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Psychological Profile of the Troubled Female Teen (or, Hacking Girls)

Author - Seth McGann
Date - 5/25/98


In this report I will attempt to quantify the personality traits of the troubled teen with
 the intent of creating a psychological profile (or signature).  The techniques used to 
arrive at these conclusions are the same used by the FBI to profile unknown serial killers 
to facilitate their capture.  All the conclusions are based on real-life interviews, long 
exposure to several people possessing the target personality, as well as some behavioral 
psychology.  This report is divided into a theory and a practice section as well as a small 
section on exploitation.  At the end of this report you should have all the information you 
need to identify the personality type defined in this report and with practice should be 
able to exploit the female for your enjoyment.


The personality we are defining is that of a troubled teen.
Specifically, we seek female teens from 12 to 18 years of age (possibly
older) with severe unipolar depression.  The reason for this will become
evident later.  We also seek a highly extroverted personality with
little or no inhibitions.  A side effect of this will be mild to severe
hyperactivity, which we must also look for.  So, we desire a depressed,
extroverted, hyperactive female.

Luckily, these traits go hand in hand.  Additionally, the behavior
associated with them is easy to identify, even from a distance.  In the
next section, a behavioral profile will be provided that can be used a
template for this personality.


We begin our profile with an examination of the subject.  This can be
broken into several pieces.  As with any profile, not everything will be
the same for every subject.  The more parts that fit, the better the
chance of a match.

Examine the subjects head.  Is her hair dyed?  Does it show evidence of
being dyed multiple times?  The more times the better.  Next look at her
ears.  Multiple self-inflicted piercings with strange studs should be
evident.  Also look for make-up.  We want a purple color scheme, though
this may, or may not be evident.  Also look for scarring, (white or red
lines).  The more scarring the better.

Look closely at the subjects wrists and forearms.  Search for evidence
of scarring in these locations.  Heavy scarring on the wrists is an
indication of attempted suicide (a plus for us).  Also look for names
that have been carved into her skin.  She may chose to hide her names by
carving them in hard to see places, so don't be discouraged just yet.
Another good sign is burn marks.  Be careful though, severe physical or
sexual abuse will produce the wrong type of personality, we want all the
damage to be self-inflicted.


The overall female should be very thin most of the time, although
obesity is a possibility too.  She will have used starvation as a means
to attempt suicide in the past.  We seek a physically attractive female,
so feel free to discard females that are disturbing to look at.

Now that we have screened for a female with the above physical
characteristics we have to take a look at her mind.  Even here,
observation is key.  It will be easier to inventory her mind if you try
to start a conversation.  The proper type will undoubtedly start the
conversation for you, and begin telling her life story, given a little
prodding.  Watch her body language as she talks.  She will
subconsciously emphasize certain points, which we want to know about.
Here is what we are looking for:


The female will try to always be at the center of attention.  Given the
proper setting (a house party, for instance) she will not hesitate to
run around completely naked.  This is a very good sign as it requires a
VERY uninhibited personality (even with large amounts of alcohol).  She
will begin to talk to whoever is near her, and will continually steer
the conversation back to her.  She will complain about her life, how bad
her day was, and given enough time she will drop important details.
This release of information will happen whether the subject is
inebriated or not, the hallmark of this personality.  Areas to question
the subject on are as follows:


The subject should use drugs heavily, if not now, in the past.  She may
have convictions and be on probation for use and sale of marijuana.
Generally, she will not use harder drugs than pot, if anything else it
will usually be "shrooms" or LSD.  She will also use alcohol heavily,
generally in a social setting.  All this drug use will generally take
place with her friends in a closed setting.  Don't expect to see this at
bar or other open gathering.


