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TUCoPS :: Radio :: th75a1.txt

Kenwood TH75A handheld mods

                     TH75-A  MARS/CAP MODIFICATIONS

This modification will allow the TH-75A to transmit from 142 to 152 MHz and
420 to 450 MHz.   Specifications are guaranteed for the Amateur bands only.
Though the transceiver will display 136 to 174 MHz and 335 to 512 MHz, the
PLL circuit may not lock through the entire range.


1.  Disconnect the battery and antenna.

2.  Remove the three case screws and two battery plate screws.

3.  Lift the front panel from the body of the transceiver, but do not
    disconnect the two flex cables.

4.  Cut the green jumper wire (W1) that is located to the left side of the
    CPU  in the front panel assembly.

5.  Assemble the transceiver by reversing steps 1 - 3.

6.  Reset the CPU by holding the M key as the power is turned on.

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