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David's Field Report

Subject: David's Field Report
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 08:57:49 GMT

A great read!

I went through Mystery's workshop in LA and want to tell you guys how
everything went and what I thought about it. Before I start the report I'll
list a summary of my feelings and impressions of the workshop.
1. PUAs are attracting girls with regularity and amazing efficiency. I'm
positive that I can become a PUA if I'm determined and motivated. My major
sticking point at this time is making the initial approach. Mystery
suggested that I concentrate all my efforts on approaching women and
starting a conversation. My goal is not to pick up the women, but to get
comfortable at walking up to them and talking to them. This is hard for me,
but I plan to follow through with his advice.

2. In order to win over babes you have to put on a show for them. If you
wanna pick up girls in clubs or bars then you'll have to learn to approach
groups, because you'll almost never see a HB in a club by herself. You'll
have to practice the "Art" of picking up women. Mystery has his act
polished, even though he talks about new things that he's trying.

3. Reading how to seduce women online is not enough. You have to go out and
do it in the field. Then you can see the holes in your routine and you can
come back to the internet and find stuff to patch the holes. A very
important thing that I learned was that being a PUA is an ongoing project.
If something stomps you, then instead of being discouraged the thing to do
is to figure out a routine or method to counteract that situation in the

4. Overall the workshop was very valuable for me. I would encourage people
of all abilities to take the workshop. I gained a good idea of how a PU is
supposed to progress. I learned some very useful openers and gained an
attitude of confidence. As a RAFC, it was invaluable for me to hang out a
few days with some real PUAs and see the possibilities.

5. Mystery is a very good story teller, but his teaching style is a little
difficult to get used to. He teaches mainly by example and by telling
stories. You have to be ready to learn a lot of the MM by watching him. He
also tells lots of stories. It took me a while to figure out that I should
use his stories as a learning tool and not just for entertainment.

6. Mystery is a master PUA. He was better than I expected. He showed no fear
of approaching groups. He also had the ability to become the focal point of
everyone in both public and private settings. He used this social proof as a
big part of his game. He closed every set he entered, except for the one set
where the women knew that he was conducting aworkshop. He's a "BAD" man.

Mystery's Workshop Report

DAY 1:

I met Mystery and his wing Chris Powles on Thursday in a classy Hollywood
hotel lounge where everyone was extremely well dressed and good looking.
Three of us were signed up for the workshop. I'm in my early 30s. One guy
was a little older than me and the other guy was a lot younger than me. Just
as we walked into the lounge, Mystery walked over to a table of 5 women and
started a conversation. I was impressed, and was thinking to myself that
this was gonna be an awesome workshop. We talked for a while, and found out
that the first day was supposed to be a demonstration by Mystery showing us
that the mystery method does actually work. We talked about a couple of
openers, but I didn't really know the full wording of the openers. The
openers are basically small stories that are non sexual and are supposed to
be told with enthusiasm to begin the conversation with women. The younger
guy knew an opener and had the balls to approach a 2 set, 2 girls, with
Mystery's wing, Chris. After they number closed, we went to a party that
Chris' girl was having. We got there and I was very uncomfortable. I was a
little intimidated, because I felt like I had to do something non AFC to
show that I had some PU skills. Well, I didn't do anything. Now that's
smooth. NOT! I stood around nervously while Mystery did his thing and by the
time we were leaving, this one girl was chasing after him out the door. She
closed him. Next we hit a small bar. I learned a couple of openers and we
walked in. Mystery sent me into a 2 set, 2 girls, and I blew it big time. I
stuttered while I was telling my opener and they just ignored me. I was just
happy that I did an approach. The other guys did some approaches and were
way better at it than me. It was obvious that I was the least experienced
one there. Well after Mystery # closed another girl, we took off.

The most important thing that I learned on that day was that I'm doing this
for practice. I'm not gonna take any of these girls home (yet), and I'm
never gonna see these girls again. I have to practice, practice, practice in
order to polish my skills.(BTW: Mystery number closed a lot of girls so I'm
only gonna list a few examples in this post.)

