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TUCoPS :: Radio :: th25at9.txt

Kenwood TH-25AT mods

7.   Carefully pull the front panel up from the transceiver (do not
     break the wires connected between the front panel and the body of
     the transceiver).  Lay the front panel to the side of the
     transceiver (keep track of the PTT and F.LOCK covers if they come

8.   Gently lift the top panel from the transceiver by pulling it
     forward and then up (the O-ring on the BNC connector will produce
     some tension).

9.   Rotate the top panel toward the front of the radio to expose the
     3/4 x 3/4" board.

10.  Using a 45 watt (or less) soldering iron that has an isolated or
     grounded tip, unsolder and remove chip resistors R19, R20 and R21
     from the control unit (X53-3080-02).

11.  Carefully reassemble the transceiver by reversing steps 1-9.
     Pull the BNC connector O-ring up a little before installing the
     top panel.

12.  Reset the microprocessor by following the procedure in the
     instruction manual (p. 16) called CLEARING ALL MEMORY.

Disclaimers:  The source of this information is unknown and not
personally verified.  It is illegal to transmit outside the ham bands
with this equipment.
Frank     W9MKV

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