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Beating Coin-Bill Changers


%%                           Coin Changer Fraud                             %%

%%                     Written by- Electronic Rebel                         %%


%%         Lost City of Atlantis........215-844-8836 300/12/24  35 Meg      %%

%%         Infinity's Edge..............805-683-2725 300/1200   10 Meg      %%


   Have you ever seen one of those really big changer machines in airports, 

laundrymats or arcades that dispense change when you put in your 1 or 5 dollar

bill?  Well then, here is an article for you.


 1)  Find the type of change machine that you slide in your bill length wise, 

not the type where you put the bill in a tray and then slide they tray in!!!

 2)  After finding the right machine, get a $1 or $5 bill.  Start crumpling up

into a ball.  Then smooth out the bill, now it should have a very wrinkly surf


 3)  Now the hard part.  You must tear a notch in the bill on the left side ab

out 1/2 inch below the little 1 dollar symbol (See Figure).

 4)  If you have done all of this right then take the bill and go out the mach

ine.  Put the bill in the machine and wait.  What should happen is:  when you 

put your bill in the machine it thinks everything is fine.  When it gets to

the part of the bill with the notch cut out, the machine will reject the bill

and (if you have done it right) give you the change at the same time!!! So, yo

u end up getting your bill back, plus the change!!  It might take a little pra

ctice, but once you get the hang of it, you can get a lot of money!



                  !                                !

                  ! (1)         /-------\      (1) !

                  !             !       !          !

                  !             !  Pic. !          !

                  ! (1)  /\     \-------/      (1) !

                  !      !!                        !

                  !-----/  \-----------------------!

                          \-------Make notch here. About 1/2 " down from (1)

   P.S.  Sorry for the "text work" but you should be able to get a good idea.

  If not, I can be reached on Infinity's Edge bbs.  Have fun!


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