Here is the most important section.  If you've gotten this far
everything here should fit perfectly.  She will have been treated for
"depression" in the past, most likely with an in-patient stay at a
mental facility.  The reason for her stay will be attempted suicide or
suicidal ideations (thinking about ending it).  The methods she will use
will not be effective (like a shotgun blast to the head) but will be
designed to attract attention. Horizontal wrist slashing will bleed a
lot, but is generally not fatal and can be repaired. Overdosing on over
the counter drugs, and consuming household cleaning products are also
popular.  While these methods can work, the subject will call her friend
and tell the friend that she just tried to commit suicide.  This leads
to the hospital, a suicide watch, and in-patient commitment.  The
subject will also be seeing a therapist.  The reason for this is that
the medication she is taking requires monitoring by a psychiatrist.
Popular brand names are Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, but they all are
anti-depressants.  Specifically they are selective seritonin reuptake
inhibitors, in other words they work by increasing the pool of seritonin
in the brain, thus reducing depression.  She will most likely not be
taking the old school anti-depressants.  These so called MAO inhibitors
have so many side effects that is usually prescribed when nothing else
will work.  She will also need something for that hyperactivity, Ritalin
being the drug of choice.  To summarize: she is currently on
anti-depressants and is seeing a therapist due to depression and
attempted suicide.  If you can come to this conclusion from your
conversation, then you are in good shape.


The subject will have had a relatively sheltered childhood with in a
small town.  This can vary actually, she may in fact live in a city and
may have one or both parents, who can have a varying amount of financial
security.  Obviously, you want to find a female with rich parents.
Something goes horribly wrong.  The female will be rejected by her
mother, who will continually disapprove of everything she does.  This
will lead to continuos feelings of rejection and anxiety.  In an attempt
to get attention she will latch on to anyone who approves of her and
soothes the pain in her mind.  This is where the promiscuous sex comes
in.  She uses sex as a tool to ease her mental pain, but this will not
work.  No matter how much sex she has, how many boyfriends she gets, no
matter how much she drinks, or smokes, the underlying pain always comes
back.  She will do a good job covering it up, but she overcompensates,
leading to exaggerated reactions.  If you spend enough time with the
female you will see that she does not deal well with change.  Her
personality will "break" for awhile, during which you will be treated to
fits of screaming and crying.  During these episodes the female will be
feeling completely alone.  If the episode last long enough she will try
to commit suicide.  To her, physical pain is nothing compared to the
mental torture she has to endure.  This also explains the need to carve
her body, and do her own piercings. The control she exerts on her body,
and the pain she inflicts, gives her an escape.  To find out how closely
the female fits in here requires good conversation skills.  Watch her
body language and try to see what you can pick up.  Chances are, all
this will hit dead on.


She will have many friends and acquaintances.  Her best friend will
usually be fairly normal, so it would be good for you to question her
alone.  Not to much in this area, take mental notes about who she likes
and dislikes, it will be useful in the future if you try to start any
sort of "relationship".


The subject will almost always be bi-sexual.  Depending on how much she
likes you, she will be willing to have a sex with you and two or more
girls.  In fact, your best bet for group sex is with this personality
type.  The other partners will usually be her friends, or someone she
feels comfortable with.  Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, you
should find a way to figure it out without direct questioning or until
you've known the subject for awhile.

After you've done a satisfactory interview you will know whether you
have found the right person or not.  If you are sure you have a proper
personality fix you can move on to the next section.  Otherwise, try
somebody else, in the next section we talk about ways to increase your


To actually exploit this type of personality you must first find some
candidate girls.  Here are some excellent locations:

Boarding Schools for Girls: Basically these are psychiatric facilities
for rich girls.  Try and find a party near the school, chances are some
of the most lucrative finds will show up. If possible, through your own
party (this is kind of extreme though).

Rural High Schools:  Everyone knows people out in a rural setting have
nothing to do.  Use this to your advantage by infiltrating the party
scene.  You will undoubtedly find several targets.

Colleges:  Less likely, due to the fact that someone as mentally
disturbed as we want would most likely not make it to college (though
there are exceptions).  Worth a try any ways. Get into the party scene,
go to bars around the college, frat parties are great, IF you can get

Clubs and Bars:  Everyone who goes to these are underage.  Use this to
your advantage. Profiling is harder in this setting, but if your good
you should have no problem.

What you do once you have found your target?  Well, I'm sure you can
figure it out.
Capitalize on the person for sex, money and drugs.  The more involved
you get with the one girl, chances are you can get her friends too.  One
thing to keep in mind though, you will either get a positive or negative
reaction.  Discard the person if she responds negatively.

If you really want a particular girl, you can try, but with this
personality, there is an immediate reaction.  If the reaction is
positive, your in with about 5 minutes effort. Otherwise, it will take
much, much longer.  Don't bother, find another one.


If you have completed this report you have all the necessary information
to identify this personality.  Now all you need is practice, and lots of
it.  A disregard for ethics is also helpful.  In no time you should be
getting more sex than you know what to do with.

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