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TUCoPS :: Radio :: th25at7.txt

Kenwood TH-25AT mods


If the
radio is positioned on its back, with the top folded over so that the
touch tone pad is also facing down, the test point you want (TP1) is on
the bottom half of the radio, near the center (left to right), and close
to the battery; the tuning pot you want (TC1) is on the bottom, and
closest to the PTT switch.  Under no circumstances change the tuning of
TC51.  This is used to calibrate the output of the radio with the
display the radio is giving; you don't want to mess with it.  Once
again, the Service Manual makes it very clear where these points are, if
you are having trouble with my descriptions.  On with retuning the PLL.
With the radio on, and receiving, monitor the voltage and the waveform
on test point TC1.  Tune the radio DOWNWARDS in frequency until the PLL
unlocks.  Note that the radio will beep when this happens, and the
waveform on TP1 will change.

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