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Get Laid Newsletter Jan/Feb.2002 10 "Master Keys" To Outrageous Pick-up Success!

                         Ross Jeffries'

              Get Laid/Persuasion NEWSLETTER!!!!

        6245 Bristol Parkway, Suite 275 January/Feb

        Culver, City CA 90230 2002

        (310) 822-5771 email: 


         Nine, No, Make That 10 "Master Keys" To Outrageous Pick-up
          Here are 10 Powerful Secrets To Meeting Women Anytime,
          (Warning: Hidden In This Issue Of This Newsletter Is A Key
            Principle For Persuading People To Accept You As An
            Unquestionable Authority In Virtually Any Context Or

        Dear Friend and Valued Reader,

        First, I hope you will forgive me for being so tardy in coming out
        with a new newsletter issue. Let me assure you, while it might
        seem I've been a little lazy…

               …I've Been Putting The Time To Great Use!

        No, your good old "Guru of Getting Some" hasn't just been
        spending time enjoying his own Speed Seduction Success.

        In fact, I've been deeply delving into massively improving the
        Speed Seduction™ technology, and even more so into making
        some very deep breakthroughs into the field of deep level change
        work, most especially how to break people out of deeply stuck life
        conditions and circumstances, including lifting the three most
        prevalent "self curses" of life. (To learn more about this, you'll
        have to purchase my Magick/Psychic Influence course…available
        now from Straightforward).

        But on a topic more related to THIS newsletter, I've also been
        improving the art of what my students call "Walk-Ups"; meeting
        women anytime, anywhere.

        Why is this important? Well, unless you want to practice on
        blow-up dolls, or you are a hillbilly with lots of sisters and female
        cousins, you need to…

                …Get Out There And Meet REAL WOMEN!

        With that in mind, I give you my Nine "Master Keys" to "Gold
        walk-up/pick-up success".

                      The Master "Master Key"

        As in anything, I believe the first steps to success involve
        deciding for yourself the meaning and intent you are going to
        carry into what you are doing.

        First and foremost, I believe "walk-up” or "pick-up" is not
        necessarily the most useful label. I prefer to think of it as "energy
        extension and sharing".

        Now, before you go accusing me of being a tofu gobbling,
        New-Age sissy, let me explain. My view of meeting women is that
        I am going to go out in a great state, and playfully extend my
        energy, awareness and intent to see what responses I can get
        from people and then use whatever responses they give me to
        see if they are people I want to further play with.

        Now, contrast this with how Don Desperate and Harry Horny think
        about meeting women.

        They think of it as…


        Golly, Miss Molly...if that is how you walk into it, then WHO is
        going to have the power?

        I can give you the best seeds in the world, but if the soil is filled
        with toxic waste, what is likely to grow? Either nothing or

        The first key to meeting women, then, is to assign the right
        meaning to the task, which is, YOU ARE PLAYING WITH
        PEOPLE AND ****YOU**** ARE TESTING ****THEM*****.

        First, and foremost, you are looking for responses that give you
        something you can use and information that tells you
        something about her, other than the fact that just looking at her
        gives you a stiffy the size of Mt. Baldy.

        Once you get them, you can further test and gather more info
        and take them further along in the "seduction" process.

        (By the way, for those of you who STILL think that Speed
        Seduction™ is only about the memorized conversational
        "patterns" you are so far wrong it isn't funny. In fact, 80% of
        the time when you do the "canned patterns" what will happen
        is that it opens the deeper levels of her mind and she begins
        revealing to you all the things she needs for you to seduce her!
        You can learn how to do this by getting the DC 2000 Seminar
        Videos, available from Straightforward and Yates, but these
        are NOT for beginners; only for students who have already
        been smart enough to purchase the Basic Home Study Course)

        2. Being matter of fact.

        This is a biggie. When I do my approaches, I am just VERY
        matter of fact about it. No matter how outrageous my words
        MIGHT be (and they aren't always) my tone, posture and energy
        are all "matter of fact". It's as if what I am really saying is, "This
        is the way it is for me...can YOU handle it?"

