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How to get out of a depression with NLP

                        How to get out of a depression with NLP
				by Nelson S. Beltran

        Number one, find a really good NLP Trainer in your local area. You
are looking for the practitioner level certification training.  NLP stands
for neuro-linguistic programming which was founded by Richard Bandler and
John Grinder;two of the brightest scientists in the world. A very good book
to read is called NLP, The New Technology of Achievement and
Nightingale-Conant offers a set of six audio tapes by the same name.  One
may imagine learning new ways of coping with depression, now by learning

        Number two,on the physical level start a daily exercise program
somewhere,now. I started my Bally's Total Fitness membership in the very
beginning, and now just purchased rollerblades.  I learned how to
rollerblade by "modeling" children using NLP.  I learned how to do aerobics
by "modeling"  the hard-core athletes that attended the club regularly.
Initially, I had a physical with my physician to check the vitals of my
body.  Just imagine how good you will feel, see and hear yourself every
morning the day after working out.

        Number three, rally support from your parents.  If your parents are
deceased or are unable to support yourself emotionally, financially or
physically. Remember to remember what strengths you have while growing up
in childhood, now.  Rally support from friends, and co-workers you are
close to. Rally support from a good psychologist or psychiatrist who was
referred to you by a close friend or family member. One may imagine
security and support from all parts of the world,now.

        Number four, find a money mentor. Start consolidating debt to one
mastercard or visa. Start investing in your life by gathering information
on the best money strategies. In my case, I joined the Charles Givens
Organization just to understand the basics, but this is not for everyone,
especially those who lack income or equity.  Learn everything you can about
how money is saved, spent, and most importantly invested.  In depression,
spending can get out of hand especially if you started drug therapy.  Start
a subscription to Worth or Fortune magazine to understand the market and
what downsizing means.  When I wanted a massive change in my life, I
purchased Anthony Robbins' Personal Power Tapes, a Bally's membership and a
Givens membership with my available credit.  In time, I was able to pay all
of it off.  I would rather invest my money in something that will build up
my earning power, physically, emotionally and most importantly financially.
Using NLP techniques to create a future that you can see, hear and
feel,now, will enable one to become more financially secure.

        Number five,  create your own success program or better yet
purchase one with your newly acquired credit. Read Unlimited Power or
Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins or better yet invest in his
"Personal Power Tapes."  In NLP, we ask ourselves,"What is the outcome ?
What do I want to see, hear and feel in my near future as my outcome ?"
One may imagine ways of being disciplined in this secure program or not ?

        Number six, get inspired and dream big.  Attend an NLP oriented
seminar just to see, hear and feel what NLP is all about, there are
seminars on "intuition,"  "career building," "self-confidence," and just
about anything relationship oriented. One day seminars are good at creating
a decision for you whether or not to pursue NLP training.  Start collecting
books from the best of the best, one may learn new understandings and new
solutions. I picked up a piece of paper and started listing a "dreams
list."  I listed everything I ever wanted to do, have and become.  I
started keeping a daily journal to help track my progress, it only takes 15
minutes to do, as time goes by everything you hear, seel and feel can be
brought up in your NLP training. Listen to Steven Covey, by creating a
"mission statement."

        Number seven is simply taking action.  Do something that will bring
your dreams closer to reality even if its just walking in a mall to see
your future purchases or walking in a new car lot and even talking to
someone who is expert in that area of expertise. You will get results after
you've taken clear action steps towards your dreams. Failure is just
feedback, its only feedback. Remember depression is not permanent.

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