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Ross Jeffries Get Laid/Persuasion Newsletter #11 (Aug/Sep 1996)

                  Ross Jeffries'
            Get Laid/PersuasionNEWSLETTER!!!!
6245 Bristol Parkway, Suite 275              Aug/Sept.
Culver, City CA 90230                  1996
(310) 822-5771
World Wide Web Site:

            Speed Seduction: Magic or Mechanics??

From: Culver City, California
    Tuesday, 2:45 P.M.

Dear Friend and Valued Reader,

   Believe it or not, your old pal Ross actually has his critics.  People
who don't like me. People who think I shouldn't be teaching you what I'm

   One of the things I hear most often from these morons is something
along the likes of, "C'mon now, Ross. What you're talking about couldn't
possibly work. In fact, it sounds like magic."

   Now, I don't really care what these pin-heads think. But I am concerned
that YOU, dear reader, understand what Speed Seduction is all about. And
it certaintly ISN'T magic.

   Now, don't get me wrong. If you're like some of my students when they
are first starting out and your dick's been drier than a leaf in the
desert for years and then suddenly you're banging four or five incredibly
hot women, it might seem like magic.  And to someone who doesn't know what
you're doing, it will either seem like magic or prostitution!!

   In fact, Speed Seduction is mechanics. That means it requires a certain
sequence, set of circumstances and applications in order for it to work.

   Within that framework, it's massively powerful, but that framework
still has to be there. Just like a super-charged, perfectly tuned, 450
horsepower, V-8 engine won't
run without the oxygen to burn the fuel, Speed Seduction only works when
there are certain necessary conditions.

   Thankfully those conditions have nothing whatsoever to do with your
looks, age, money, social status or other "externals" outside of your

   In this issue, I'm going to review what those conditions are, and how
you can use all this to massively increase the quantity and quality of
your babe hunting.

      Condition #1:You've Got To Be In The Right Frame Of Mind

   As I've said time and again, the patterns I teach are NOT just another
high tech way to beg yourself into some girl's pants.  If you view them
like this, then, even if you deliver them flawlessly from a technical
standpoint, you are still going to get nowhere because your weak-ass,
piss-ant, puss-whimp attitude will.....

...Totally Annihilate The Emotional States You Are Attempting To Create In
Your Subject!

   (Hey..did you notice how I'm mellowing out? I said "subject" instead of
"victim". I must be getting old!)

   How does this self-defeating process take place? Simple.  As I have
said time and again, in any area of life, if you are coming from a place
of hunger, or need, or desperately trying to prove to yourself that you
can win again, then you almost certainly guaranteed to fail. You'll simply
push away the very thing you want and get locked into a self-perpetuating
"defeat-cycle" that gets you nowhere.

   If you want to be hilariously successful with Speed Seduction, then you
must realize that the patterns aren't about begging.  They aren't even
really about tricking or misleading.

   No, sir, the patterns are about being able to create such incredible
states of pleasure and fun and highs for her that no one else can, such
that she really WANTS to give you her sexual goodies. They're about
creating states for her that no one else can.

   Viewed like this, that incredible babe you want to bang isn't someone
you need to fear. She's someone who's about to receive an incredible gift
from you, a gift she might continue to receive IF she's smart enough and
hot enough and sexy enough to give you what it takes to keep YOU coming
back for more.

   You see, it sure makes a damn big difference when you can look at a
honey-pie and honestly think to yourself, "How good can this woman stand
to feel? Let's go have fun and find out!".

   Speaking of fun, another big part of being in the right frame of mind
to make SS work is refusing to take it seriously.  By that, I mean you
take the attitude that you are experimenting, having fun, and if what you
try doesn't work, you've simply polished your skills and learned something

   Let me illustrate this by telling you about one of my favorite
students, David W. David is, to put it charitably, unattractive. He's 6
foot, 270 pounds, dresses like slob on his best days, and on a scale of
one to 10, 10 being a Greek god, he's a 3.

   David also happens to be banging four gorgeous women, all of whom are
either aerobics instructors or tri-atheletes.

