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The "Unshredder" software seen on "The Lone Gunmen" DOES exist!

One good reason why you need a crosscut shredder

Found on the Internet at

Automated Document Reconstruction

Legitimately used, the paper shredder is indispensable to the modern
office. In the wrong hands though, shredders conceal:

   * waste
   * fraud
   * abuse

like nobody's business. And neither management nor law enforcement can
stop the shredding. That's why we've created a new technology called

Born in 1996, Unshredder is already revolutionizing investigative
research, much to the chagrin of shredder manufacturers. That's too bad
for them, but it's great for the rest of us, particularly:

   * Corporations
   * Counterterrorists
   * Document examiners
   * Elected officials
   * Intelligence agencies
   * Law firms
   * Police laboratories
   * Private investigators

In short, Unshredder is for everyone.

It's not locked in a back room of some secret facility. Its export is not
restricted by the State Department. It's available today.

So if you're tired of using Scotch tape and want to learn more about
making Unshredder work for you, check out...

The Document Reconstruction Process

Step 1: Collection

The fragments are collected and evaluated to determine their suitability
for reconstruction and the level of effort required. Factors to consider
include the number of pages, fragment size, and fragment type.

Step 2: Preparation

The fragments are laminated against a transparent surface, allowing both
sides of the fragments to be scanned and processed by powerful computers.

Step 3: Reconstruction

The fragments are reassembled by proprietary computer software developed
by Wakefield Integrated Technologies, Inc. The reconstruction is examined
by trained personnel to ensure that the correct results have been

Copyright 1998, Wakefield Integrated Technologies, Inc. All rights
Unshredder (tm) is a trademark of Wakefield Integrated Technologies, Inc.
Scotch (tm) is a trademark of 3M.

Wakefield Integrated Technologies, Inc.
816 Hamlet Street
Columbus, OH 43215-1536

Telephone (614) 294-0998
Facsimile (614) 294-3044

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