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Cross Pole Alignment

Cross pole alignment

Small Eart Station Cross Pole Alignment is a procedure to align the feed
horn with the vertical or horizontal antenna on the satellite. If this
is a new dish or feed horn installation, get the current chart showing
the inclination for your site. SES Americom or similar site. Perform
course setting with a inclimeter and leave set screws loose on the
retaining collar. Power up LNA only! and connect the output coax to a
spectrum anlyzer. Set the frequency to the PILOT / BECON freq of the
bird you are looking at. If you are looking for vertcal, center on that
freq and then look to the right for the lower freq hort signal. Adjust
the feed horn until the hort is hidden in the noise floor. Do this a
couple of times and confirm you know where you are. At this point you
can lightly tighten the retaining set screws. Contact the receiving
Gateway Earth Station and have them set up to view your transmitt. Now
if all is cleared OK, turn on your HPA/SSPA and do the fine tuning. Now
this will work fo r a site that just got a new dish or feed horn, but if
it is a completely new site do a complete setup! We hold a FCC lic for a
reason, don't harm others.

 I have No References, just years of doing this task for AT&T.

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