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Where to get your descramblers

                        --++Ground Zero Productions++--

                   +Where to get your Pay TV descramblers!+

      This is a listing of several advertisers that I have found in the
classified section of the July 1988 issue of Popular Science. These are ads
that companies have placed that sell descramblers,converters,and plans to get
the pay tv stations for free! I hope these are useful to someone out there in
getting the proper equipment to get their favorite pay tv stations for FREE!
If you get equipment from any of these companies,please leave me a message or
post a message on your board of which company is cool and which companies try
to rip you off. Beware,some of these companies overprice their products,so I
advise you to order a catalog from each company and compare the prices. Later!

Cable TV Descramblers-Why pay a high monthly fee? Jerrold, Oak, Hamlin,
Scientific Atlanta, Zenith, more. 60 day warranty. Shipment within 24 hours.
For fast service MC/VISA C.O.D. accepted. Telephone orders (312)698-1259. Send
a stamped envelope with 2 stampsfor free catalog.
                           L & L Electronics
                           1430 Miner St.,Suite 522
                           Des Plaines,Ill. 60016

Cable Descramblers! Build your own. All methods, schiematics, plans,
instructions. Send $8.95 to:
                           Box 30502
                           Bethesda,MD 28014

Cable TV Converters. Scientific Atlanta, Jerrold, Oak, Zenith, Hamlin, many
others. NEW-Video Hopper- "The Copy Killer". VISA,MC,&AMEX 1-800-826-7623
                           B & B Inc.
                           10517 Upton Circle
                           Bloomington,MN 55431

Cable TV Equipment-All famous manufacturers-Finest warranty program available
-Lowest retail/wholesale prices in US-Orders shipped within 24 hours
For FREE catalog only - 1-800-345-8927
For all info          - 1-818-716-5914
                           Pacific Cable Co. Inc.
                           7325 1/2 Reseda Blvd.,Dept. 1421
                           Reseda,CA 91335

Cable TV Secrets-The outlaw publication the cable companies tried to ban. HBO,
Movie Channel, Showtime, Descramblers, Converters, etc. Suppliers list
included. Send $8.95 to:
                           Cable Facts
                           Box 711-PS
                           Pataskala,OH 43062

Cable TV Descrambler Plans- $3.00
                           Box 20286
                           Bowling Green,KY 42102

Cable TV Converter/Descramblers - Wholesale prices - Jerrold, Tocom, Oak,
remotes, converters, decoders, plans, kits. Free catalog.
                           Arizona Video
                           7739 E. Broadway,#108
                           Tucson,AZ 85710


This list may be updated in the future if I see that people are interested in
where to get such equipment.. Until then,Later!

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