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Bullshitting Bell

    11:14 pm


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                              SHARP REMOB'S GUIDE TO

                              BULLSHITTING THE PHONE

                              COMPANY OUT OF

                                 IMPORTANT INFORMATION



     In the past, there have been very few good, useful text files.  There would
be files telling you how you should act, how this or that worked, who got
busted, what this or that acronym stood for, and other things you didn't care
about or couldn't use.  After reading some of the various technical journals,
phreak/hack magazines, gossip columns, etc., one would come away with the

"Gee, that person that wrote that really knows alot (or is good at copying
manuals)"       or

"I really don't care what m0dem rulr's  favorite color or favorite movie is"

Unfortunately, one -WOULD NOT- come away with the feeling:

"Gee, I really got alot out of this file that I can use, something that will
help in a practical application."

This is because, sad to say, these files were written with the idea:

"Look how cool I am, I know this and I know that" in mind..

This file, however, is written with the idea:

"Cool,  I showed you how to do this or showed you how to do that" in mind..

     In this file, the following will be covered:

* The wonderful CSSC and what can be done with it
* Uses of the LAC (getting numbers from street address, unpub or not)
* Finding conference bridge numbers
* Bullshitting the Bell Business Office


     CSSC stands for Customer Sales and Service Center.  There are several of
these across the country.  Each can be  reached by dialing a separate 1-800
number, but the one local to you (or that   handles your area) can be reached by
dialing    1-800-222-0300 (This number appears on the bill you get from AT&T, as
it -IS- the AT&T billing office).  Each CSSC can handle the entire U.S., though.
 Following is what you can get from the CSSC (CN/A numbers and ID's, Customer
names and addresses, Customer Toll records)


     Call the CSSC, say you are from an AT&T office, say AT&T Northeastern
Administrative Offices, or something to that effect.  Depending on what type of
person you get when you call, it may be easy or it may be difficult.  After you
identify yourself, say that you were given a bit of incorrect info and need the
correct info.  For example:

"This is Bob Dwyer from Northeastern Administrative AT&T Offices, and we were
given a bit of incorrect  information from this office.  We were given the CN/A
number for Colorado as 518-471-8111, and that is the CN/A number for New York.
What do you show as the correct number for the CN/A for Colorado? Could you
check your HANDBOOK? (All CN/A info is kept in a reference guide called a
     The same thing can be done for CN/A ID's that is done for numbers.

*IMPORTANT NOTE*- If you screw up with one customer service rep, DO NOT LOSE
YOUR COOL!  If they ask you a question that you do not know the answer to,
simply say that you must ask your supervisor, will get back witm, good-bye.
 Then, you can call right back because you get a different person every time you


     The CSSC also has people's names and addresses cross-referenced by number.
If you call and say you are from another AT&T Department, say that your
computers are down, and that you need them to check a number in RCAM (pronounced
Ar Kam) they should be happy to help you.

For Example:

     "Hi, this is Bob Dwyer at AT&T Northeaster Administrative Offices.  How are
your computers doing? Really? Ours are down.  I have a number here; I need you
to see if you show it as a live account, because I *believe* that we show it to
be dead, could you check it in RCAM?

(Then give them the number, and they will say it is a live account)

"Really?? Do you show an address, or a p.o. box on that number?  What do you
show as the address, we were sure it was dead?  Do you show that as a dupe
account? (Dupe means duplicate) Who do you show that account for?"   etc.

Again, remember, if you screw up or if they are suspicious, simply tell them you
must check with your supervisor, hang up, and call right back because you get a
different person every time.

At the CSSC, they also have toll records for all the long-distance AT&T calls
that that person made.

Simply ask the CSSC rep (after saying that your computers are down) to check all
the RETURNS on the bill. (RETURNS is the word that they use for calls).


     At the LAC (an inter-office bell department), they can put an address into
the computer and come up with the phone number.  The person's name will not come
up; only the phone number will come up.  However, you MUST have the full street

Here is how you get the # to the

Call up the Business Office and say something to the effect of:

"Hi, this is Bob Dwyer with repair, what do you show as the number for the LAC
Line Assignment Center that handles the Houston Area (or whatever area or prefix
you need info on)

After they give you the number, call up the LAC and say something like:

"Hi, this is Bob Dwyer with repair, I have an address here and I need to know
the cable pair and phone number going into that address"

(You don't really need the cable pair, but if you say cable pair, they are more
likely to think that you are a phone co. employee).


