like the variations in a  Bach fugue or Mozart's music.

(Of course, there is ALWAYS the underlying theme that YOU have something
wonderful to offer her..that YOU are the opportunity and adventure, NOT
her! But that remains in your head and unspoken! I guess the musical
equivalent would be the beat you keep in your head or with your feet as you

Now, let's assume you start with the pattern "Incredible Connection" or a
variation thereof.  The question to ask yourself is, what is the IC pattern
really about? What phenomena/processes is it describing?

I can think of TWO good ones:

How we make connections.....
How our sense of time shifts and changes

Now ask yourself, with either of these as the underlying themes, where
might you go?

In the case of the first theme, how we make connections, simply ask:

With what else or where else can we make connections?

(Hint: If you look at the Blow Job Pattern as being about connections, what
is it that the Blow Job Pattern describes a connection with?)

List the answers here:

Once you've gotten those answers, ask, "What patterns or big pieces of
patterns that I already know about can I plug in here that will take her
mind through the next door way I want her to go through?"

In the case of Theme #2, the question to ask would be, "What are some
examples of where our sense of time shifts and changes?

List the answers here:

Once you've gotten those answers ask, "What patterns of big pieces of
patterns that I already know about can I plug in here?"

Now, that is one way to construct sequences of patterns that work. Here's
another that works equally well. And that has to do with selecting what
doorways into her mind you want to lead her to next.

(As a brief review, there are 4 basic doorways; getting her to feel
emotional connections; getting her to feel incredibly pleasurable physical
sensations in her body, getting her visualizing, and asking her questions
that touch the deepest levels of her identity. All of the patterns fall
into these categories)

Using this method, let's say that after going through the emotional doorway
with the IC pattern you want to get her feeling turned on in her body.

Once you've got the answer to that, you then ask youself, "What pattern can
I use to get her through the body sensations doorway?"

Ok. Now that you've got the pattern you started with (IC) and you've
decided you want to go with say, the Blow Job pattern, the way to do this
is to ask yourself, "What theme or themes do these two patterns have or
APPEAR to have in common?

A good way to do that is, underneath each one, write, with ONE simple
sentence, what the pattern is really all about. Again, as in the first
method, what processes/phenomena is it describing?


Incredible Connection

"It's about how we sometimes can feel an incredible connection with others,
how that feels and what it does to our sense of time"

 Blow Job Pattern

"It's about how we can anticipate and experience certain pleasures in our
body before they even actually arrive, and how thoughts can come from a
deeper place inside the mind; it's about how and from where we connect with
our fantasies and the things in which we want to  indulge"

Then ask: "What do these two patterns, THEMATICALLY have in common?"

Write down the answer.

Then ask, "How can I then bring up that similiarity as a way to bridge
from one to the other in a conversation?" NOW, that I've made you work, I'm going to spoon feed you. Here'show
**I** almost always do it.

1. Run the Incredible Connection pattern.

To transition to the Blow Job pattern  I say,

"You know, the other thing I think is so interesting, besides ***how we
connect*** with each other, is ***how we connect*** with our own
fantasies,daydreams and desires....and when we do that, how we strike a
balancebetween compulsions and anticipation"

What's the common theme? CONNECTIONS.  How do you derive that? Two
different methods:

You ask what the first pattern is really about? It's about X.

You then say, "Where else do we experience X?"

We experience it with A, B, C, D.

What patterns or piece of patterns that I already know can I use to
describe A, B, C or D that will take her through the next doorway?

What is the theme in common with X and A or B or C or D..whichever it is
you chooose.(Hint: choose the one that lets you most easily get to the
doorway you want to get to. If you want to get to visualizing, then don't
choose an experience that has to do with say, emotional connections)

Second method:

Just pick one of the other patterns you want to run next, that would take
her through a different doorway.

Write down the overall theme of that pattern.

Write down the theme of the first pattern.

Ask what they have in common.(Often times they will share actual words
in common; sometimes it happens that the very last sentence of the first
pattern contains words used in the very first sentence of the second

Ask yourself how to introduce the commonality of the patterns in

(Number 5 is actually very easy. Just say, "The thing I find interesting,
besides how we X, is how we X with A or B or C or D..for example, have you

For those of you who think on the small-chunk, specific level, I know this
issue of the newsletter is probably proving difficult. But to those who
love and require conceptual, big-chunk PROCEDURES, rather than detailed
fill in the blanks, I think you'll find I've described my thought process
in great detail, and you'll come over and over and over the
conclusion.....that this has been VERY useful!

The Mail Bag

Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 04:24:31 -0400
From: xxxxx
MIME-Version: 1.0
Subject: about your "patterns"

I visted your website and I was reading through your catalog, and other
pages and I noticed something really odd, you were asking these questions
to make me think of something.  I then clicked on your real audio samples
and heard more, and I just laughed, because I knew by hearing it you were
trying to do something.  I then find out by listening more to the audio
sample that you were trying to explore and find a state, which I think
would work pretty good.

I really have a big question:

Did you purposefully make it so easy to recognize this pattern? I mean,
right away when I read or heard them, I knew that you were trying to do
something... was that intentional? I hope not.  And if it wasn't, how can
men avoid making it real obvious?  Am I different in recognizing this so
easily?Well, I hope you are able to answer! and I will order a seminar when
I can, because, what you said in the radio interview is so true (in my
experience) you don't get to know a woman by dating her, you should
already know ( or be doing) her before that bullshit!

