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Free pr0n Exploit

Free Pr0n exploit and fun to be had Published on 03/27/03 at 11:18:52
CST by mr_doc   Phreaking Long gone are the days when you could easily
browse steal whatever pics, vids and progs you wanted from any website
(yes, phear my directory browsing skillz) and then set up an MSN
Community pr0n/warez empire with your stolen goods. Modern ethics forbid
paying for pr0n unless you are a pedophile or have an AOL account making
it frustrating for the maladroit perverts looking for a fix. Money's
hard to come by, it's not like any of us just opened our stepdads drawer
and FOUND a lot of money.

If you're simply looking for pictures and videos I highly recommend
KaZaA. That's probably the best way to go. Most of the `free' sites out
there aren't really free; they require a credit card or a check.
Sometimes they try to dial toll numbers using your modem. They change
your homepage for you and plant cookies and spyware in your box. If
you're not using AOL you're probably saying "Dude, I know that shit
already, tell me something new."

Okay, this is the point of the article. I discovered a way to cheat a
website and not only is there the opportunity to get some free pr0n, but
the harassment possibilities are limitless. Even if your name is tr0n
and you couldn't hack your way out of a cardboard box with a machete
you'll be okay. The site is . It's one of those `free'
sites that you can sign up for but you can't really do anything until
you pay. Basically there's a shitload of people on this site and they
all want to phonesex, webcam and meet. YOU!

You will need an email account first off. I found that my hotmail and
yahoo emails work fine, but sometimes Lycos doesn't work so avoid it.
Hotmail is free and good enough for this. You sign up to sexy ads as a
free member. Fill out bullshit info about you like you normally would
anything else. Make sure you give the correct email address so you can
get your password. Set your birthday initially to be a few days away
from today's date (I'll explain that later). Everything else you're free
to choose on your own. I usually set everything as false as I can and
use other people's pics as my own. That way I can strike again and

You'll first notice that you are rather restricted. You can't contact
anybody and you can't really see any pictures. It sucks. First let me
tell you how to contact anybody you want to. I'll explain how it works
later. Find someone you want to email. Notice their handle (nickname).
Now go into your email and type (their nickname) in the `to'
box. Fucking easy right? Okay, now you can get all the phonesex and
emails and fuckbuddies you want. They'll all send you pics too.

The real fun comes when you have your email open in one window and
sexyads in another searching. Have a generic letter prepared going
something like this:

Hi, I'm Jim

I really like your profile! I'm 23, 6'1", blonde hair blue eyes 175 lbs.
I like walk on the beach and moonlit nights. I'm looking for someone to
give me good conversations and maybe have a long term relationship with.
My number is (someone you don't like # here)

Use emoticons too, bitches like that. Anyways. Send something like that,
then use your browsers `back' button to type in another handle and
resend. Repeat this over and over and spam all the weirdos you can.
You'll be able to spam at least a hundred an hour like this. I suggest
if you do this for revenge like you should, search for the BBW's. BBW
stand for `big fucking fat-ass'. Use the search options to narrow your
search down to the old homely haggard fucks who will beg for your

And you can see all the xxx pictures too! Here's how. On `your birthday'
they give you 24 hours free to act like a member so enjoy it. That's how
this works. Members are allowed to email anybody. People who get emailed
are allowed to reply back through the system. Since non-members
sometimes get to send emails (on their birthday) the system doesn't
check when you send email directly from your hotmail because it thinks
your either replying to a member or you have special access. Hope that
made sense. Soon your email inbox will be full of pictures of naked 18
year olds and your enemies will be getting calls from 43 year old
Taiwanese men in heat every 3 minutes. It's a good life.

Disclaimer- of course I would never do anything like this. Everything
mentioned in this article is completely fictional and so is Cal's forum.
Phear my article writing skillz

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