     It is pretty easy to BS the Bell Business Office.  Simply call and identify
yourself as a worker in another Bell Office (for example repair, the LAC, etc.),
state what you need, and they should be happy to help you.

If you have a deep voice and not a 2600 hz voice, it usually helps.  But you
could always pretend you are a woman if your voice is too high.

For example, if you need another phone number going into someone's house, anad
already have of of them, the business office would be an easy way to get that
information.  If they have changed their number to a non-pubished number, ask
the rep if they show any ORDER ACTIVITY on the line, for example:

"Hi, this is Bob Dwyer with repair, do you show any order activity on 555-2344?
Do you show a C order? (C order means an order to Change service) Or a D order?
(An order to Disconnect service)"

If there is a C order, ask them what the C order did, for example, to get the
new number, or find out what Custom Calling features the person added, or


Conference Bridges are very easy to find.  There are 3 major types of conference
bridges.  These are:

        1.  AT&T Corum Bridges
        2.  "Conference System" Bridges
        3.  Other bridges that are usually located at Corporation Headquarters.

     To find an AT&T  Corum bridge, simply call information in any state, ask
for the number to AT&T NETWORK SYSTEMS for a major city in that state, call
Network Systems, say you are from Maintenance and need the number to the
conference bridge.

If they dont have a bridge there, ask for the number to the bridge that they
use.  They are very dumb and  usually will just give it to you.  In fact, you
may have to explain to the person that answers the phone just what a bridge is.
If you identify yourself as "formerly of ATTIS Headquarters", that may help,
because there used to be 2 parts of AT&T, ATTIS (AT&T Information Systems), and
ATTCOM (AT&T Communications), but they merged.

As for "You've Dialed The Conference System" bridges, they are manufactured by a
company called WesTel in Oswego, Illinois.  You can call there claiming to be
with some corporation, and ask for the name and numbers of companies that have
purchased the bridge to call them and see what they think of it.  After you get
the numbers, you can call the place that bought the bridge, claim to be
maintenance, and ask for the bridge number.  This has worked on 8 occaisions so

As for bridges that are located at Corporation Headquarters, all you have to do
is call the HQ, claim to be maintenance, and ask for the number to the bridge.
It's as simple as that.


Whew.  I hope this file has taught you how to accomplish a great many more
things than you previously knew how to do.  If you didn't know anything about
what is in this file prior to reading it, then it might take quite a bit of time
to learn how to do everything in the file.

My advice is to take one step at a time, master one element before going on to
the next, and to keep a cool head while trying to engineer some of these
departments.  You SHOULDN'T, if you screw  up, or if the phone co. employees are
uncooperative, break down and swear at them or call them names.  This will only
contribute to the destruction of these departments for engineering purposes.

Please, though, compare the  usefulness of this file to other files, and in the
future, if you should every write a file, please put information in it that
people will actually find a use for, not just information to show the world how
"cool" you are or how much you know.

..................................SHARP REMOB.................................

                          .-.-.-.-.!! DPAK !!.-.-.-.-.


All Past and Present Members of DPAK:

Supernigger, DP, "ElYtE D00D", Squashed Pumpkin, Linebreaker 504, Lythande, Dark
Wanderer, *DETH*-2-*J00Z*, R0tTen KuQuaT, Meat Puppet & Lung K00kiez & the whole
"Money for nothing, everything for free" Crew..

Special thanks to SSWC for technical reference.

Special thanks to The Blade.

Supernigger wishes to thank The Trader and The Metron for advice and info.

DP wishes to say: Call InterCHAT, 201-861-7680

The Blade wishes to say: Call the Metal AE, 201-879-6668.

*DETH*-2-*J00Z* wishes to say: Fuck you Sandinista, Jello, Ground Zero, whatever
your alias is, you're a loud-mouthed, untrustable, lying bitch.

ElYtE D00D wishes to thank Chicken Burger for TSPS help.

This file is not to be used as part of any other publication -Sharp Remo

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