   What made this success possible? Well to quote him, "I thought to
myself, hey, since this isn't going to work, I might as well pick the best
looking women in the gym for it to fail on and see what happens".

   Because he didn't need to make it work, and took a relaxed,
experimental attitude, he got out of his own way and is now the envy of
his friends, who still don't believe him when he told them about my

   Condition Two: Sufficient Time To Speak With Your Subject To Run A
Minimum             Of Two(Preferably Three) Patterns On Her

   As I'm fond of saying, a lone pattern, by itself, is like a lone
pirahana; nasty, but hardly deadly.

   To be effective, patterns have to be run in sequences, and I strongly
prefer to stick in a mimimum of three(see my previous newsletter issue for
a discussion of how to do this and why it is so important).

   Can you do patterns strung out over a period of time if you really
don't have much of a chance to talk to a woman?

   Sure...but your effectiveness goes WAY down.

   Look at it like this; in a boxing match you could land one solid punch
per round, for fifteen rounds, but it's much ore effective to slam the guy
with the fifteen punches one after another.

   This is why I recommend, for example, if you're going to use Speed
Seduction on a waitress that you go in at OFF hours, so she has time to

   Condition Three: Enough Flexibility To Get The Initial Entryway Into
Her                     Neurology

   When you start running patterns on a woman, the point is to find that
initial entry into her neurology that lights her up and gets a strong

   Sometimes this requires you to cycle through a few approaches.

   As an example, I was having dinner with a friend who I hadn't seen in
some time, and I was explaining to him how SS works.

   Rather than continue to try to explain, I decided to demonstrate on our
tasty little waitress.

   I started out by telling her that I had an intuition about her, that
she was a very visual person.

   What was her response? Just about zero. She showed NO interest and no
response. Obviously, appealing to her visual imagination was not the
doorway into her mind.

   I then moved to another favorite ploy and allowed her to "overhear" my
staged conversation with my friend, wherein I talked to him about how
women select men for different roles, but no man can give everything a
woman needs.

   (This will often get them talking if they have a boyfriend and aren't
happy with him, which is pretty damn often).

   Again, zero response. Zip. Nada. By this time, my old friend was
looking more and more skeptical.

   Did old Ross give up...just pack it in and quit?

   Not on your life, Cedric. Next time she came by the table I mentioned
the fact that I had just been reading an article about how men and women
connect with each other.
(I was trying to get in here using the emotional doorway).

   No luck with this approach either; perhaps she just didn't know how to
read and was embarrassed by the fact.

   So by this time, I figured it was time to switch strategies. Leaning
back in my chair, I looked at her across the restaurant, turned on my
intuition and asked myself, "What can I notice about her that has to be
true that I can use to make a connection?"

   What I noticed in this poor, overworked food-server's case is that she
looked tired as hell. So next time she came by the table I said, "You
know, you sure look like you could use a vacation. If you could imagine
your ideal vacation spot, what would it be like?"

   Well, mercy's sake, wouldn't you know that at point she dropped
straight into trance and begin to imagine her day on the perfect beach,
soaking up the sun, feeling the warm water and the cool breeze?

   Of course, from there, I went straight into the blow job pattern,
talking about how interesting it was to me how people connect with their
fantasies and desires and day dreams and about how I was just reading an
article about the difference between compulsions and anticipation...

   Did she respond strongly to this? Only with a super-doggie dinner bowl
look that my Dalmatians couldn't have produced during a hunger-strike!(My
Dalmatians would NEVER have gone on a hunger-strike!)

   Now what is the point of this story? Just that I wouldn't have been
able to do this if she had been terribly busy or if I had been in hurry
and if I didn't have the ability/flexibility to keep right on going when
the first three approaches I tried fell flatter than a pre-pubescent
girl's chest.

   Put even more simply: it worked because there was time to talk and I
knew how to keep going.

   So look; if you're having some trouble with your Speed Seduction
skills, chances are it's due to a problem with one of these three vital
conditions. Pull yourself up short, take a breather and re-assess what
you've been doing. If you've been putting yourself in situations that are
stacked against you,(e.g., the girl's always too busy to talk, or your
attitude is just plain fucked) re-arrange things so the odds are more in
your favor. You'll find SS still yields results for you lightyears beyond
anything else out there.

