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Seduction Trends: Going beyond the neg

From Fri Sep 22 16:14:22 2000
Subject: SEDUCTION TRENDS: Going Beyond The Neg
Date: 22 Sep 2000 23:14:22 GMT

Negs are good. They can be HIGHLY effective in breaking
down bitch shields. I've used Negs with a good deal of

When I started to analyze the whole concept behind the
Neg, I knew it was good, and I wanted to find a way to
make it even MORE effective, even MORE powerful.

This wasn't all too hard. I went back and analyzed the
general two pronged success formula which was first openly 
stated by Ross.

1...Make yourself a challenge
2...Structure Opportunities!

So as I began thinking about this time tested success
formula and applying it to Neg theory, I just came to a
simple realization. And that is that Negs, excellent
though they are ... inherently only fulfill ONE HALF
of the overall success formula. Negs will most definitely
make you a CHALLENGE to ANY HB. But it really 
doesn't structure in the 2nd important OPPORTUNITY

A concept that is in the same family as the Neg and which
I have been using with VERY good results in many cases,
is what I call the Denial Of Affirmation approach. Or
simply, DOA (Ha! Nice parallel right). More specifically
though, a [Progressive]-Denial Of Affirmation. Just think of
some other terms too like ‘symbiotic' or ‘interactive'... but we
don't want o get the name too ridiculously fuckin long, just
as long as you understand the concept which I'm going to explain.
In a Denial Of Affirmation approach, you are not only NEGGING
a bitch, but you are also opening up an OPPORTUNITY for her
that will be specifically linked to YOU.

In DOAing, you are first going to make a bland reference to 
something about the bitch's characteristics, then you are going to
INSULT her on this characteristic in a completely nonchalant way,
as if you don't realize what you said was offensive (the dumb act)
then you are going to offer some very INTERESTING and
APPEALING advice on how she could make this "flaw" better.
That last part is the KEY to the successful DOA. 

Ok, some first things first. The reason this is technically called a
PROGRESSIVE or INTERACTIVE Denial Of Affirmation, is
because you are going to be the one who "creates" the problem
(also an effective Neg) and then you are going to become the
"source" of "fixing" that problem. 

HBs, of course, like to think they are perfect. They get 
CONSTANT affirmation of this by EVERY AFC they come into
contact with throughout the day. YOU are first DENYING her
this affirmation that her mind subconsciously has developed
an ADDICTION to in order for it to function properly. That right
there sets you APART from about 99% of most guys. You have 
now become a challenge. Step 1 in done. Now we have to
structure the opportunity, and we need to make it SPECIFIC TO
YOU!  Now you're going to give her a way out, an escape from
the "problem" you have created for her mind.

Ok, first off, whenever you are finding a certain characteristic
about a bitch that you are about to run into the ground, be sure
that you pick something about here that she can CHANGE!
Nothing permanent like the shape of her fucking nose or the size
of her tits. Personally I usually go for the bitch's make-up
scheme. But you could go for clothing style, hair style, or other 
similar things as well. This might be one example of a DOA:

After some bullshit introduction and about a minute of small

Me: "What's with the way you apply your lipstick like that?"
Her: "What do you mean?"
Me: "Well it doesn't look all that great the way you do it [in fact
it looks like shit]... I mean, it could sure look a hell of a lot 
Her: "Well what's so wrong with it!!"
Me: "Well, I know it could look WAY better ... have you ever
thought about trying to do it [X] way?"
Her: "No, but do you really think so?"
Me: "Of course, it makes a girl look sooo much hotter"

[Proceed to describe X in detail, give her just enough but
without giving away the store]

Now what have you done here? You Denied the Affirmation that
she NEEDS, made her realize that she isn't living up to your
standards, made yourself a challenge, AND, established yourself
 as an AUTHORITY on what REALLY makes chicks HOT.
Since you have now become a sort of "pseudo-authority" to her
she is now looking to YOU for some answers. You have now
somewhat subtly structured the OPPORTUNITY for her, that
if she pleases YOU, she will continue to please all other guys
(mostly AFCs) as well. But YOU have now become the KEY
determinant in her mind! (Haha!)

Now, THIS is where the ‘Progressive' part comes in. It's 
progressive because you are NEVER going to let this cycle end.
You are going to draw it out and draw it out, with more DOAs.
Whenever she fixes one "problem", you are going to make a
reluctant statement that it now "looks ok but ....   But with the
style of clothes you are wearing, it just doesn't all fit together
quite right."  And on and on the cycle goes, until finally, 
eventually, the bitch just wants to SLEEP with you to prove 
how great she really is.

Now, one word of advice here. If you want to use the
Progressive DOA approach successfully, you better damn sure
know a lot about what bitches almost INHERENTLY know a lot
about. That is, make-up techniques, clothing styles, hair styles,
etc. Fortunately this is easy to do. Just faithfully study magazines
such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour, etc. You'll know everything
them bitches know in no time, and more. And it doesn't always
have to be something you read out of a magazine. Maybe it's
just something you've seen before and really like. For example,
the way most Latino bitches outline their lipstick with a darker (or
sometimes lighter) color, and then blend it a bit. It makes my cock
hard when I see those kind of lips and think about them being
wrapped around it. So this is one personal thing that I "educate"
bitches about, which will make them "sooo" much better.  

So the formula to a successful DOA approach might go 
something like this:

Astute observation and comment + strategic insult and problem
creation + the FIX for that problem = DOA

That's all there is to it folks. Remember, the key is to set yourself
up as an AUTHORITY in her mind, someone who knows what
he's talking about, and someone she will feel compelled to want to
please. Because in pleasing YOU ... she is ALSO pleasing 
everybody else, which is of PARAMOUNT importance in
her life.

The nice thing about the DOA, it that it is, in a sense, almost a
complete strategy in itself. It can all be executed in one fell swoop.

Now depending on how hardcore the bitch is, you will have to
try to make a determination as to just how much of a Neg to DOA
ratio you will use. The classic neg always starts with the
compliment followed by the "dumb insult." In it's purest form,
there is little complimenting in the art of DOAing. However, there
is no rule that say you cannot start out with the compliment, THEN
the Neg, and then the FIX which YOU can provide. One strategy
might be to initiate the simple Neg as step 1, and after she has
dropped the bitch shield somewhat, and your foot is in the door,
then fire off the DOA. *Generally* speaking ..... the DOA is
reserved for the most hardcore of Super HBs. (Why do you think
I wanted to develop it? ;)
But it CAN be just as effective on not so SHBs.
The trick is that you want to come across as *stern*, like you are
a bit disappointed that she was so dumb as to do something to 
make herself look so "terrible" when she COULD have made 
herself look so GOOD. (Ha!) But NOT to come across as 
malicious, like you got an axe to grind. Be friendly, but be serious
and a bit poker faced at the appropriate times. As in all things,
FEEL the situation out, and keep adjusting to the feedback.
Get this one down, and the SHBs will be in your back pocket.
Remember the formula:

Astute observation and comment + strategic insult and problem
creation + the FIX for that problem = DOA
Keep the cycle going.

Think of some more ways in which this can be applied and
let me know guys.

Enjoy the wonders.



It's So Fuckin Easy,
But Nothin Seems Ta Please Me

A. Rose

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