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An Atlantean Meditation

           A N    A T L A N T E A N    M E D I T A T I O N                                                                                                A N    A T L A N T E A N    M E D I T A T I O N

I do not yet have a name.........

I  find  myself sitting cross-legged and naked except  for  a  crescent-
shaped collar of clear quartz crystal hanging from a gold 'rope' tied at 
the nape of my neck.

The  collar  covers  the upper part of my chest to  my  throat,  and  is 
pleasantly cool against my skin.

I am alone.

The great hall in which I find myself is very long and rectangular,  the 
decoration is utterly simple yet majestic and there are tall columns set 
into the wall like great pylons.

There  is  a  soft blue  light,  not  unlike  moonlight,  pervading  the 
darkness,  although  the hall itself is windowless and  unlit.  However, 
almost all the floor is open to the sea below and the walls of the  hall 
dance with the reflections from the gently rippling surface.

This is the source of the light.

I  am  filled  with a deep sense of peace and  at-one-ment  with  Mother 
Ocean.  The moonlight She carries to me beneath the waves sings to me of 
Luna, and we three - woman, ocean and moon - are eternally entwined.

As I meditate upon this,  a dark fin breaks the surface at the  furthest 
end of the pool and cuts a lightning swathe towards me. 

In seconds, a young dolphin beaches himself half out of the water, at my 
feet, nodding and beckoning. I take his glistening head between my hands 
and we commune together for a few moments.

I   am  aware  of  his  great  intelligence  and  absolute   trust   and 
understanding.  Something very special passes between us.  He turns  and 
dives into the water again and I am at his side.

We swim quickly and effortlessly through the crystal clear waters,  tiny 
silver air bubbles streaming behind us as we speed along. Although we do 
not touch, it is as though we are linked by an invisible film so that we 
move together in complete unison.

We  break the surface briefly for air and then plunge  through  rainbow-
hued shoals of fish towards the white sand of the ocean floor.

I am at home in his world:  I feel as he feels, see as he sees.I rejoice 
in life and in the Creator.  I am aware of the silky touch of the  water 
against my skin,  the almost imperceptible pull of the tides; the sudden 
changes in temperature where currents meet.

There is not a creature living in this inner universe that is my  enemy. 
I  hear  the  song of other dolphins;  - the ancient  sagas  and  gentle 
lullabies that they sing to their young.

I  hear  the  booming  resonance  of  faraway  whales  hailing  us  in 
brotherhood  and greeting.  The ocean is lit with phosphorescence  which 
sparkles and darts around us in a million tiny points of light.

We  swim thus for too short a time,  it seems to me,  until  my  brother 
turns  again for home.  We surface into the dim light of the  hall,  and 
before  I  walk from the water I embrace him with loving  gratitude  and 
give him a blessing as he leaves.

I  stand and watch until he is gone from sight and then,  walking  along 
the water's edge, I make my way down the hall.

As I near the far wall,  two huge double doors swing open before me, and 
I am caught in a blaze of light streaming forth from the chamber beyond.

As I walk forward I see that I am entering a room that is almost without 
dimension.  Here,  giant  crystals stand,  forest-like,  pulsating  with 
purest light. 

I feel a surge of power coursing through me and for a second it takes my 
breath  away.  The collar about my neck is resonating with the  crystals 
and I find myself drawn to a great crystal slab in a 'clearing'  amongst 
this powerhouse.

I  lie  upon it and find that its surface has been carved  in  the  very 
mould  of  my  body.  As  I  lie  there,  awestruck  and  suffused  with 
love,wisdom and power;  I see that within each giant crystal a being  of 
light has appeared.

Their brilliance is such that I can barely distinguish their form.  I am 
not  afraid,  I feel their reassurance and their encouragement  reaching 
out to me.

But  I am overcome with the doubt that I should be here at  all....naked 
and  ashamed  in  this  holy place.  I feel  like  a  trespasser  or  an 

One of the beings of light communicates with me:  'Do not doubt, seeker. 
Do not be afraid. It is almost time......'

Another asks me: 'What is it that you seek?'

I find myself answering: 'The Light beyond The Light'.

He nods slowly, and then asks: 'Why do you seek this?'

'So that I may bring it unto Earth to heal,  to illumine and to  nurture 
all life.'

Again he nods, and slowly motions for me to rise.

I see before me a huge crystal,  the only one without a shining  brother 
standing within.

The  being of light waves me towards it and as I reach out my  hands  to 
touch its perfect surface,  I am drawn inside;  - into the very heart of 

For the first time I begin to see the others clearly, and it seems to me 
that they are all familiar faces.

But  my  mind is becoming so suffused with crystalline  energy  and  the 
enormous  power  generated that I cannot really be certain  of  anything 

From a long way away.  so it seems,  I hear them say that from now on  - 
although  they shall be watching over me with love and tenderness -  the 
journey to The Light beyond The Light is one that I must make alone!

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