   After all, David W. has only been able to figure out how to make it
work for him in the gym. He still can't pick up a girl on the street to
save his life. But with four firm, young, perfect-bodied athletic women to
console him as they buck and writhe like mad, giving him their sexual all,
I don't feel too sorry for him.

   Go thou and do likewise.

The Mail Bag

From: "AM Randle" <>
Subject: A seducing story
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 1996 16:24:08 +0100 (BST)
MIME-Version: 1.0


        It's been a while since I last e-mailed you as regards to sharing
Speed Seduction ideas.   This idea should prove interesting.

        What follows is a powerful seduction story on similar lines to
your Discovery Channel pattern. The great thing is that in England people
like talking
about the weather (a pretty boring subject matter) but this can be spiced up.

You: Well where I come from we have amazing thunderstorms at this time of
year - not just ordinary ones.Have you experienced the type which REALLY

Her: Oh yes we get them sometimes.

You: Do you find it so moving when you are busy outside and the atmosphere
FEELS ELECTRIC and suddenly everything stops [pause]. Then it starts to
rain that type of rain that is WARM AND COMFORTABLE. Next you hear the
feint rumbling which gets closer [move closer] and you know it's GOING TO
BE BIG [having you hands on your thighs and moving them upwards and
outwards is better than pointing at your gonads!].

You:  Its now when you FEEL LIKE GOING INSIDE [gesture your finger tips
towards her chestwhen you can
experience your senses being stimulated by its mighty power.Have you ever
noticed that the storm's power is TRYING TO COMMUNICATE A MESSAGE TO YOU?

Her: Yeah, it can be scary.

You: Yes, although its power is exciting, inside you feel perfectly
safe.Often these storms do last and keep the momentum going until finally
when it finishes you are left with this calm and a wonderful experience
which you can reflect on for years to come.

   I amaze myself sometimes, Ross. I think there seems to be 2 (or maybe 3
with the pause) subtle ways of getting her attention and 1 sneaky method
of introducing a state with this pattern. What do you think?

Dear Andrew,

   Wow! I think you Brits are too damn clever. How the hell did we slap
your brains out and kick your ass in two wars?

   Actually, this is a damn good pattern that all you Speed Seduction
patterns should pay careful attention to. He's layering in/combining
descriptions of intense body feelings, emotional states and he's also
throwing in some very good sexual metaphor while he's at it.

   As I've said before in my seminars and Home Study Courses(plug, plug,
plug), if you can combine body sensations/emotional feelings/sexual stuff
all at once, it completely overloads and lights up her neurology to the
point where she just can't resist it. She HAS to get turned on as part of
the overall arousal response with all of her neurons firing every which

   Good job, Andrew, and an extra ration of Spam, egg, sausage and Spam for you!

X-Sender: (Unverified)
Mime-Version: 1.0
Date: Tue, 06 Aug 1996 21:56:52 -0500
From: ( XXX)
Subject: I love You!!!!

Dear Ross:

   No, I'm not gay, I love you for teaching me this masterpiece called
speed seduction. I've started to really dig in to your speed seduction
stuff and
its REALLY WORKING BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS even though I have only used the
patterns on the phone.

   It still feels really strange saying this stuff but the women I use it
with listen very intently.  I can feel them going into a trance.

   If I do patterns with a woman on the phone, what patterns are left to
do when I meet her(that are not sexual)? Could the patterns be repeated
out her saying "hey, we've been through this before"?

   I sometimes feel I should be running patterns continuosly throughout
the meeting.  Is it necessary or could I simply do a short connection
when I first meet a woman?  Will this have long lasting effects as I
justbe myself"?

   Right now I feel more comfortable just getting an intense connection
going between me and the girl before I try the sexual stuff out, but I'm
having a
ball using the connection patterns which I think will get me laid in and
of itself.

