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TUCoPS :: Radio :: th45at3.txt

Kenwood TH45AT mods

Some of the above codes are:
K     USA
T     England
X     Australia
M     Other Areas

These components are found on the flexible circuit board under the
display.  To get to them, take the radio apart.  Some unsoldering of
obvious grounding wires may be necessary.  You will see where the
flexible circuit board plugs into a socket on the main circuit board.
Before unplugging it, make sure you know what's in the memories, because
they will be lost.  Unplug the flexible circuit board and unfold it so
that the components are accesable.  One of the fold-out parts of the
flexible board will look something like this:

! R   R R D3 R R !
! 2   2 2    7 2 !
! 5   3 2      1 !
!                !
! R  O      O R20!            The O's are solder pads.
! 2  O      O R19!
! 6  O      O R18!
!    O      O R28!
!                !
!              R !
!           D4 6 !
!        +-------+
!        !
!        !

The fold out board is actually square, but with only characters for
graphics, I couldn't draw it that way.
On both radios, R36 is for the European tone burst to "whistle up"
On both radios, D4 is for selecting the type of display.  With D4 in,
the display is normal.  With D4 removed, the display is a channel
D3 is for selecting VHF or UHF.  With D4 in, the radio thinks its a VHF
radio.  With D4 removed, the radio thinks its a UHF radio.  Don't change
this on your radio.


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