And if you ever post this up on your website, I could give a
pseudo-testimonial.  While I have never bought or consciously used your
techniques, the reason I want to buy them is that it build on what I have
already know and have experienced... and want to perfect: (or is that a
super pattern technique that I missed!!)

1.) You don't treat a beautiful woman like she is beautiful.  Don't talk to
her with your tongue hanging out, you gotta think that she is just "normal"
and not spectacular (honestly, yes they are beautiful, but they are just
annoying usually). The altered states thing you mention.

2.) If you do excite her imagination, chances are she will want to excite
you .

3.) Experiment, and DON"T BE AFRAID TO CUT LOOSE and find someone else.
There are tons of women, don't waste your time on something that won't work. Thats why my roomate will never get laid, he just keeps trying after the same girl who has a boyfriend and he never finds more.

I am not sure how, but I find myself having sex with beautiful woman,and I
have to admit its getting lucky, I wish I knew what I did so I could make
it happen when I want to.

I listened to one of your samples (about imagination.. somehow I associated
good things with me.) and I finally found out how not only I was able to
get one hotty to make the first move, I had to peel her off me in a study
lounge at the college I go to (I didn't wanna get caught having sex and get
a dismissal) and she still practically begged for me to come back to her
room to get laid(I went for that). She ended up (relationship wise) being
too bitchy, so all we did was screw.  She lives quite far away and the
semester is over, and she is still calling me so that we can "see each
other" (but I think she wants to see alot :)

Well, good luck readers and wish me well!

Dear XX,

Wow! There are SO many good points and questions in your letter, I scarcely
know where to even start to answer and comment!

As for your first question, was I trying to make the pattern obvious, the
answer is "yes"! I always sort of "step on things" when I teach, so the
novice student can hear the difference. But trust me, unless someone is
trained(and oftentimes even when they are they don't catch it) they are NOT
going to have any clue what you are doing. NONE! doeesn't surprise me to learn that what you have experienced in
your own life as working mirrors some of what you are finding to be so
amazing in Speed Seduction. SS isn't something invented out of thin air. I
just looked(with the help of students) at the processes that women undergo
anyway when they feel attracted, connected, horny, etc and structured
language to create those processes at will. So some guys are going to
NATURALLY use some of this stuff, albeit without usually knowing what and
usually only some of it. Rare's the guy who knows HOW he "gets lucky" and
can repeat it on a consistent basis with a wide range and variety of women.

Your point about not treating a beautiful woman like she is beautiful is
well taken, but there is another, more subtle and MUCH more impotant point:
don't respond to a woman, internally, like she is a beautiful woman. If you
pay attention to your own state of excitement, desire and lust, you
will...uh hum...ERECT a barrier between you and her. That is why I think my


is such an important product for everyone to calling
703-791-6421 and telling him you want the 10% newsletter discount,
available to only the first 50 people who call....

NOW....seriously, forgetting the plug and remembering ONLY the desire to
get yours today, the Equalizer will show you how to build an inner state
where you lust setting is at "10" and your charm, clarity, fluidity of
thought, speech and action is at "90". There is a time for melt-down,
red-line lust, but usually if your weight is on both feet, that is NOT the

Your second point, about exciting her imagination, is of course, the key
understanding of Speed Seduction. There are some other steps that SOMETIMES
have to happen; sometimes it's necessary to "take the sale away" and let
her know that you are a fleeting opportunity that she better grab right
now. But for the most part, you've got it right on.

Finally, on the third point you brought up, as they say in Top Gun School,
"The opposite of lift is sink".  So, if you're not boldly moving forward
with someone, your morale..your "google" if you will, tends to take a
beating! You're totally right; try a couple of different things and if it
doesn't work, cut loose and offer your gifts elsewhere!

X-Authentication-Warning: domo set sender to using -f
From: Sxxxx
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 11:18:30 -0400
Subject: self sargy
Mime-Version: 1.0
Precedence: bulk

Byron said that when Keats wrote poetry, he was "fucking his imagination."

What are the preventative steps to stop a self-sargy? When I am instilling
the state of being in love or connection in another,not only do I feel it,
but I effectively hypnotize myself to feel a timeless and instantaneous
connection to her. How can I remain in control while doing a powerful

Brother SC

Dear Bro SC,

Wow! I bet Keats ruined his sheets on a regular basis. Personally, I prefer
Ogden Nash

The answer to your question is, you always want to feel a little of what
you are leading the other person into. Without a bit of the feeling, you
are just "reciting" empty words, without resonance or meaning to yourself.
A little bit of the feeling, right in the solar plexus serves as an
excellent guide for your tonality, tempo and inflection.

The issue becomes: " do I have a LITTLE of a feeling? How can I
learn to regulate a feeling or mixture of feelings so it isn't just a
choice of "on" or "off"?

Well..I got this little product, see...called "The Equalizer" and if you
just call Yates........

The Plug Corner

Ok...finally...we've got them edited and ready. The incompetent moron who
took six months and still didn't deliver the goods got his ass fired and we
found a GOOD editor. So now, after all this time, we have...

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								Piece and Peace,


P.S. Cancun is just a few months away, Oct. 18-24! What a line up: me,
Major Mark, Rex Steven Sikes, John Lavalle and Dr. John "Quick-Kill"
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