Dear XXX,

   You ask some excellent questions, dude. Before I answer them,
congratulations on practicing the patterns in a way that feels comfortable
for you. I highly recommend phone practice as a way to initially get
comfortable with this stuff, and I myself continue to make "phone work" an
integral part of my approach to SS. I find women are actually more
susceptible on the phone, as being alone makes them feel more secure and
comfortable as they think I can't tell how they'e responding.

   Now to your interrogatories!  First, if you do patterns well enough on
the phone, you won't have to do much when you meet her; in fact, you may
not even have to meet her at all in the traditional sense! She may get so
hot and bothered she'll want to pop round to your place and ride your
trouser snake til the crack of dawn.

   That sure would beat a poke in the eye, unless you don't know what she
looks like, in which case I advise caution.

   In any case, if you've already got her well opened up and lubed on the
phone, why not elicit her values in a relationship when you meet her in
person? She'll be well into already feeling very connected to you, thanks
to your excellent phone work, and you can then simply repeat her values
back to her and close the deal very rapidly after that.

   Sure, eliciting values IS a pattern, but it doesn't sound like one,
doesn't require tone shifts or pattern type

   language, allows you to sound entirely conversational, and, as an added
bonus, tells you exactly how to behave if you really do want to continue
seeing her in any type of long term "".

   Well, you know what I mean. I just can't say  the "r" word without
kinda choking. But this way you don't even have to use another language
pattern ever again if you don't want to; just behave according to the
rules and values she reveals and you're home free.

   Now, having praised you so far, one word of caution: not ALL girls
respond to "connection" patterns. Some girls, for whatever reasons, are
just NOT open to emotions; they are however quite open to the sexual
stuff. I know this contradicts what I originally taught about ALWAYS doing
the connection stuff first, but some women are just shut down to emotions
at various times in their lives for whatever reasons.

   Cycle through different approaches as I explain in this issue of the
newsletter, see what gets the response, and go from there!

   Good luck!.

Date: Wed, 31 Jul 1996 22:33:57 -0400 (EDT)
From: LadyKiller <>
Subject: some suggestions
MIME-Version: 1.0
Status:  O

        Hi Ross,

   I just listened to your "slut report", which is pretty ingenious. See,
I'm a college boy, and I just wanted to tell you that it is a must for any
college guy.

    Anyways, here are just a few tips I thought of and tried: (1) See, I
go to a college that is infamous for girls who are dogs....there are only
a few sexy hunnies (I knew I should have gone to Cali.) so in order to
avoid the ugly bitches, just look in the yearbook/facebook.

    Okay, now you have her name....then go to your
handy-dandy campus phone book (which should be free at the campus center,
library, or admissions office) and look up her name. Presto! you got your


 P.S. How come there aren't any more "get laid" newsletters on the web? I
found out that a lot of servers DON'T carry the speed seduction newsgroup;
even the .edu servers, which carry nearly "everything!

Dear L.K.

   Geez. Just when I thought I had reached the very pinnacle of sliminess
and sleaze, some young up-start comes along and knocks me off my perch! Is
there no end to how low you guys will sink?

   Actually, I salute your cleverness. As to your other questions/comments:

1. I've been very busy creating new products/material.

2.Leave it to the powers that be on the Internet, who scream out of one
side of their mouths about government censorship, but then proceed to do
everything they can to knock discussion of my ideas right off the Net.

   Well fuck 'em! Cause now technology has come to the rescue for all
those of you who have access to the World Wide Web and Java.  We've
created a live, Speed Seduction Chat Room link on our web site at

   Just jump over to our home page, click on hot links. Then click on the
Speed Seduction Chat Room link. You'll then be in live chat with other SS
fanatics, and I'm on there 2 to 3 nights a week around 11PM Pacific
Standard Time! Talk to me live, no charge!

Ross's Plug Corner

   Hey! We have two seminars coming up; a special, one-day, update seminar
in Palo Alto, California, Saturday, September 27 and our ONE WEEK,
transformational Bahamas seminar, featuring me and my team of hand-picked,
world class trainers! For more info, call Yates at 703-791-6421.

                        Peace and piece,


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