DAY 2:

We began Friday in the hotel lounge again. We were supposed to practice our
openers. We also talked about how each one of us should dress to stand out
from the other guys. Mystery and Chris recommended that I dress in power
suits. They also suggested some hair style changes and some posture changes.
After that Mystery told me to approach a 2 set, 2 girls, and I froze up
right there in the middle of the lounge. Man, I felt like a dumb ass.
Looking back I would have looked a lot better if I had just approached and
bombed (worst case scenario) then I did by just standing there like a scared
rabbit. We left the lounge and hit another club to go to a private party
that a girl had invited Chris to. On the way to the party, Mystery came down
on me hard about me not doing the last approach, and then gave me a pep talk
to get me excited. We hit the party and Mystery did his thing. By the time
we were leaving, the waitress, an 8.5, voluntarily gave him her number. Oh
man, I'm way impressed, but I feel like a piece of shit for not doing the
approach in the hotel lounge. We hit this crazy cowboy bar with a mechanical
bull and everything. Chris took me with him and he started the opener with a
few girls and let me finish it. We did this a few times and it built up my
confidence. Then we left the bar and Chris # closed some girls at the last
minute. Chris is a pretty cool dude. He knows a shit load of girls and gets
us into all the parties and clubs without having to wait in lines. He's the

DAY 3:

On Saturday we dressed casual. This didn't seem to have an effect on the
responsiveness of the women. We started in the hotel lounge again. As we're
sitting in the lounge Mystery tells me that I have to approach a 4 set, 4
women. Oh man, I hesitate and then I just say "fuck it" and do the approach.
I figured the only way to get into the game was to get up and do it. I might
blow it, but at least I'll feel good that I had the balls to attempt the
approach. It wasn't smooth, but they laughed and bought my little story. I
was feeling good, because I had overcome my fear and hesitation and made an
attempt. Just as I sit down to relax he tells me to approach a 3 set, 2
girls and a guy. Ok, I'm thinking that I just freaking approached a 4 set.
Can I get a break? Nope. I guess my fear of approaching women hasn't been
broken yet. I'm gonna need a lot of practice in this department. I get ready
to approach and the 3 set takes off (broke the 3 second rule). Whew, I'm off
the hook. Not! Now I have to approach 4 set of hot looking women that look
way too unapproachable from my point of view. Oh well, I take a deep breath
and just do it. It's not too bad. They're willing to play along with my
opener. I leave them after I tell a couple of stories and jokes. BTW all
these stories are canned and I don't have to think about anything but
reciting them with enthusiasm. They're just openers to get the women to
laugh and loosen up. My main goal at this point is to approach and tell my
openers. The other guys have other suggestions from Mystery like initiating
kino, being more enthusiastic, or taking the pick up a step further. Out of
the bunch, I'm the least experienced.

Ok, right when we're about to leave, Mystery approaches the last group of
women that I approached, the 4 set, and does an awesome demonstration of how
to make a woman want you. He approaches between the target and her friend.
He does his opener, and then he gives his bag of runes to the target and
tells her to hold it, but that he wants it back later. He then ignores her
while he entertains each of the other 3 women one by one and disarms any
potential cock blocks while demonstrating personality. He then does a phase
shift and returns to the target after ignoring her for about 5 minutes and
softly asks her if she realizes all the trouble he just went through just to
get to her. He had her chasing after him in less than 10 minutes. It was a
pretty smooth # close. At this point I was beginning to understand the MM
method pretty well. (BTW, these are all awesome looking classy ladies.)

We leave and hit a larger sized noisy nightclub. We spread out and do
approaches on any girl who isn't an UG. Chris personally helps me take my
game a step further by giving me more material that I can use past the
approach. I do some approaches and some I bomb and some come off pretty
good. It's all about the way I approach. If I approach enthusiastically and
show confidence they believe my story. If I'm too worried about what they're
thinking then my approach comes off fake. Anyway after I bomb with a 2 set I
walk to the other room and Chris is starting an approach with another 2 set.
He hits it off pretty good with one of the girls so I decide to try out some
of the stuff I had learned on the other girl. Just when I have her all
excited and listening intently to what I'm saying, Chris comes over and
tells me we have a time constraint and we have to go. I stay and don't get
his hint. He comes over a couple seconds later, calls me an idiot
(whispering of course) and tells me to do a takeaway and make her give me
her number so that we can continue the conversation some other time. This is
an awesome technique for landing the chick. It shows that you can leave her
at any time and it also leaves her thinking about the unfinished
conversation that you were just having. I tell her that I have to go now. I
give her a piece of paper and a pencil and she knows exactly what to do.
Then she asks me if I'm gonna remember what we were talking about. I take
the number, but I don't think I'll call her. I gave her a 7, but another guy
there gave her a 9. Oh well, I chalk it up to experience.

We go back to the hotel lounge and Mystery and Chris take any last questions
that we might have. I ask a few questions and take off. I wish I could go
out with these guys a few more times, but in reality they'd have to baby sit
me since my skills are just barely starting to develop. Overall I'm pretty
happy with what I learned and am glad that I attended the workshop.

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