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Spy Satellites

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|Spy Satellites                               by: Tradeser |

After watching Enemy of The State, I really wondered if the 
NSA's spy satellites were that powerfull. Could they actually 
bring live imagery data to the computer screens of people 
sitting in the NSA headquaters??  I ended up doing a one month
researching project on my own time to see how much the US spy
satellites have advanced from the Cold War to 1999. My results
were very scary, I am now more parnoid then I was before my 
research project.

The history of the spy satellites:

December 1953:  U.S. Air Force, which had been split off from 
		the Army in 1947, pulls to gether all its 
		various satellite efforts into a single program 
		known as WS-117L. 

October 1956:   Lockheed Air craft Corp. gets the first WS 117L 
		production contract. 

Feb. 28, 1958:  The Defense Department officially cancels the 
		reconnaissance-satellite segment of WS-117L in
 		an effort to plug security leaks. The project, 
		now carrying the name "Corona," undergoes what 
		the Central Intelligence Agency calls "covert 
		reactivation only a small number of govern ment
		officials, Lockheed em ployees and employees at
		other defense contracting companies are briefed
		on the new effort. 

Jan. 21, 1959: The first attempt to launch a rocket designed to
		carry the Corona satellite, as sembled at the 
		Hiller Aircraft plant in Menlo Park, ends in 
		failure 60 minutes before blast off at Vandenberg 
		Air Force Base near Santa Barbara when explosive 
		bolts are triggered accidentally, damaging the 

Feb. 28,1959:   Discoverer 1, the cover name for Corona rock ets, 
		lifts off from Vandenberg and disappears. No one 
		knows what happened, but it is be lieved to have 
		crashed some where near the South Pole. 

April 13, 1959: Discoverer ll goes into orbit and successfully 
		ejects a test capsule. But, because of a timing 
		error, the capsule lands somewhere on the island 
		of Spitsbergen, north of Norway, instead of hitting
		its target near Hawaii. The cap sule is never 
		found; CIA officials suspect it may have been 
		snatched by the Soviets. 

June 3, 1959: 	Discoverer lll, carrying four mice, crashes in the 
		Pacific Ocean shortly after takeoff. 

June 25, 1959: 	Discoverer IV carries the first Corona camera, caned.
		KH-1, an abbreviation of the code name Keyhole. The 
		rocket fails to reach orbit. Three more launches in 
		August and November also are busts. 

Aug 10, 1959: 	Discoverer Xlll is a partlal success the satellite 
		successfully reaches orbit and ejects a capsule, 
		carrying an American Hag and test equip ment. The 
		capsule lands north of Hawaii the next day, 600 miles
		off target, and is recov ered after floating in the 

Aug 19, 1959: 	With almost no public fanfare, Discoverer XIV is the
		first truly successful Corona mission. The retuming 
		capsule, containing 20 pounds of film and suspended 
		from a para chute, is snatched from midair by an Air 
		Force C-119 aircraft. The images, although fuzzier 
		than U-2 photographs, cover areas of the Soviet Union
		never reached by the spy planes. 

Dec 10, 1959:	Discoverer XVIII is the second truly successful 
		mission, returning 39 pounds of film filled with 
		images from an improved camera, the KH-2. 

Aug. 30, 1961:  Corona up grades to the-KH-3 camera, doubling the Ibvel
		of detail. 

Feb. 27, 1962:  The last launch in the Discoverer series, Dis coverer 
		XXXVIII, is a success ful debut mission for the new KH 
		4 camera. The Air Force now imposes a total security 
		blanket on Corona, future launches will be secret, with
		 no effort to maintain a cover story of scientific research. 

1966: 		Corona reaches its prime. From May 1966 through February 
		1971, 32 launches in a row are either partially or 
		completely successful. 

June 15, 1971:  A new-genera tion spy satellite called "Hexa gon" is 
		launched from Vanden berg. It carries a KH-9 camera, 
		capable of exposing more film and covering a wider area
		on the ground. 

May 25, 1972:   The final Corona mission is launched, with the final 
		capsule recovered on May 31. During the life of the program,
		Corona mapped 750 million sguare miles of the Earth's 
		surface, mostly ih the Soviet Union and China; the resolution
		of its cameras improved from initially distinguishing objects
		on the ground no smaller than 20 feet to picking out objects 
		just five feet across. 

Feb. 22, 1995:  President Clinton signs an executive officer declassifying 
		Corona, the first time the United States has re leased a 
		significant amount of information about its spy satellite 

If you read the timeline I laid out, you can dramatically see increases in 
technology. Clinton did not release all the classified documentations I feel.
During my reseacrh I found a site ( This site let me see
satellite photos for the first time. I researched the satellite they were 
using. I found they were using a SPIN-2. SPIN-2 is a twenty year old russian 
satellite, sold when the Soviet Union collapsed. To my amazement this satellite
could see cars on the highways. Hold on? A twenty year old russian made piece
of shit could see cars on the road? If a russian tin can in space could see cars
twenty years ago, What can a REAL piece of american technology see? But that was 
long ago.  I am afraid to ask what we used then. I hope after reading this hch
you understand what I am saying.

Ways to defeat them watching you on a spy satellite:

1. 	Never look up. (grabbed this from Enemy of The State)

2. 	Were layers of clothing. If you know you are being followed duck into 
	buildings and shed one layer of clothing. Color changes on you will make
	them think you are someone else as you leave the building.

3. 	Stay in places that are covered overhead and are a busy public place.

4.	Drive into a parking garage, switch cars and drive out. They will not
	expect you to change cars. 



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