        Especially if I am delivering anything that smacks of a
        compliment, I deliver it in the same way I'd say, "Excuse me… I
        just wanted to tell you… your shoe's untied!".

        Generally speaking (there are always exceptions), the more out
        there you are in what you say, the more you need to under-play
        the presentation of it.

        3. Verbally pacing the on-going situation/demonstrating

        One of the key principles of persuading someone to do something,
        in any context or situation is this: Before a person will accept
        you as an authority on where they can go, they must first
        accept that you are an authority on where they are! This
        especially applies if you are different from what they normally go

        When you verbally pace the ongoing situation-when you use your
        words to accurately describe the situation between you and
        what she is going through, she shifts to accepting you as an
        authority on where she ought to go.

        Let's use the example of meeting a woman who is in an obvious
        hurry. She's about to dash out the door of the coffee place where
        you met her in line, her keys are in her hand, and she's looking at
        her watch in an obvious rush. And, you haven't had more than 3
        minutes to talk. Here's the pattern to use:

        "Listen, I don't have a lot of time here, and obviously you don't
        either. I've got to get going, and it appears you do to. And, we
        don't know each other. I don't really know you and you don't yet
        know the person I am...but if you're not with someone who is with
        you in the way you truly want them to be…maybe we owe it to
        each other to talk"

        In this example, you are making statements that are
        observably true and that she MUST agree with. It creates a great
        deal of acceptance for the challenge/opportunity you present at
        the end of it.

        One thing you can do to start this process in virtually any
        situation is to say something along the lines of, "Excuse
        don't know me but..." and then add in whatever else you have to
        say. You are verbally pacing her realization and the factual
        situation that indeed, she does NOT know you. It also
        immediately inoculates against her having that objection, because
        you have brought it up!


        Here's a variation on this that adds in a challenge to her: "Excuse.
        me.... you don't know me...but I was hoping you're confident
        enough to accept a sincere compliment...."

        By the way, when I say the word "sincere" I close my eyes as if I
        am feeling the sincere feelings at that moment and put my hand
        on my chest.

        I'll then offer the compliment SO matter of factly it is more like an
        observation, as if I was observing, "Your shoe is untied". (There's
        that matter of fact thing again!)

        4. Continuously monitoring/calibrating her comfort level.

        This is an important skill in any type of persuasion situation,
        and it requires that you get out of your own head and focus
        entirely on the other person, while at the same time, keeping
        your intent and outcome somewhere in mind. As such, it can be a
        tricky thing to master.

        The fact is, when you first approach a woman, she might be less
        comfortable in the beginning, than later on. Or she may not
        agree with or even understand what it is you are trying to tell her!

        Rather than taking that personally, if you can back up and
        measure where she is at, and just view whatever she offers by
        way of response as useful information, you can calmly learn to
        grab it, redirect, even use it as a lever to catapult her into liking
        you, wanting you, and sooner or later banging your brains out.

        The bonus to all of this is that this ALL reassurance and rapport
        process that makes the "physical close" so much easier when it
        comes time to get down to doing the nasty beastie-bump!

        Now, here is a very cool technique that is so easy, that will help
        you apply this master key. When I sense I am overwhelming a
        woman or she is otherwise less than comfortable with what I
        am saying or doing, I will PHYSICALLY lean back, withdrawing
        the energy and attention I am offering. More important, if I am
        standing, I will physically take 2 steps backward to give her the
        chance to process what I am saying.

        This is SOOO important. Time and again, in initial walk ups,
        when I sense discomfort, I take two steps back and immediately
        the woman softens and starts to process in a more positive

        5. Showing genuine curiosity on a deep level, early on.

        For me, when I meet a woman, I want to put the lust aside long
        enough to GET CURIOUS. What moves this person? What are
        her wants? Needs? Desires? What stirs her? What does she find
        most fulfilling?

        Did you ever see the movie, "Raiders of the Lost Ark"?
        Remember how Indiana Jones would almost DROOL over some
        ancient legendary relic? He couldn't wait to explore hidden

        Now, I keep my energy held in, somewhat. I'm not assaulting the
        person or being hyper-kinetic. I am demonstrating that THEY, in
        that moment, are my entire attentive world and I want to find
        out about them. I even this out with a good, playful sense of
        humor. Makes a great combination.

        6. Demonstrate something fascinating early on. Either an
        opportunity to learn about herself (handwriting, Cube (a great
        tool!) a demonstration about how she visualizes etc. You can see
        me doing this on the DC 2000 Seminar Videos.

        7. Testing her for various kinds of responses.

        Please, listen to me. Harken onto this golden advice: the best
        pick-up artist/seducers always test the women they meet to
        see if they meet a certain set of qualities and characteristics. It is
        very important; of course, that you select a woman who is
        physically attractive, but that alone doesn't mean you should
        continue with the pick-up.

        Here are some of the things I test for:

        How well does she follow instructions?

        How well does she follow a train of thought?

        Does she offer her own ideas/feedback?

        How does she respond to being touched?

        Is she open and eager to exploring life?

        Does she offer compliance as part of her being curious and
        wanting to learn?

        8. Leaning in and leaning out.

        This sounds a bit like master key 4, but it is a bit different. Even
        when she is showing she is deeply comfortable I have found that
        setting up SOME kind of rhythm where, from time to time I
        withdraw my energy by physically leaning back and then
        re-extend it by leaning in, vastly deepens rapport and her

        9. Getting agreements early on in my conversations.

        What do I mean by this? Well, I tell women, early on, when
        offering a demonstration of some kind, that sometimes it gets
        really accurate and that scares some people. So, I want to
        make an agreement. I will tell you EVERYTHING I see, but only if
        you promise that instead of being scared, you'll be excited enough
        to want to learn more and get even MORE curious and intrigued!
        Deal? (And then I extend my hand for them to shake...)

        Once they do that, they've inoculated themselves against
        fear/overwhelm. I've given them an identity to live up to, EARLY
        ON, that strongly sets a direction for them to accept something
        new, different, etc. I STILL watch out for signs of overwhelm, but
        it greatly diminishes it.

        I'll also say things like, "Look...I'm a LOT of person. I've got a lot
        in here, and sometimes it can overwhelm people. So let's make
        an agreement as we hang out that if you ever start feeling a
        little overwhelmed, you'll just let me know, and I'll back up a bit."

        Same thing with extending the hand and the handshake. But
        often, I also get from them, "Don't worry! I'm too much for most
        people too! I THINK IT'S GREAT!"

        I'm also watching to see how congruent they are in these
        agreements. If I sense fear, even AFTER this, I know they are
        a bad candidate for further explorations, and I simply cut
        things short/break rapport/leave etc. etc. etc.

        I've learned to do this, because, fact of the matter is, I CAN be
        overwhelming. I'm a very powerful, VERY confident person, and
        while this can be and is attractive, it CAN scare people if they
        aren't properly "prepped".

        10. Screen out sickos!

        I'm lately DETERMINED not to let "sicko/psycho" women past my
        defense grid! Women who early on in a conversation
        inappropriately revealing private things about their lives, women
        revealing grandiose/disturbed thought patterns, women who
        have totally dead emotional affect or who are deeply angry at
        men, women who totally seek abuse/jerkoff men.... I ELIMINATE
        THEM! Within about 5 minutes.

        Ok...those are my 10 Master Keys. Put them into use and enjoy
        your skyrocketing suck-cess!

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                         Piece and Peace,




                       2002 Seminar Schedule:
                         Speed Seduction:

                       Los Angeles, Jan 25-27

                         Chicago, May 3-5

                         Atlanta, July 12-14

                        Montreal, August 9-11

                      Palo Alto, Sept ember 13-15


                       Magick/Psychic Influence

                      Orlando, March 29, 30, 31

                       New York City, June 7-9


        P.S. Watch me on The Learning Channel February 13; "The
        Science of Seduction"

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